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Thedas The Dragons Age

Thedas The Dragons Age

Project History - I started this back in January back when reforged was anticipated and added a variety of awesome assets to the editor, Only for Reforged to go down like a sack of bricks and my interest in WC3 being at an all time low. Eventually I began to re terrain the project in classic mode only for me to realise that the terrain just didn't work. So I opted to instead redo the project from scratch with a smaller scale and map size and designed to be only in classic mode. Now here I am 8 months later having gotten far enough on my first draft to want to post this.

Project Brief : Thedas The Dragons Age is an RTS map set in Biowares Dragons Age Universe where the players may assume control of one of ten playable factions to decide the fate of Thedas through the dragons Age. Rather than being purely Control point driven economy wise players gain gold though controlling named locations across the map which provide turn income, along with a few control points located in areas with few to no settlements or cities as Thedas is predominately coastal / built along water ways.

Unlike my last project WOTA this game isn't team based rather each player is able to fight freely amongst themselves with the only team being the two dark spawn players, I may consider adding the possibility too ally if the dark spawn get too strong should testing show they dominant.

Playable Nations & Factions

The Dark Spawn Horde ( Green & Dark Green)

The Dark spawn are the only allied players in this map, With Green control the South Deep-roads Dark spawn under the control of the Architect and enacts the events of dragons age origin awakening the Archdeamon Urthemiel and invading the Kingdom of Ferelden . His early game focuses on expanding control over the deep roads around Orzammar. Green is able to control when the battle of Ostagar begins but is unable to leave the deep roads until he decides to start the conflict. The longer he takes the harder it will be to defeat blue and the less creeps they will be able to contest in lower Ferelden & the Kokari wilds.

Dark Green controls the northern deep roads under the control of the Magisters Side Reel, other members of the 9 who entered the fade along side the Architect codex entries hint that several regrouped after their time in the fade and fought amongst themselves at some point. The closest enemy for dark green to fight is the kingdom of the Anderfels home of the Gray Wardens the faction with the best kit to fight Dark spawn. However they can head east or west through different passageways throughout the mountain ranges.

The Dark spawn pose the greatest threat to every other player in the map as they alone are able to permanently destroy settlements and locations across Thedas, reducing the overall income available on the map while at the same time increasing the number of units they can field from their different variants of Dark spawn. The early horde consists of Genlocks the weakest of their kind but the most numerous with every human city that falls the number of Hurlocks that can be recruited increases the same for every other type of dark spawn when a races city falls.

Genlock Warriors
Genlock Archers
Genlock Emissary - Spirit Missile / Ray of Disruption / Raise Dead.
Genlock Alpha
Hurlock Warrior
Hurlock Alpha
Hurlock Bolter
Hurlock Emissary - Slow Affliction / Stasis Trap / Bloodlust.
Ogre - Limit of 4.
Shriek Assasin - Limit of 10.
Corpse Cart - Limit of 4.

Disciple (Elite) - Dark Relic/ Twisted Plate / Death coil / Slaughter.

The Architect - Flame Strike / Acid Bomb / Brilliance Aura / Healing Concoction.

The Archdeamon - Void Missile / Howl of Terror / Unholy Aura / Death & Decay.

High Priest of Lusacan - Death Coil / Arise Shadow / Vampiric Aura / Shroud of Night.
High Priest of Toth - Incinerate / Immolation / Dark Ritual / Idol of Toth.


High Priest of Dumat - Red Lyrium Blast / Banish / Mark of Dumat / Conduct the Silence.

Human Kingdoms of Thedas

The Human Nations in Thedas comprise 7/10 of the playable nations in Thedas each share two units with one another being the Templar & the Chantry Sister each nation has reasons too attack each of its neighbours however some have more obvious first targets based on each factions position.

The Kingdom of Ferelden (Blue)

The Kingdom of Ferelden starts off needing to consolidate its holdings key locations such as the Mage Tower & Red-cliff castle are under hostile control and provide rewards for retaking them, When the blight begins Ostagar will be acquired and with it the path into the Kokari wilds and the deep roads will open for both them and green. Blues unit roaster consists of units from every culture and nation within the Ferelden Valley. While being on the front line to the blight means bases will likely be lost a victorious Ferelden will gain access to the deep roads & the lands beyond such as the sea of ash which can provide a strong source of income for future wars with other players.

