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Lordaeron TF 0.66 Changelog



- Autocast spells like Fire/Cold/Fel Arrows will be turned on after their particular research is done.

- There is now 3 time marks of Synced Upgrades:
15 min - 2/2 upgrades.
30 min - 3/3 upgrades.
60 min - 4/4 upgrades.

- In order to ensure the safe transition of Lich King/Sapphiron and others, the left player heroes will only be removed after 10 seconds.

- Many faction path texts have been adjusted to better represent the changes they bring and what awaits the player in the end.

- Nagrand control point changed to 15g from 25g.

- Fel Hammer has been remade as a whole new subregion in northwest Mardum.

- Silence ability cooldown increased to 31 from 25s. Area of effect discreased to 225 | 275 | 325 | 375 from 225 | 325 | 425 | 500.

- Gargoyles now have the Rending Talons passive, movement speed increased to 300.

- Summoning the Burning Legion/Freeing Nerzhul/Merging Arthas will now start the Civil War if it wasn't active.

- Charge ability damage taken reduced to 10% from 30%, duration discreased to 8s from 12s.



- Highborne Mana Generator gold cost reduced to 15 from 25, but wood cost raised from 10 to 30.

- New event: Relieve the Felo’melorn. King Anasterian or Prince Kael’thas can relieve this ancient runeblade to fight the enemies of Quel’Thalas. Felo’melorn grants +5 to all stats, and the ability to cast Phoenix Strike at a target area, creating a fiery shockwave that damages enemies in a line.

Also increases the attack speed of the wielder by 15%. Research also grants 150 bonus health to your melee organic units (Swordsmans, Spell Breakers, Highbornes). Requires: Silvermoon, Broken Alliance.

- Orb of Translocation can now be constructed by any Alliance player controlling Silvermoon.


- Members of the Legion team will be unable to teleport in Netherstorm region for 5 mins after Sunfury happened. You are still allowed to train units, and to teleport using Fel Prisms.

- Instead of 25g for all controlled Manaforges, you will now get a 10g for each of them. This also means you will get more in total, and it also affects Fel Elves and Blood Elves.

Fel Elves:

- You no longer need an offer from Legion to become the Fel Elves, the requirements now are: Blood Elves, Legion is Broken.

- Starting location moved to the Felhammer in northwest Mardum, though you'll still get an outpost in the Tempest Keep. You also share the same building set with the Burning Legion now.

- New hero - Nathrezim Patriarch Mephistroth, he is unrevivable. His abilities:

«Q» - Mana Burn.
«W» - Nether Armor.
«E» - Freezing Presence.
«R» - Frost Armor.

Also includes usual Nathrezim abilities of Astral Walk and permanent invisibility. He also starts with Summon Workers and Frost Orb items.

- Valeera Sanguinar is now tied to the Felhamer. Her Life Drain ability is replaced with Poisonous Shot, and her Mirror Image now deals 100% damage up from 60%.

- Ruinous Sorceress now has a new icon/texture and new spells:

«Q» - Fel Fervor.

«W» - Flaming Shield.

«E» - Felguard Summon.

- Shadowsword Necrolyte now has a new icon/texture and new spells:

«Q» - Curse.

«W» - Life Drain.

«E» - Fel Implosion.

- Felsworn now has a new texture. Attack range increased to 150. - Shadowsword Warlock (elite) now has a new icon/model and new spell: Instead of a Death Pact now has a Fel Warp ability on «R».

- Demoness stats and cost increased to match these of her Legion and Dark Horde counterpart.

- New limited Siege and Flyer units: Fel Prism and Nether Dragon.


Invasion of Quel'Thalas - By researching an upgrade in Felhammer, you and the Burning Legion will receive army and base at the Sunstrider Isles, allowing you to launch sneak attack at the Silvermoon and Sunwell. You, and the Legion team will be able to capture the Silvermoon leaving it to the Fel Elves with no harm.


- When Arthas ascends to become the Lich King, or Nerzhul breaks free, you will obtain the Blood Queen Lana'thel, who will replace Keleseth.

- Darkfallen Hemomancer (elite): Blood Infusion is now a manually casted spell which replenish the life of friendly units, bouncing between them.



- New minor event: Lordaeron refugees. After the scourging of Capital, a group of refugees will spawn at one of the three random locations, safeguarding their arrival ar Mardenholde keep will grant you resource rewards.

- Ballista attack range increased by 100, Gold cost discreased to 32.

