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Advanced technology or adaptability?

Currently we, the humans, have technology which makes life for all of us easier.
Though it has it positive traits it comes with negative ones aswell.

One of them would be the ressources and investment to make something long lasting and profitable for all of us, including the nature which leads to the next topic.

The second would be how much we could damage the environment for us or for the other living animals and plants.

We had to adapt against nature to survive in difficult environments or situations. Some of the environment were the coldness in some region or the heat. Concerning the situations, I refer to how we've changed to adapt for example the strength of other animals which could hit us we had a sturdier body but low on stamina/endurance or for nowadays we are some of the strongest animals in terms of stamina (running,jogging etc.).

But we gained those 'abilities' due to the fact we had to survive in extreme situations. Looking today we have it relatively easy regarding to live.
And found new ways to advance as a race, with this I mean we built equipments, houses, tools and etc.

Thanks to this we hadn't had the chance to evolve further but it allowed us to get technology which boosts us in like every area to develop new ways to make our life easier as written in the beginning of this thread.

One example of this would be the subject regarding sports. Cyclist nowadays haven't improved in terms of their stamina/power compared to the ones which lived like 100 years ago but reach their goal faster thanks to improved bikes.

But our technology isn't lasting forever and requires energy which could be low in the near future due to the fact nobody wants nuclear energy ( In germany atleast is like that, not sure about other countries).

Compared to the adaptability, we still have it and can make use of it even though it could take generations nowadays to achieve some progress since we aren't used to the extreme situations anymore.
Coming back to the sports example, athletes have different bodies to match their specialized sport. For example a runner who was 5'5 and a swimmer 6'3 had the same pants size, but because of their spezialized sport which they trained for a long time their bodies mutated respectively to match best for their sport.

Now since I have written everything I had thought of, would you rather go for more advanced technology or get back to the old times and adapt your body to certain situations? Or combine both of them?

I personally think both are good in their own respective ways to improve us but both have downsides regarding our well being/ health. Technology could lead us to become too lazy and end up like the people from WALL-E (Just an example). To adapt would mean us to become basically like the swarm from Starcraft2 (again just an example) and let some of us risk their own lifes to gain a new ability.

Lordaeron the Foremath - 19/01/2020 20:00 CET

Heyo everyone! Let's start the year with a good old Lordaeron the Foremath. 19. January 2020, 20:00 CET!
Write a post or message me privately for a spot in the game. :)

Alliance Team
Highborne - Ironeel
Dalaran - Kael8989
Dwarves - TerenasMenethil
Silverhand - Skillerino
Ranger Corp - BladeMaster
Lordaeron - anden

Scourge/Legion Team
Scourge - Gh0stRav3n
Burning Legion - Julian
Dark Horde - Arthos (the American)
Shadow Council - Arlt
Cult of the Damned - reddragon25
Dragonmaw Clan - Dragon

Reserve: Oliku,

Permission for me (or anyone else) to port this game on Reforged to showcase it

Even without gameplay or anything. Just a sneak peek of what the game will look like on Reforged.