Ferelden Infantry
Ferelden Knights - Limit of 12.
Dalish Hunter
Dwarven Siege Breaker - Limit of 12.
Avvar Augur - Hex Curse / Far Sight / Spirit Link
Chasind Shaman - Purge / Entangling Roots / Rejuvenation
Mabari War hound
Templar - Magic Defence / Dispel / Control Magic
Chantry Sister - Heal / Sisters Silence / Makers Blessing
Kings Guard(Elite) - Taunt / Thunder Clap / Health Potion / Thick Plate

Cailan Therin - Perfect Striking / Roar / Cleaving Attack / Duty - Has Lifesteal Passive due to his Reaver Heritage
Loghain Mac Tir - Greater Health Potion / Avatar / Chevalier Plate / Duel. ( Duel teleport s Loghain and Target to a arena outside of the map where after 20 seconds they can cast a spell to return to a location of their choice.
Wynne - Frost Nova / Mass Heal / Mass Mana Regen / Ressurection.

The Kingdom of Orlais. (Wheat)

This nation was the largest in my first two drafts of the map but the new smaller scale cost them a few bases around their clustered coast line. Playing Orlais focuses around maintain stablity a varible number that goes up or down based on certain events such as heroes being slain bases being acquired or lost and unique events and upgrades happening. If stability reaches 0 then Orlais will lose control of what ever bases and units they currently control and gain a large army within the winter palace simulating the start of the Orlesian Civil war. I plan to flesh this event out after I release the first version of the map but for now how it is will be it all for now.

Orlais has a large border and an expensive army however they are better equipped than most of its neighbours and should seek to consolidate the various settlements belonging to hostile factions along its borders too boost early stability while also focusing on favourable trades in fights in order to prevent a civil war.

Orlesian Infantry - Longest range melee is a pike unit able to hit two depth compared to other infantry.
Orlesian Captain - Taunt / Inspire - Limit of 8.
Orlesian Archer - Lacks any abilities however has heavy armour.
Bard - Black Arrow / Matyr! / Captivating Song (Sleep).
War Engineer - Unique worker able to build War Trebuchet.
War Trebuchet - Static siege unit / tower limit of 5 longest range however must be destroyed before more can be built making them vulnerable and best built when siege from a secure position.
Templar - Magic Defence / Dispel / Control Magic
Chantry Sister - Heal / Sisters Silence / Makers Blessing
Orlesian Chevalier - Defend / War Experience / Mount Horse.
Mounted Chevalier - Strongest Knight in Game Expensive but strong unit needs two units to merge. - Charge / Sunder Armour / Thick Plate / Pulverise.

Michel De Chevin (Champion of Celene I) - Perfect Striking / Avatar / War Expertise / Contest of Arms.
Prosper De Montford (Duke of Orlais) - Huntsman Volley / Summon Wyverns /True shot / Wyvern Bait.
Briala - (Celene I Spymaster) - Unseen / Dodge / Shadow strike / Eluvian Network.

More To Come at a later time once i am happy with their polished state.


The Danish Resignition from Warhaven! (Offically not supported by Arlt)

Hello guys.
Now that I have your attention, I would like to announcement my resignation from Warcraft 3 starting this Tuesday. This means that anything I relate to Warcraft I will stop using on that day (Besides Battle.net). This sadly also means that my activity on Warhaven will cease. Arlt tried to talk me out of it, but sadly my mind is set :(
So, unlike most people who has left throughout the 6+ year span I have been on this site who have left silently. I would like to make a short trip down memory lane as well make a short shoutout to 2 very special people that led me to BotR (Even if they're not active anymore).

I joined around the end of the summer 2014 right before the shift from Brigandshaven.com to Brigandshaven.net back when I was a squeeking, depressed and pretty much a friendless teen (Hence why I acted like an idiot most of the time) and my god has those 6 years been fun. Things of note that have happened in those 6 years have been plenty and all of them meaningful.

THINGS OF NOTE: (Though not timelined)
There was the Planetside 2 summer with our one and only @SpamPolice organizing it. It was plenty of fun killing those dirty half machines and corporate backed terrorists with a good number of fellow clanmates.
There was also the @Harald-Azothan fanfiction that I wrote that for quite some time made me into a laughing stock of the clan as well as denting my relationship with Harald for quite a while (I again apologize Harald. Though I do hope your gf reads this and will torment you with it xD)
There was the flying Barracks with @EmperorFawful's amazing video coming from that (Linked below).
There were also my massive amount of games of Town of Salem with @Kean filled with deceit and lying.
@GanDaiMe11 yelling at me for making him lose as Stormwind in Azeroth Wars.
There were also @Enclop's split from BotR. Causing me to have a massive amount of disrespect towards UoS for the longest time (Which I do apologize for).
There were the time where me and Nathren talked about Danish windmills from around 00:00 to around 05:00 in the morning.
And as of writing this today, I did a @Dartie @Manetho and Wrath with the one and only @Arlt. We met in irl for the first time and it was an amazing time for us both, so much so that we both ended up agreeing we should repeat in the future at some point :)
There are hundreds of other things that have happened throughout the years, but these are the ones I can currently remember. Yet I still cherish even the ones I have forgotten.