Argent Crusade:

- Argent Elder Spirit Touch mana cost discreased to 10 from 20.

Draenei Alliance:

- In addition to Shattrath, you will also gain a base in Telaar together with local draeneis.



- Arcane Wrath (Rhonin bonus spell from book) damage per target increased to 75 from 65.

- Spell Mastery upgrade no longer requires 20 mins.


- Tree of Tal'doren can now use ability to regrow trees in Gilneas range.



- High Elves of Quel'Thalas path will now rename the faction to Quel'Thalas, keeping the Mint (light green) colour. Health buff increased to 150 from 100. No longer requires Broken Alliance, all you need is Highborne betrayal/leave. Path research moved to main buildings (Falconwing Square, Windrunner Spire, Elven Townhalls).

- Changed the texture of High Elven Archer to bring a bit of diversity.

- Improved Elven Guard Towers now cost 0 food (they were a food burden to whoever controls them anyway).


- Paralytic Bolt stun duration discreased to 4 from 4.5s. on lvl 4.

- Nathanos Blightcaller has new model

- Death Guard has new texture.

Night Elves:

- Moon Well gold cost reduced to 7 from 15.

- Priestess now has new model and icon.

- Arcane Shacles duration on heroes increased to 1.2 from 0.5

- Druid of the Talon: Base Health increased by 170, to 470 and can be further improved by Power Infusion upgrade. Now benefit from Magic Damage upgrade. Cyclone spell will now attempt to autocast whenever the Druid casts Faerie Fire. Raven Form ability replaced with Invisibility.



- Bonus lvls from taking the Frostmourne increased to 2.


- Paladins killed by a member of the Scourge team will now turn into up to 6 Death Knights controlled by you.



- King Ymiron now has Will Suppressed ability (based on Soul Burn) on «E».

- Aurius how has Ruthless Charge on «W», it will increase the movement speed of the nearby units by 25% | 50% | 75% | 100%. Fel Aura changed with Vampiric Aura.

- Aquir Sentinels won't return to Azjol Nerub after researching Wyrms Skin anymore.




- The Argus Wake has been reverted to the original state of being a Subpath, it doesn't change your team anymore.

- Nether Restoration Health gained reduced to 75 from 100, and Mana gained to 25 from 75.(edited)

- Zealous Rage and Raid and Pillage abilities now share the same buff, meaning they cannot be stacked.



- Distort Time ability now has «D» hotkey.

- Master's Favour now has «E» hotkey.

- Felguards have lost their Enhanced Armour passive, and now have Summoned type of armour.



- You will no longer obtain Gelbin after retaking Gnomeregan, instead, he is available at Altar with Broken Alliance and Ironforge-only requirements.

- Falstad Wildhammer and his Gryphons are back and the Aerie Peak base is totally controlled by Dwarves. The first destruction of Aerie Peak in non-Wildhammer path will leave it in ruins (like Stromgarde), but going Wildhammer path will restore the base. If Falstad dies in non-Wildhammer path and Aerie Peak is damaged, he will be wounded and unavailable until Wildhammer path.
All his items will be dropped on the ground.

- Aerie Peak defences are available only in Wildhammer path.

- Gelbin Mekkatorque changes:

Mekkatorque Ray moved to «Q» and now has 4 levels.

Now has Gnomish Land Mines ability on «R». Gelbin will place a field of mines in the targeted area.

- Added two Gryphon Aviaries to the Ironforge.

- Wildhammer Fog upgrade cost reduced to 100g | 75w.

- Wildhammer Shaman's Dispel Magic is swapped with Earthen Ring Elementalist Lightning Bolt.

- Lightning Bolt Stun duration increased on units from 2s to 5s, and on heroes from 0.20s to 0.9s.

- Upgrade to Brewery now costs 5 gold down from 20.

- Gryphon Raiders cannot be targeted by Demon Chain anymore.(edited)

- Wildhammer Shamans are open to be trained again. They are limited to 12, but will become unlimited in Wildhammer path.


- New event: Grim Batol reclamation. Maz Drachip can now reclaim the ancient hold of the Wildhammer Clan in Grim Batol. It will grant you resource rewards, will unlock Stout Ales Supplies upgrade and a base in Grim Batol.

- Lachlan MacGraf starting intelligence increased to 23 from 17.



- Can once again train Black Dragons and Black Dragon Whelps.

