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Dance of the Dragons

Hi,everyone.It's been a long time since I last posted my map here.Here is my new project.
Dance of the Dragons
By Accelerator
Terrain Help and Hero Design:WhiteLR and Old Glory

"The Iron Throne will be mine"
Map Info:
Dance of the Dragons is a new strategy map,It's about the bloodiest civil war in the House Targaryen's History.The more information from the G.R.R.Martin's novel "Fire and Blood"
Because of the death of King Viserys, the Greens led by King Aegon II and the Blacks led by Queen Rhaenyra began to fight for the inheritance of the Iron Throne.
Unlike other strategic maps, it has a winning goal.When you destroy WinterFell Or HighTower,your team will win this game.So you don't have to destroy all enemy bases.
Map's battle style like the LTA/LTF/KTA/LOTRC,use the control point as the Income.
There are 8 factions to play,I try to shorten some factions as much as possible, such as iron islands, who was added to the game as an extra faction of Daemon, rather than as an extra player.
For a new map, too many players have to wait longer to start a game.

The Faction:
The Blacks:
DragonStone(Prince Daemon)

The Greens:
Kingslanding(King Aegon II)

Featured content:
The unique family skill,Each House has a special family skill, but some family skills are not unlocked at the beginning of the game, they need to complete some tasks to unlock, so that the rhythm of the game will not change very fast.
Unit models of Seven Houses made by imitating TV.
Beautiful illustration from The World of Ice and Fire,DA and MINIATURE GAMES.(may be many role's illustration are wrong,please forgive.
Such as,the Lord Borros Baratheon's illustration use the Robert Baratheon's illustration)
Special Income system:The largest population is 150, but if your used population exceeds 100, your income will reduce,This is to limit some players with high income and large army.
More Larger city area:I try to make many cities as large as possible, so I cut some parts of the Westeros.There are no dorne and only half north on this map.
The Great Battle Speech

About the Dragons:
The dragons will not appear too early to break the balance of the game.They will appear after 20 minutes one by one.
And that doesn't mean that only Targaryen players can use dragons.

You can try to guess which city each image represents

Special thanks many building models from Marshmalo's LOTRC,and many heroes model from Hive's modelers,thanks!

yo it's me again gamers

been like 4 years since i was really active on here, and I picked up a few of Harald's vids to watch while i was working out, so i was thinking, and was like "hey fuck it may as well come back on.".

First off i'd like to apologize for acting like a massive sperg back in the day all the time, and making weird detailed suggestions for a game i'm shit at (AKA most WC3 custom games but specifically LTA/LTF.). Also announcing a custom map every other day because...again, I was stupid and like 14.

LTF Suggestions: Design/Balance/Revamps.

As we now, Discord is not really suitable for productive discussions and very often it falls into unreadable offtopic wall of text.

So if you have any suggestions you'd like to share and discuss, feel free to post them there !
  • Adding a new unit
    (And/Or removing an old one).
  • Changing an ability/multiple-abilities on an existing Hero or Unit.
  • Changing the stats/cost of existing units/buildings/upgrades.
  • Minor terrain adjustments.
  • Proposal of adding a new faction path/reworking existing one.


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