I would also like to make a heartfilled shoutout to 2 of the most important BotR members in my mind, even though sadly are both gone from this platform. I still wanna say this, I love both Woodenplank and IceThundaWolfes (Ice) and always will.

Woodenplank: Thank you for making me able to test your map of Wrath of the Earth Warden. If it hadn't been for this map, I wouldn't have become a tester of so many maps like AWLR, a bunch of Haralds map projects (Harald you still need to improve on your grammar and spelling :p) and a couple of others. If I hadn't become a tester I would have never really joined BotR in the first place.
IceThundaWolfes: Thank you so much for being one of the kindest people I have ever met. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have lasted more than a few months in BotR honestly. As much as I was a cunt and paranoid at the end, you still weren't mad at me when I said I was unfriending you. I would like to apologize for that formally and I wish you have the best life with your husband and children.

Now, this doesn't mean that I will never join the TeamSpeak again nor Deny a request to play a game of EU4 or Warhammer with fellow BotR and UoS members. Far from it. It just means that this chapter of my life as a Warcraft 3 player and tester has come to an end and I'm moving on with school and work.

This has been an amazing and wonderful time and I wish the best for everyone who reads this. And even though I haven't been a big part of BotR for around 2-3 years, I always felt like this was my secondery home if it ever was needed.

If you ever want to contact me, please do free to find me on Discord or Steam and hit me up.

Emperors video:

Discord: Lunelune#2354

-Kasper W Andersen aka Lunelune.

2014 at the time of Joining:
2019 last year, but still pretty much how I look (Got a massive beard that I have shave soon, but that's it):

Lordaeron TF 0.59 Changelog

Hello there, and welcome for new patch for Lordaeron the Foremath. This version is focused on bugfixing, and making some balance.


- All transport ships now have the same movement speed - 260.
- Heroes will now be removed when a player leaves.
- Tree Wall Defences in Quel’Thalas reinforced, it will totally block movement now.


- New Lordaeron now won’t turn into Scourge if Capital has been taken by Scourge before.
- Going Vrykul subpath will no longer turn all your Abominations into Ymirjar Ascendants.
- Darius Crowley ult fixed.
- Garithos Army now won’t spawn at Lordaeron capital if Dark Green player went Scourge already.
- Various tooltips and event messages fixed.
- Sylvanas level now will be based on General Hero exp. when passed to another Scourge member in Night Elf initialization.
- Speaker Magni will lose his «For Ironforge» ability once Ironforge is lost.
- Highborne and Ranger Corps can now train their workers in Stratholme.
- Death Knight Arthas is now able to become Lich King after being corrupted from King Arthas path.
- Capital Flags at Ironforge will no longer change ownership depending on who owns Dun Morr.
- Darkfallen Prince Keleseth is now properly revivable with Bloodstone Crown in inventory.
- Silver Hand now won’t get message about failing to protect the Exotar after successful defending.
- Sylvanas now properly loses her Wind Walk ability after Winrunner Spire is lost.
- Gyth cannot be charmed anymore.
- No Alliance faction is able to absorb Sunwell anymore.


No changes this version.


- All Vrykul units except Deathgod Necrolye are now tied to Utgarde Keep, which in return will get defensive abilities: Siege Aura, Blizzard.
- Ymirjar Ascendants and Fallen King Ymiron animation speed corrected.


-No changes this version.



- Dwarven Siege Cannons at Dun Algaz and Dun Garok are now invulnerable until these bases are destroyed. Repair Cannon ability on Skybreaker removed.


Silver Covenant:
- Spirit of Quel’Dorei will now affect your heroes.
- Sylvanas is once again revivable if she dies to anyone else apart from Undead.
- The path will be unlocked once Rangers get control of the entire Quel’Thalas and Alliance is Broken.
- Will no longer replace Lynxes with Swordsman.


No changes this version.


King Arthas:

- Lordaeron Captains will now get improved Garrison Reserves ability, which allows them to conscript Lordaeron Footmans.


No changes this version.


- Fel Horde Advanced Upgrade:

-Will no longer grant additional demonesses.
-Additional health for Orc units reduced from 150 to 100.
-Additional health regen. from Fel Blood ability reduced to 2 from 3.
- Draconic Horde Advanced Upgrade:

-Additional health for Chromatic Dragons reduced to 150 from 200.


- Dark Ritual on Teron now has a 15 second cd.


- Death Gate will now be opened without 10 seconds delay.

- Dar’Khan Drathir demi-unit no longer costs 1 food.


- Dragon’s Breath Catapult is now invulnerable until Dragonmaw Port is destroyed.

Have fun everyone and praise the sun.