- New, limited to 5 unit: Clan Ogre. They are very durable and have thick skin that helps against ranged units. Gold cost increased to 37, base armor discreased to 1 from 5.

- New, limited to 4 unit: Ogre Magi. They have Firebolt, Warlock Fire and Unholy Frenzy.

- Dragonmaw Battlemaster now have Charge and Cleaving Blades abilities. Cleaving Blades increases the damage dealt to Unarmored units by 15%.

- Gorfax is now available at min. 15.

- New event: Mog'rosh Stronghold. You will now gain the Ogre stronghold in Loch Modan by destroying the Farstriders Enclave within it. Mo'grosh Stronghold will be need later, for Ogre related upgrades.



- Zeppelin gold cost discreased to 30g from 45g.

- Fel Cores can now be transported by Zeppelins.

- Demonesses are back and do not require Legion to be broken.

- Fel and Draconic Horde upgrades removed.

- Can once again train Chromatic Dragons.



Using specific spells and items will now play special replicas.
List of spells after witch a replica will be played:

Lordaeron Captain - Summoning the garrison reserves.

Uther - Using the Lightbringer Item.

Sylvanas - Using Starfall

Anasterian - Using Haven's Light.

And the list will be continued with future updates.



- Closed Gates of the Dragonmaw Port will no longer bugg and allow the units to pass trought it.

- Shadow Council Death Knight no longer benefits from Armor upgrade.

- It's not possible to quee the San'layn/Sunfury paths after the Renegade Blood Elves path anymore.

- Hippogryph Riders do not have Scorched Earth ability anymore.

- Dark Horde Beastiary has a hotkey now.

Tooltips fixes:

Hardened Bones.
Shadow's Embrace.
Fel Aura.
Scepetre of the Spider Kingdom.
Nether Hatchling.

Download link: LORDAERON: TF 0.66 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com

Dance of the Dragons

Hi,everyone.It's been a long time since I last posted my map here.Here is my new project.
Dance of the Dragons
By Accelerator
Terrain Help and Hero Design:WhiteLR and Old Glory

"The Iron Throne will be mine"
Map Info:
Dance of the Dragons is a new strategy map,It's about the bloodiest civil war in the House Targaryen's History.The more information from the G.R.R.Martin's novel "Fire and Blood"
Because of the death of King Viserys, the Greens led by King Aegon II and the Blacks led by Queen Rhaenyra began to fight for the inheritance of the Iron Throne.
Unlike other strategic maps, it has a winning goal.When you destroy WinterFell Or HighTower,your team will win this game.So you don't have to destroy all enemy bases.
Map's battle style like the LTA/LTF/KTA/LOTRC,use the control point as the Income.
There are 8 factions to play,I try to shorten some factions as much as possible, such as iron islands, who was added to the game as an extra faction of Daemon, rather than as an extra player.
For a new map, too many players have to wait longer to start a game.

The Faction:
The Blacks:
DragonStone(Prince Daemon)

The Greens:
Kingslanding(King Aegon II)

Featured content:
The unique family skill,Each House has a special family skill, but some family skills are not unlocked at the beginning of the game, they need to complete some tasks to unlock, so that the rhythm of the game will not change very fast.
Unit models of Seven Houses made by imitating TV.
Beautiful illustration from The World of Ice and Fire,DA and MINIATURE GAMES.(may be many role's illustration are wrong,please forgive.
Such as,the Lord Borros Baratheon's illustration use the Robert Baratheon's illustration)
Special Income system:The largest population is 150, but if your used population exceeds 100, your income will reduce,This is to limit some players with high income and large army.
More Larger city area:I try to make many cities as large as possible, so I cut some parts of the Westeros.There are no dorne and only half north on this map.
The Great Battle Speech

About the Dragons:
The dragons will not appear too early to break the balance of the game.They will appear after 20 minutes one by one.
And that doesn't mean that only Targaryen players can use dragons.

You can try to guess which city each image represents

Special thanks many building models from Marshmalo's LOTRC,and many heroes model from Hive's modelers,thanks!

yo it's me again gamers

been like 4 years since i was really active on here, and I picked up a few of Harald's vids to watch while i was working out, so i was thinking, and was like "hey fuck it may as well come back on.".

First off i'd like to apologize for acting like a massive sperg back in the day all the time, and making weird detailed suggestions for a game i'm shit at (AKA most WC3 custom games but specifically LTA/LTF.). Also announcing a custom map every other day because...again, I was stupid and like 14.


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