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Northrend TC Patch Notes 1.00f

Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295463/


- Changed some icons.
- Updated some tooltips.
- All Archer-type units armor type changed to light, except Alliance Expedition's, Scarlet Onslaught and Stormwind Expedition's Crossbowmans. However, Garrosh's reforms still change armor of Warsong Archer's to heavy.
- All Catapult-type units range changed to 1000, except Needle Throwers, Dragon Turtles and Iron Star Launchers.
- Some minor fixes.
- Taunka Tent's no longer attacks units.
- Arthas' death effects have been reduced, I hope that it could solve crash related with it. Tell me if it's still crashes.

- Lor'Themar's attack speed increased from 2.2 to 1.8
- Lor'Themar's base damage increased from 9 to 19.
- Added farms to bases.
- Added one more barrack to starting base.
- Added lumber mill to second base.
- Lor'Themar now spawns at Blood Elves current base, not on Kael'thas corpse. If both bases are destroyed, it spawns on 1st base place.

- Sunreavers faction path no longer requires 1/2/3 players in Alliance condition.
- Slighty increased amount of starting units.
- Added more buildings to starting base.

- Plague Catapult's base damage reduced from 90 to 60.
- Plague Catapult's Damage sides per Dice reduced from 18 to 8.
- Archer's Damage sides per Dice reduced from 4 to 3.
- Archer's armor reduced from 1 to 0.

- Archer's Damage sides per Dice reduced from 4 to 3.

- Lana'thel Lay on Hands cooldown reduced from 120/80 to 60/30 seconds.
- Demon Hunter's Damage Sides per Dices reduced from 7 to 4.
- Demon Hunter's base damage increased from 30 to 38.
- Dragon Turtle's attack range increased from 600 to 700.

- Krasus' Flame Seal radius reduced from 100/200/300/400 to 50/100/150/200.
- Krasus' Flame Seal summoned rune's damage on death reduced from 40 to 10.
- Krasus' Flame Seal summoned rune's damage reduced from 30 to 15.
- Krasus' Flame Seal summoned rune's attack range reduced from 600 to 300.

- Bloodlust upgrade movement speed gain reduced from 50 to 25.

- Anub'arak burrow spell has been reworked and now should work properly.

- Dwarven Workers health reduced from 440 to 220.
- Rifleman's health increased from 520 to 580, same for all Dwarf's pacts and subpacts.

- Nezar'Azret's Tangled Web speed increased twice.
- Nezar'Azret's Tangled Web cast range increased from 1100 to 1400.
- Nezar'Azret's Tangled Web now affects only heroes, so it will bypass all non-hero units on it's way, however doesn't drags flying heroes.
- Nezat'Azret's Tangled Web cooldown increased from 12 to 24/20/16/12 seconds.
- Nezat'Azret's base damage increased from 0 to 15.
- Nezat'Azret's primary attribute changed from Agility to Intelligence.
- Alliance with Old Gods now requires Twilight's Hammer event to be triggered.

- Irulon's Lay on Hands cooldown reduced from 120/80 to 60/30 seconds.

- Bolvar's Lay on Hands cooldown reduced from 120/80 to 60/30 seconds.
- Varian Wrynn's Battle Cry ability changed to Stomp.

- Destructive Magic upgrade hotkey changed from "D" to "E".

- Archers health reduced from 700 to 600.

- Necrolyte's Necroheal ability changed to Dark Mend.

- Blood Elves Priests and Sorceresses no longer starts with 0 mana once trained after their second upgrade.
- Blood Elves no longer haves Magister Adept Training until they becomes Sunreavers.
- Valanar's Soul Blast no longer stuns target forever.
- Valanar's Soul Blast now have visual effect.
- Lana'thel and Tenris no longer remains neutral if San'layn event triggered without unlocked Icecrown.
- Another Icecrown obelisks bug fixed.
- Plague Catapult's no longer passes through units.
- Rune of Power no longer lasts forever.
- Ranger Lord now properly benefit from Ranged attack upgrade.
- Portal now properly summons all targets.
- Completed Achievments now properly gives lumber.
- Palace of Spider Queen no longer replenish it's health when attacked by Nerubians once it health is less than 750.
- Loa Avatars no longer able to be summoned once Drakuru event triggers.
- Naturalist's Hawk no longer able to attack control points.
- Lana'thel now properly changes owner once Illidari goes Twilight's Hammer faction path.
- Fallen Nerubians isn't able to get Hadronox anymore.
- Fixed some bugs related to gates.
- Town Halls no longer provides 100 food.
- Fixed crash related with High Magister's Lesser Flame Strike ability.

Hi everyone

Im really not new to w3 but i am in macro maps like ltf\lta. I really like this community and i hope we can leave all the gamer toxicity behind.

Kalimdor TA - 20:00CEST 19/07

Hey, weekly forum game, next might be Planetary Domination, played only once and everyone crashed besides 2 players, will test more and see
Version : 0.27b
Time : 20:00/8PM CEST

Horde :
Thrall - Xeno
Horde -
Trolls -

Night Elves :
Sentinels - Julian
Druids - Onyx

Alliance :
Theramore - Awers
Kul Tiras - SilenceX

Randoms (N/A):
Old Gods - Terenas
Legion -
Zandalari -
Naga -
Nightborne -

Reserve : EndQueenEmelie