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KTA 0.38 Changelog

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you, today, that I'm taking a step back from editing and shifting some of my priorities
But with a light heart that I announce diadon2 as the main editor, the only person whose gameplay judgement I can trust
This version was mostly his design, thank you.

- Bug fixes
- Tooltip fixes
- Added -check command for testing
- Summon Workers removed
- Tome of Ancient Forgotten Knowledge removed
- Mercenary camps & Mercenary event removed
- Nozdormu’s reward now only benefits Old Gods, Illidari and Nightborne
- Nightwell’s Blessing is no longer global, reaches only 5k range now, increases armor by 3 instead of 2
- Nightwell can now be infused increasing the level of its aura’s:
  • Nightwell Infusion level 1 - reduced armor aura from 3 to 2, increase range from regional to global​
  • Nightwell Infusion level 2 - increased armor aura from 2 to 3, increase mana regen aura range from regional to global​
- Nightwell Infusion is lost upon losing the Nightwell
- Reinforced Hulls from ships removed (didn't work properly anyway)
- Lumber to gold removed
- Worker units no longer cost any food
- Most summoning spells should have proper requirements now, you can’t cast summoning in random places anymore
- Leap shouldn’t send you on free trip to the Echo Isles anymore
- Burning Blade Fortress, Krom’gar Fortress and Thunder Totem cps are now invulnerable for first 15 minutes of the game
- Most casters should benefit from Health Upgrade now
- Tornado creep removed
- Nozdormu event tornado’s removed
- Items now stack properly

Thralls Horde
- Whirlwind on Varok now has proper art effect instead of walking hero doing damage to everything around
- Ashenvale War disabled

- Wisps no longer limited, but gather lumber at slower rate (3 lumber every interval instead of 5)
- Starting amount of wisps increased
- Ashenvale War disabled
- Nightsaber Rider Charge cooldown from 30 to 60, duration from 3 to 2
- Nightsaber Rider gold cost from 35 to 28, armor from 5 to 3, attack speed from 1,75 to 2,5, Magical Protection removed, limit from 12 to 8
- Ranger doesn’t require Astranaar anymore
- Tyrande Elune’s Light now heals all targets around her instead of single target, cooldown increased and healing amount decreased, switched position with Wrath of Elune
- Priestess of the Moon Light of Elune removed

- Wisps no longer limited, but gather lumber at slower rate (3 lumber every interval instead of 5)
- Starting amount of wisps increased
- Keeper of the Grove Regrowth now works like Tranquility, hps from 25 to 35
- Allying as Nightmare now removes Nightmare Dragons, Shadow Abyssals and makes Xavius unrevivable
- No longer starts with Nordrassil, gains it by moving Fandral close to it or after 15 minutes or after losing Moonglade, Remulos starts being bound to Nordrassil after 15 minutes
- Starting gold increased by 33
- Ragnaros Global Warming removed

Old Gods
- Emperors starting level from 5 to 4
- Cho’gall Shadow Orb area of effect decreased
- Cho’gall Dark Strike area of effect increased, damage changed to 225/350 damage over 5/6 seconds
- Mind’s Eye is now default spell instead of Dark Vision
- Dark Vision has been moved to Improved Spirit Tower
- Portal to Deepholm unlockable early
- Shipyard build time from 60s to 25s
- Starts with 1 extra Qiraji Prophet
- Acolyte’s has suicide

- Shadow Hunter gold cost from 50 to 40

- If someone else kills beast you still will be able to summon it, but lose gold reward
- Haromm Meteor area of effect no longer increases every level, stun duration from 1/2/3/4 to 1/1/2/2, damage from 50/100/150/200 to 70/105/140/175
- Beast Hunter gold cost from 25 to 22
- Mannoroth attack speed reduced, Bloodlust Aura doesn’t work on him anymore
- Rexxar armor incrased by 1

- Demon Hunter Fel Heal mana cost increased to 50 and cooldown to 10s
- Can now revive Jace Darkweaver at Vault of the Wardens for 100 gold
- Sargerite Keystone removed
- Kayn and Altruis ults swapped
- Kayn now has Chaos Nova on Q
- Altruis now has Fel Bolt on Q
- Illidan now has Horrify on E, Betrayer’s Presence is now passive on level 3
- Harpooner -100 base hp
- Council now just requires illidan lvl 10, no more proving worth on that random mob
- Kira Iresoul removed
- Myrmidon armor +2, damage +10
- Skull of Gul’dan now summons stronger Doom Guard instead of 2 Doom Guards
- Kayn, Altruis and Demon Hunters Fel Vision is now reveal instead of true sight

Burning Legion
- Azgalor now has Attribute Bonus
- Azgalor Glaive Thrust casting range increased to 350, used to be lower than his attack range
- No longer starts with base in Ashenvale and Felwood
- Azgalor now starts in Wintergrasp with some demon units
- Fel Hound armor from Medium to Heavy

