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So the corona virus has spread quite a lot around the world and it's expected that there won't be a cure before 2021. It seems like it's going to cause quite a lot of damage, considering how fast it spreads and how long it stays in the infected people. Are you guys worried of this? Here's a map that keeps being updated on new cases: Wuhan Coronavirus Map by Fuuuuuuu · MapHub

China has managed to reduce its spreading quite well during the last few days, but it has been a result of very harsh laws reducing chances to move outside and containment of people who are suspected to be infected. I don't think the european countries would be willing to do the same, at least the efforts to reduce traveling from infected areas have been quite non-existent. I don't think there will be any major action taken before it has already spread too far, at least in my country.

Also if you're interested on the topic there's this guy making several videos a day about it on his youtube channel:

War in the Plaguelands: Reforged

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share that I will be re-making the popular macro map War in the Plaguelands over the coming months. The map will be a fresh take on the classic and while much will change, the remake will retain WiP's core mechanics. This thread will be the place to discuss the project and post feedback. I will post any significant updates as they come here. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to DM me on Discord! (BladeMasterRUSH#0420). Currently I am terraining and designing core mechanics. The map should be ready for release by June of this year.

I will be streaming much of the editing at my twitch.

If you'd like to support the endeavor, you can check out my Patreon!


screenshots with reforged graphic

in general, guys, a miracle happened and I managed to run this map on a new graphic, while the FPS was pretty good, I want to share with you screenshots