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KTA Changelog 0.27

Alright a new Changelog it took a bit more since me and Panda had no Time or were a bit more slow

Here is everything new done for the next Patch im gonna Focus for more Content on the other Factions :)

Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/294649/

LTF Patch Notes 0.47

Lordaeron TF 0.47
LTF Symbol3Small.png


- Grulls path now correctly removes Black Dragons.
- The changes made to workers lumber gathering now also effects Fel Peons.
- Lumber rate was too fast since last update and has been changed accordingly.
- Black Drakes and Black Dragons now use correct upgrades.

A NOTE ON STABILITY: It appears since the latest Blizzard patches LTF becomes unstable after around 1 hour gametime, me and Yousef are working on possible ways to increase stability and looking and how we can transfer the script language over to the new LUA functionality gives us better control over memory leaks. However, this is a big task so in the meantime we are hoping Blizzard address these issues in the short term.

This is the first patch which uses the newest world editor version 1.31.1, we hope this increases stability or at the very least does not make it any worse.


- There were a lot of issues with complex requirements for joining Alliance teams, aside from a few other restrictions players wanting to join alliance through paths will be able to do so as long as "Alliance is Broken" tech requirements are met.
- In order to reduce unit lag worker units have had their lumber rates increased so less workers are required. Details: All units capable of harvesting lumber have had their gold cost, build time, HP, and lumber harvesting rate increased by 50%. Food cost increased from 1 to 2. (Lumber duration tick decreased from 3 seconds to 1.50.)
- Trained Ghouls and Militias have also had their military stats increased, so they are still viable as melee units and lumber harvesters despite the above changes.
- Summoned Ghouls by Cult have 50% more HP and base attack but also cost 50% more mana and cooldown time. (This is again to decrease unit lag by reducing the total number of summons when Cult is going full on mass necromancers without losing any effectiveness of the strategy.
- Nerubian Guardians have a different icon.
- Marsh's Sanctum Discord channel has been added to the load screen.

- Lordaeron palace has slightly more build space.
- Shadow Councils casters have become more of a small elite force type unit, they are limited to 10 each and have a slightly increased gold cost.
- Shadow councils Necrolyte, Eredar Deceivers and Warlocks have had a general increase in base damage, mana and hit points.
- Eredar Deceiver's Shadow spell has been replaced with Illusions.
- The cannon near Airee Peak has been added back in as it deters Legion team from rushing this important Dwarf base.
- Deathknell building is back for Forsaken.
- There are some Orc creeps near Oshu'gun.
- Shadow Council now have access to the Long Staffs upgrade.
- Legion can once again Astral Walk into to Deepholm (As inter-world travelling demons it's not abuse for Legion to take the Deepholm CP).
- Meat Wagons corpse creation time increased from 30 seconds to 45.
- Legion can no longer Astral Walk or send Eyes of Archimonde into Dalaran dungeons while the Vault Seal is still alive. (If you want to invade here then take the risk of opening the Netherstorm Portal).


- Dragonmaw Clan has had some much-needed reworks, previously this faction felt very bland as all of it's units where inferior to Dark Horde or Legion variations, I have attempted to give the faction more character. While it still has some decent melee unit choices it is now more ranged and air focused than before, giving the faction a better niche fit within the Legion team.
- Dragonmaw can now train the Proto Drakes from Dark Horde (Now named Black Dragons), these Dragons have air and ground modes with different attack styles. This gives Dragonmaw Clan the most powerful dragon unit in the game.
- Dark Horde instead have access to the black Drakes which Dragonmaw had previously.
- Nek'rosh Skullcrusher has been removed, he has long been a meme hero and even Blizzard have officially retconned him from the lore. Instead he is replaced with the Orcs first ever hunter type hero: Gorfax Angerfang.
- Dragonmaw Battlemasters gold cost increased from 30 to 33.
- Warlock Archers now have access to the Imrpoved Bows upgrade and can enter Scout mode.
- Ensnare ability has been moved from the Spearthrower unit to Battlemasters.
- Dragonmaw Grunts gold cost increased from 18 to 21
- Spear throwers no long have access to the Envenomed spears upgrade (It was a waste of gold as these units just get swapped with Warlock Archers anyway).