- Improved Masonry max level from 1 to 3

- Jaina Frost Nova damage rescaled: Area from 85/90/95/100 to 75/100/125/150, target stays same, cooldown always stays on 20
- Hydromancers now have Blizzard instead of Crushing Wave, swapped position with Summons
- Flaming Shield now lasts up to 12 seconds instead of 5
- Twinbraid no longer scales off Jaina, now always starts on level 7
- Dwarven Knight gold cost reduced from 35 to 32
- Khadgar Meteor area of effect no longer increases every level, stun duration from 1/2/3/4 to 1/1/2/2, damage from 50/100/150/200 to 70/105/140/175
- Bael Modan gold and lumber cost swapped, now costs 100 gold 200 lumber
- Spellsword can now use mana from Spirit of Quel’dorei on Mana Shield
- Priest and Cleric Renew replaced with Evocation, works almost same but restores faster and also restores some mana, at cost of lower health restored
- Sorceress gold cost from 17 to 19, damage from 10 to 30, base health from 350 to 500, spells changed, Q Mana Burn W Polymorph E stays same
- Dalaran Teachings now only increases maximum mana by 200, rest replaced with improvement to Flaming Shield on Wizard, Blizzard on Hydromancer and Evocation on Cleric

Kul Tiras
- Daelin Veteranity rescaled, multiplier now 2 on all levels, crit chance to 5/10/15/20, dodge to 8/16/24/30
- Zerx Hydromon now spawns in Theramore instead of Northwatch Keep
- Priest Renew replaced with Evocation, works almost same but restores faster and also restores some mana, at cost of lower health restored
- Wizard Blizzard replaced with Tidal Surge - aoe movement speed buff
- Cleric Cover Command now increases armor by 10 from 3, lasts 15 seconds from 10
- Cleric Medical Supplies now have Heal for 35 health instead of Renew, Spell Immunity and life regeneration aura for 3 hps
- Cleric Q replaced with Spell Steal
- Arcanist Arcane Strength movement speed bonus removed, attack speed bonus from 15% to 50%
- Deflect chance increased to 20% from 10%
- Brigade Footman damage increased by 5, attack speed reduced by 0.1s, now benefits from Veteran Sailors
- Gilnean Arcanist now has Tidal Surge on E, Energy Bolt moved to R
- Worgen form for Genn now increases armor only by 3 from 6, but in worgen form genn has 1 more strength per level, increased movement speed and 2 times higher attack speed
- Amount of starting units in Zandalar reduced
- Added 2 extra units to pirate event

- G’huun now requires level 12 on Zul
- Warrior hp from 750 to 775
- Raptor Rider movement speed from 325 to 330
- Raptor Rider hp regen from 0.5 to 0.75
- Starts with 1 extra Dragonhawk Rider

Download Link: KTA 0.38

The problem with stellaris MP

I'll split this up into 3 parts called: The Platform ; The Problem ; The Proposal

The Platform - Stellaris as a game
Stellaris is a deceptively complicated game. In truth, it is just a GUI over a spreadsheet, passed thru an RNG generator and spread over a rock-paper-scissor gameplay. This is an excellent platform for endless hours of fun... as long as it is set in the right frame. Put in the wrong frame, it is just... awful. In some ways, it'll be worse than singleplayer. Why?
Because it's just a platform.

Stellaris has no "objectives" and "plans" and "missions" or any other mechanic meant to steer the player than any other PDOX game.

In EU4 you have missions, edicts (or whatever those things are called which let u turn from one tag to another) and victory cards to help steer the player and, thru these simple mechanics, generate intrigue and gameplay stories.
In Vicky2 you had those edicts/national goals, you had population of your nationality to integrate to steer your path to conquest and certain mechanics like tension (flashpoints) which lead to crisis which lead to great war and can make and break alliances.

Stellaris has none of those. Acumulate planets (planets = pops), accumulate chokepoints and, in lategame, accumulate megastructures are just the equivalent of "get more provinces" in the other pdox games.

If you want compelling, interesting stories and scenarios, the player must provide those. In SP, the player is just 1 / X many empires and all those empires have their own personalities and you stand out like a sore. "The Imperium Of Man" themed from 40k stands next to "Yl'Khahan Combine" or "Cevelli Tranquil Mandate" (literally had to boot up the game to go to random generate them coz I couldn't think of them) or some shit that nobody remembers. That's why nobody remembers the names of nations in Stellaris.

This is what the Stellaris Platform is. Now playing on such a platform can be fun, but I have been trying to make the Proposal that the most amount of fun you can have on such a platform is thematic. Think of it as costume parties just with less alcohol and no girls. :p ; The platform is blank slate on which you "paint", not in the colors of the empire you play as, but with the theme of the game. I'll get more into this on part 3, The Proposal.

Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I'm new here, my name is arad, Recently I've started playing Europa Universalis IV, what a cool game, when I searched about the Europa Universalis IV I found your community, so I decided to register, my other hobbies are watching anime and movies, so I hope we have a great time with each other here.
Sorry if I have any mistake in my grammar, English is my second language.


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