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Lordaeron the Aftermath Forum Game - 19.10 Saturday 20:00 CEST

Greetings , i continue my Weekly Forum Game Hosting of the Marsh Maps this time we going with Lordaeron the Aftermath

Broken Alliance :
Blood Elves : Arthos
Dalaran Remnants : Julian
Dwarves: Tdmien
Silverhand : Arlt

Scourge :
Lich King : ZeroFlotsie
Cult of the Damned : Reddragon

Legion Team:
Legion : Rafik
Forsaken : Dragon (reserve)

Thrall's Horde : SilenceX
Troll Empire : Skillerino

Dark Horde and Dragonmaw:

Fel Horde : Muminek
Dragonmaw :

You may also join us on Marsh Sanctum : Join the Marsh's Sanctum Discord Server!
Where People can also sign up and you will see the next Game thats coming after LTA

EU 4 Weekly Rules

1. No toxic behaviour, abide by all rules and/or admin rulings. Use common sense and don't let personal grudges or previous games affect your actions. Remember we are here to play a chill game and have fun.

2. Every player has 3 human diplo relation slots. completing influence/diplomatic ideas gives you 1 extra relation slot each. (max 5). Great powers cost 2 relations. Minors cost 1. Guarantees cost only 1 slot for the person guaranteeing but not the guaranteed. To enforce peace on a war, you must have at least 1 slot open and be at peace.

3. Condottieries must be paid at least upkeep. ( 1.0x )

4. No christian Muslim alliances until 1550. This includes guarantees, subsidies and condotts.

5. If a war has been continued for 12 years and is a stalemate, either side can force a WP.
5.1. In the case of war goal being held by the attacker, the attacker can force through a peace deal of said province and nothing else.

6. Playing as colonies, vassals or PU's is strictly forbidden.

7. No late-calling, in other words. No allying another nation and calling them in later into a war.

9. No truce breaking. ( Against players. )

10. Max 5 HRE princes other than Austria and the Italians.

11. Max 3 players in Italy

12. 99% war score is as good as 100%. if 99% is achieved the player can force a 100% peace deal.

13. Only one player can enforce peace per war.

14. Prussia counts as a major after 300 dev until 1550 then 500 dev till 1650 then 700 dev till end 18. Top 3 GP's may never ally.

15. If you GP intervene, you must fight. No intervening just to stop someone else intervening.

16. Ming is banned.

17. No playing the opposite nation where PU functionality is core to them, ( or there is a massive interest in killing a bordering nation in a early death war. ) the following are included.
Castille - Aragon
Austria - Hungary - Bohemia
Poland - Lithuania
England - Scotland
Sirhind - Delhi
Burgundy - France
Muscovy - Novgorod
Timurids - Ajam
Vijaynagar - Bahmanis

18. Falling into a PU under a player means you need to break free within the following 25 years, or be considered dead and leave the game.

19. Failing to keep up with the speed 3 host will lead to you being kicked off, don't download porn while playing eu4 pls.

Rules will be updated in the week to come, and with the input of people in the thread. feel free to suggest rules, rule-changes or anything else.

Warhaven Weekly EU4 Sunday Game!


After Pona was so kind to instruct me in the ways of the rusky hacker, I've legally acquired all DLC and will be hosting a eu4 campaign in between the time-frame of 3 to 8 o clock on sundays. Time zone is, as for most of us, GMT + 1, central european something something. The rules will be put up in a seperate thread within the week, and come next sunday we'll kick things off at 3 o' clock, invite all your friends, good times guaranteed. Sign up as whatever nation you want in this thread, and you'll probably get it. The only limitation as of yet is, no ming. Rules soon to follow friends. Having played with Missions Expanded and Governments Expanded, I've found the mod to be both stables and decently balanced, just adding content to the game in general. Do make sure to vote if you'd prefer to play with, or without the mod!

edit : we doin' a minors game. Nations beneath 100 dev only, don't worry, with the mod everyone ever still has a mission tree. BB / Prussia is straight up banned due to it being far away the strongest nation in the bracket.

Players :
Spampolice - Aachen
Arius - Lubeck
Mesis - Undecided
Dragon - Ulm??? ( no )
AwsomeGuy - Milan
Freezing -Moldavia