- In keeping with this faction's strengths and weaknesses Dark Horde have lost some air and ranged capability which has gone to Dragonmaw Clan. To compensate and reinforce Dark Hordes strengths with its melee and devastating siege attacks, the Fel Cores have had a rework as per the below.
- Dark Horde Archers no longer have Scout Mode.
- Dark Hordes Proto Drakes have been replaced with weaker, Black Drakes.
- Fel Cores can now be summoned by Doom cannons. Use these tactically to weaken your opponents front line before attacking with your main force. Remember they also damage your own units if within range so use carefully!


- Genn Greymane has been moved further north to stop people aiming him with ships (This actually ricked a bug where game does not recognize the Genn kill when killed by boats and therefore did not grant ownership of Gilneas.)
- Undead Battleships can now attack Control Points.
- Fixed bug where Blood Elves could not accept Fel Pact.
- Vorpil should now correctly go to Legion player if Shadow Council player leaves game.
- When Dragonmaw triggers Twilights Hammer Clan, the game will now only transfer buildings at Hellfire citadel over to Dark Horde (Game would crash if Brown had left a large amount of units in this base. It will no longer transfer any of Browns heroes over to Dark horde who were accidentally left in this base.
- Fel Elf path will no longer transfer ownership of units in Quel'Thalas to Ranger Corps (This caused fatal crash).
- It is no longer possible to go New Lordaeron and Scourge path at the same time.
- Warlock Archers now correctly start with Fel Arrows on autocast.
- Ruinous Sorceress no longer looks like a Night Elf Warden.


The following unused units/buildings from LTA have been removed from the object editor to cleanup space (It was previously impossible to remove objects in the OE using old World Editor resulting in alot of exess objects built up over the years).

- Townhall (BE Wagon)
- Necropolis (BE Wagon)
- Great Hall (BE Wagon)
- Seradane (Fake? Unused?)
- Arcane Sanctum (High elf only + Unused?)
- Last Light chapel (Reuse)
- High Elf Barracks (Unused)
- Fuselight by sea (Unused)
- Spiritual Leader of the Maghar
- Leader of the Blackfuse company (Unused)
- Eagle Loa (Unused)
- Kor'Kron commander (Unused)
- Vile serpent Eternal
- Saphiron (Unused, non hero version)
- Temple of Earth
- REUSE (Serpent Loa)
- Reuse (Fire Loa)
- Reuse (Pig Loa)
- Capital Orc Flag
- Galens Fall (Dummy reuse for event)
- Spellbreaker (Reuse)
- A great evil must have been summoned (Reuse 1)
- A great evil must have been summoned (Reuse 2)
- Galen Trollbane must be dead (Techtree Dummy)
- Must be within Quel'Thalas
- Huntsman Leopold.
- Mr Bigglesworth
- Worker (High Elf)
- Iron Star
- Iron Star (Weaker)
- Is not Ogre

Northrend: The Conquest - 22/06/2019

Game date: 22.06.2019
Time - 20:00 CEST (we could wait around 10 minutes for people if it will be needed)
Game name: NorthTC (probably will be hosted like a closed game, so you will need to write exactly name to join)
Hello, I'm going to make one more forum game for my map, anyone who doesn't know what is this map about could read about it below:
Kil'jaeden has commanded Illidan Stormrage to travel to Northrend to destroy the Frozen Throne. Arthas Menethil, the Lich King's champion, has returned to Northrend to defend his master. The conquest of Northrend has began!
Game starts in TFT timeline, when the Arthas and Illidan had arrived to Northrend, and covers WOW events as well.
There are 11 factions fightning each other. Gameplay is similar as in maps like Azeroth wars, LTA, LTF, KTA and etc. This is strategy map with control points which provides income. Each faction has some unique upgrades, faction paths and gameplay. There are some features like both Trappers and Blood Elves could go New Dalaran path, same with Illidari/Blue Dragonflight with Twilight's Hammer path. Some factions haves sub-paths, like Drakkari Empire, they could either sacrifice Loas and empower Malakk and troops, or aid their help and receive ability to summon their avatars. There also some rare factions, like Iron Dwarfs.
So, last time some players experienced crashes on loading screen, I've did some tests, this is pretty complicated but possible that last WC3 patch solved it, this is why I need one more game to understand is problem solved or not.
Anyone can join this game, just reply to this thread, to discord or DM me : ))
There is a discord for this map, anyone can join it and send suggestions/bugs reports and etc.
It could be good if you will not host this version after this game anymore and wait for official release.
I hope that we will got 11 players, but we could play without full house if it will be needed.

Illidari's Forces:​



  • Dwarven Expedition:
  • Alliance Expedition:
  • Trappers:

Blue Dragonflight: Default_Diamond​
Reserve: @TeaCup