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Lordaeron TF 0.67 Changelog

Lordaeron TF 0.67 Changelog


Hello everyone to the new Lordaeron: the Foremath patch! It's been a long time before our last release, so first of all, I'd like to excuse for the delay.
I had a studying session, so couldn't really spend enough time to edit.

But !

It's ended now, so LTF is going to be updated on regular basis once again!

I would also like to share a little road ahead about new patches to come:
We are planning to look into old paths like Illidari and Ashen Verdict, and once they are complete and capable of facing all other factions in the map, we will begin to reinvent old paths, and also create completely new paths!

That's all, have fun playing!



- Dun Morogh has been changed: a bridge passage has been added between Dun Algaz and Ironforge, the bridge includes a swallow water zone below.

NOTE: Dwarves usually only defend two places: Dun Algaz and Ironforge, and both have weaknesses. Defending Dun Algaz, there is always a chance that the enemy will simply bypass you and head straight to Ironforge. While defending in Ironforge results in loose of 4 cps, most of your wood, a goldmine, and on top of that Legion also gets two events further empowering itself.
The third point of defence in Dun Morogh should allow the dwarves to defend their countryside if they have an army for that, keeping a sustainable amount of their economy in process.

- Guild Adventurer and Dragonmaw Enforcer Ensnare duration has been decreased to 1.25 per net (5 seconds in total if casted 4 times).

- It’s no longer possible to build around Mardum portals and portal to Outland in Northrend.

- In order to prevent gate abuse, all gates now have 5s. cooldown before they can be closed/opened again.

- Dalaran, Flesh and Silvermoon Golems now all cost 42 gold.

- Fixed the Ziggurat model, it is no longer untargetable while building.

- Added notifications about various time-based heroes and events.



- Now starts with a new demi: Lieutenant Dawnrunner. She has Cold Arrows, Blink, minor Trueshot Aura and Phoenix Strike.

NOTE: Trueshot Aura should increase the value of your archers, as often they are overshadowed by your casters. Since Sorceress damage comes mostly from Ability instead of their flat damage, it will benefit Archers more.

- Magic Shield on Swordsmans and Highbornes now additionally blocks 30% of magic damage.

Fel Elves:

- Nether Robes magic damage reduction increased to 20%, and now works properly.

- Mephistroth now has Fel Wrap instead of Freezing Presence, title updated.


- A lumbermill will spawn for San'layns at Enki'Lah.

- Darkfallen Hemomancers Siphon Mana spell can now be used to transfer mana to allied units and heroes.

- Hemomancers, Blood Guards, Sanguine Sorceress and San’layn Priest units how have 30% Magic Resistance.

- Blood Guards health increased by 300, attack range increased to 610.

- Sanguine Burst damage on main target increased to 120 (tooltip showed 160, whereas in fact it was 100), area of effect damage increased to 80.



- Reduced the base health of Kalecgos in Dragon Form to 300 from 700. Bonus health from Blue Dragon form discreased to 400 | 600 | 800 | 1000 from 500 | 1000 | 1500 | 2000.

NOTE: While it may seem as a very harsh nerf, it was made due to Kalecgos being unkillable in Dragon form, as he had 4k+ health and magic immunity, while also being able to fly and use Devour ability to fully replenish his life.

- Emerald Dragon limit decreased to 4 from 5.

- Red Dragon limit decreased to 3 from 4.



- Archers cannot attack air units in Scout mode anymore.

Quel’Thalas path:

- You will now gain free melee upgrades, based on time upon doing the Quel’Thalas path.

NOTE: Melee upgrades are usually ignored by Ranger Corps players, as they are irrelevant to them. This change should allow Rangers to maintain sustainable melee units in late game.

- Sylvanas will only become unrevivable if you lose both Falconwing Square and Windrunner Spire.

- Will now change the faction color to



- Wildhammer Shaman Purge mana cost decreased to 70, damage to summoned units increased to 750.

- Rifleman cannot attack air units in Scout mode anymore.


- Updated Pulverize icon.

- Changed the faction color to Emerald.

- Northren Expedition with Brann and Muradin is no longer available.

Dark Iron:

- Dark Iron Cannon Teams no longer have Kaboom.

- Dark Iron Towers now cost 0 food from 1.

- Reduced the Blight titles at Shadowforge.

- Dark Iron Golems are now affected by Dark Rune.

- Iron Behemoth gold cost reduced to 40.

