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Hi esteemed veterans of Warhaven and to those new members like me ... I'm Blue Soul .. I'm a fan of dota 1 (Warcraft 3) ... particularly in making custom maps (via World Edit) though I'm still new at it . Nice meeting y'all.

CK2 Warcraft [15-16 of June 1900 CEST]

Heya everyone, me and @Julian will be organizing a Crusader Kings 2: Guardians of Azeroth forum game this Saturday and Sunday (they will continue be the same save file on Sunday so a continuation of the Saturday game). The mod is based off of the Warcraft universe and has almost all of Azeroth in it (no pandas, yet). There's two starting dates Invasion of the Horde and Reign of Chaos. A lot of the important characters are very well fleshed out and have a bunch of events. From LK, arthas, Blackhand, cho'gall etc. It's really fun and even the non important factions have all their own spin on ruling and organizing their countries. You won't be choosing a country in here, but in-game. And only 8 people including myself and Julian can sign-up as for stability reasons. =)

Reserve: @Dragon @TeaCup

Unfortunately there is no steam workshop page for the mod, so you will have to install it manually.
If you never installed a mod before its quite easy. Download the zip file from here -> Warcraft-GoA-Development-Team/Warcraft-Guardians-of-Azeroth
Unpack the whole folder inside C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod and rename the folder to Guardians of Azeroth
Get this .mod file and place it inside C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod again
That's it, when you start up the game you should be able to pick Guardians of Azeroth from the Mod tab, and your checksum should be IJBR. If you have any questions ask here! ^_^

The new Marsh's Sanctum Discord

After a lot of discussions and Setting up the KTA LTA and LTF Discords united under one banner named Marsh's Sanctum. You can post suggestions and bug reports over all 3 maps over on this one Discord instead of looking at three different Discords.

Rules are simple be nice to each other dont harass people you know how it goes.

Join here and have fun https://discord.gg/fJeBnYk