New hero: Coren Direbrew. He is always revivable, his spells:

Q - Fire Mixture (throws a highly flammable mixture at enemy units, dealing damage over time and decreasing their armour).

W - Iron Bound (immobilizes an enemy hero/unit, dealing damage over time).

E - Master of the Shadows (creates an illusory shadow of a targeted unit/hero, the shadow deals original’s damage).

R - Detonate (throws 3 explosive barrels, each dealing 160 damage and stunning the enemies).

Bonus spell!
D - Imbue Constructs (restores the health of mechanical units).



- Warlock Archer gold cost increased to 22.

- New event: Subjugate the Red Dragonflight.

Bring Mog’hor to the Vermillion Redoubt and defeat Tyranastrasz. Doing so will allow you to train two Red Dragons from your own Dragon Roosts.

- Clan Ogre health increased to 1360.

Gruul Armies:

- Gruul Turn rate increased to 0.3 from 0.1.

Black Dragonflight:

- Black Dragonspawn health increased by 200, base damage increased by 5 and they now have a 30% Magic resistance, based on their dragon blood and heritage.

- The path will now increase the Black Dragons limit to 5 and will grant them bonus health.

Twilight Hammer:

- Void Tendrils (Twilight Citadel defence ability) cd decreased to 120s. from 240s.

- New Advanced Upgrade! Twilight Ascension.

It will increase the damage by 5, and health by 175 of all your ground twilight-related units, including Faceless Ones. Does not affect casters.

Also increases the hero lvl of Cho’Gall by 1.

- Twilight Fervour will now increase attack speed by 50% up from 40%.

- Fel Wrap now deals 250 damage up from 200.

- Vezax strength increases by 20, base health to 2500.

- Cho’gall now has Twilight Aura on E, which increases the damage dealt by nearby allied units.

- Twilight Zealots now have Wrathful Strike instead of Pillage.



- Gyth, mount of Rend will now appear at Blackrock Mountain once you finish Nefarian Brood research.


- Failing the Illidan's Mission is temporary disabled, meaning the Legion team will not get army/resources for killing Illidan.

The rest of the mission remains active.



- Carrion Beetles cd increased to 60 from 6, collision size decreased to 10 (to 1 grid square, down from 4).

NOTE: Carrion Beetles were one of the main reasons why Blue players had massive unit lags.

- Vrykul subversion no longer grants you King Ymiron. Instead, you can now choose between Aurius and Ymiron in the Frozen Throne, after completing subversion research.

- North Dominance upgrade will not grant bonus level anymore.

- Vrykul Halls are now able to attack nearby enemies.

- Icecrown Obelisks are now invulnerable until Angrathar, the Wrathgate has been destroyed.




- You will now gain control of Anubarak and Sapphiron if Blue has left the game.



- Upon Uther’s death, a tomb below Andorhal will be named in his honour. It will also bestow a light’s hope aura, healing nearby alliance units.

Draenei Alliance:

- Velen no longer gets experience from Tirion. He always starts with level 11.

Scarlet Onslaught:

- Crusader's Aura movement speed buff changed to 10% | 14% | 17% | 20%.

- Piercing Shots Armor reduction reduced to 3 from 5.

- Saidan Dathrohan and Barean Westwind icons updated.



- Dark Ritual (Teron ability to convert units in mana) cd has been increased from 15s. to 23s.

NOTE: Low cd on Dark Ritual allowed Teron to have basically infinite mana, by constantly using this spell.

- Eredar Deceiver damage type changed to Magic, base damage reduced by 4.

- Fel Ray magic resistance increased to 95%, and now works properly.

- K’ure true sight range descreased to 1000 from 1600.



- Fast Decay (Dalaran Exile first spell) damage per second increased to 8.3 from 5, mana cost decreased to 35 from 50.

- Improved Death Tower gold cost to repair decreased to 20 from 50.

- Deathknell starting base: added one death tower, moved the Plague Cauldron further into the base.

- Blight Cloud duration on unit increased to 10 from 8, on heroes to 7 from 5. Can now be upgraded by Unholy Magic Mastery, to further increase duration to 13 on units, and damage to 25.

- Stonespine Death Strike:

Decaying damage increased to 40 | 50 | 60 | 70 from 15 | 25 | 35 | 55.

Initial damage increased to 240 | 270 | 300 | 330 from 100 | 175 | 210 | 270.

- Lady Deathwhisper is now tied to Naxxramas.

- Undead Drakkari can now be trained from Necropolises.



Falstad Items now properly transfer to Moira in Dark Iron path.

Fixed the messages displayed after finishing the Demonic Supremacy upgrade (Sky Barge [X] and Level 3 (Unit creation) TFT)

Shadowforge Lorde Combust ability cannot be casted on allied units anymore.

King Terenas now properly dies when Capital falls to a member of Rogue Alliance/Illidari team.

Ranger Corps will not become hostile to the Alliance after leaving.

Deathwhispers Ultimate no longer returns damage if enemy has a Thorns Aura.

If Blackrock is owned by Brown, he can temporary summon Nefarian to aid in South (disabled in Twilight Hammer path).

Fixed the effect of Taldaram's Fire Shield.

Fallen Nerubians will no longer transfer to Arthas Scourge upon Blue's leaving.

Fixed the abuse where Legion Summoners could obtain the ability to Summon the Burning Legion without a book by constantly dropping and picking the book.

Illidari Demon Hunters cannot be charmed anymore (tested with Yogg-Sarron, Frozen Throne and Helm of Domination).

Fixed the issue when Undead Alexandros would teleport back to Naxxramas/Draktharon after Light Blue player finishing Argent Crusade/Scarlet Onslaught paths.

Fallen Nerubians are now able to claim Yogg-Sarron.

Black Dragons are now properly removed with Gruul’s Armies Subpath and Twilight Hammer Path.

Fixed the issue where Elves could quee different paths at once.

Disabled faction paths for Left Player (1), so that Alliance players can’t trigger them and obtain rewards.

Trying to enter Mardum with Naxxramas/New Dalaran will no longer result in citadel moving to Alterac.
NOTE: It is fine for Naxxramas and Dalaran to enter Outland through Dark Portal. But Alterac and Northrend portals aren’t large enough for that.

The Civil War between Burning Legion and the Scourge will now automatically start once Scourge has gathered 2 more minions.

Going Ashen Verdict path will no longer kill living Dar'khan Drathir controlled by Highborne player.

It should not be possible to abuse Alexandros in Argent/Scarlet Crusade anymore.

It should not be possible to quee Crusaders in Argent Crusade anymore.

Download link:

KTA 0.39a changelog

KTA 039a log
Hello, so ugh sorry for long waiting time. I spended a lot of time working on thirteenth faction that is sadly removed for now :(

  • some bug fixed.
  • small rewamp of Desolace area.
  • some models changed.
Thralls horde:

  • Doomhammers summoned wolfs now last for 45s from 15s.
  • Doomhammers wolfs hp incased to 950 from 750.
  • Elementalist healing surge hp restored incased from 25 to 50.
  • goblin Engineers damage type changed to magic from pierce.
  • Rehgar R changed to healing rain.
  • Saurfang E hotkey fixed.

  • Shandris starts with lvl 3.

  • Green dragons no longer have spell immunity.
Old Gods:


  • Rokhan now starts with lvl 3.
  • Rexxar W tooltip changed.
  • trolls can now ally Zandalari by research in town hall.
  • Rexxar E changed to endurance aura.

  • Hamuul W changed to rejuvenation.
  • Hamuul starts with lvl 3.
  • Orange starts with aditional base in desolace and thousand needles.
  • Orange no longer have ogre bash upgrade.
  • Kodo beast now properly use armor upgrade.
  • kodo tooltip fixed.
  • Naturalist E changed to healing wave (4 targets 150hp).
  • dark shaman fiery elemental tooltip changed.
  • Goblin base zeppelins fixed.
  • Taurens properly can train elites.

  • Demon hunters tooltip fixed.
Burning legion:



  • Jaina summon water elementals spell cooldown increased to 45 from 30 on every lvl.
  • Hydromancers summon water elementals spell cooldown increased to 45 from 20.
  • Water elementals hp nerfed to 800 from 900.

  • Kultiras casters Tidal surge icon changed.

  • Zandalari can properly ally darkspear.
  • Zandalari can properly summon gahz'rilla.
Download link: KTA 0.39a

HotS Custom Game - 11/04/2021

Heyo everyone!

It has been some time since we last hosted a Heroes of the Storm custom game, so lets do this!
The game will be created around 19:00 CEST, Sunday, 11/04/2021 (CEST) on the European server.
We'll assemble on our Discord server, Warhaven: Join the Warhaven Discord Server!, and decide the teams and setup then.
Feel free to show up a bit before time.

My battletag is Arlt#21447. Feel free to add me.
Hope to see you there!
- Arlt