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Lordaeron TF 0.65 Changelog


- Anastarian's mana shield has been replaced with Summon Power Generator. (Mana shield is useless on a hero so reliant on mana and this spell better synergizes with Highborne playstyle.)

- Kul Tiras path for Dark Green is now a full faction path, with a new caster hero : Tidesage Stormsong, and elite unit. Arthas will go to scourge if the path is triggered.
- All buildings in Kul Tiras now start off as invulnerable and neutral, so they can't be destroyed before Dark Green choses path.
- Starting forces at Kul Tiras have been moved inland.
- Daelin starts off with a Scroll of Teleportation.
- Andorhal CP has been upgraded from a 15g to 25g income point. (This is to make up for DG income lost as they no longer start off with Kul Tiras CP.

- Brown Nerubians have been disabled! (Triggers are still intact so that they can be repurposed to add an optional 13th player at a later date.)

- Daelin's Order a Cannon Barrage ability has had its damage reduced slightly.

- If Kel'thuzad summons naxxramas or uses escape item he can no longer get bonuses for defending starting base.
- The Lich King Transfers to Blue if Dark Green leaves, (And has ownership of LK).

- Conjure health stone mana cost reduced from 100 to 75.

- 3 Fel Keeper Towers have been removed from Mardum area.
- Fel Keepers removed from Auchindoun.
- Dalaran Arcane Defences CD increased from 10 minutes to 11 minutes.
- Bastion Tower within Arathi Highlands has been removed.
- Nerubian Tower attack CD increased from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds. Range decreased from 1500 to 1300. (Affects Azjol-Nerub and Ice crown defenses)
- Cooldown on Azjol-Nerubs "Awaken Power" increased from 4 minutes to 8 minutes.
- Crystal Guardian (Quel Thalas defense crystals) armor reduced from 10 to 5.

- Lich King Avatar of Nerzhul has +300 hp to help prevent hero aim.

- Dwarves start off with some additional forces at Dun Algaz, some units from Ironforge have also been moved here. (This should help avoid the rush on Dun Algaz and aiming of the mainbase building.)

- Syndicates Argus Wake path no longer allows the player to rejoin Legion, instead they join the Illidari (Not lore compatible but only way I could change this without removing it, and should encourage more Illidari teams.)


- Yogg Saron can no longer send an agent to Auchindoun.
- Twilight Clan can no longer summon Nefarian.
- Ogre Drummer has correct Hotkey.
- Tooltip for Noths Dark Ceremony has been fixed.
- Seradane can train wymrest dragons.
- Antonidas Starfall level 2 requires hero level 15.
- Additional fail-safe has been added to ensure all players currently in game get the team broken bonuses (EG: Broken Alliance, Legion, Scourge, etc).
- Kul'Tiras path correctly spawns Sea Guard not Archers for DG.
- When Dark Green player leaves and auto triggers Scourge faction path, the game no longer counts them as leaving the alliance twice. (Condition now checks if the player has left or not).
- Blood Elves event will no longer auto trigger when Quel'Thalas is destroyed if the player has actually left the game.
- Syndicate can no longer trigger Argus Wake after joining alliance.
- Testing triggers should now be enabled.
- No longer possible to keep Alexandros as Scarlet Onslaught.
- Fixed hotkey on Beve's Shadow Resonance spell.
- Fixed position problems on Arthas's abilities.

Site Update January 2021

Hello Brigands, Strategists, and goodfolk

Guess who is back?
And with a small site update from yours truly:
  1. A known racist word (and some variations) now automatically translates to "naga"
  2. Small SEO improvements
  3. Site time changed to Central European Time
  4. Introduction message to new members no longer sends from @Hawk (Do we really want the first thing people see, to be Hawk? o_O)
  5. Emojis changed to browsing units native emoji selection, where possible. Giving users more emojis to choose from.
  6. The Teamspeak Widget now works.
  7. Frontpage slider images now properly fit the slider
More to come, stay tuned!

Adal model and abilitys

Any chance of geting the name on who made the adal model and abilitys?
Would ask if the person be willing to share it for a hero area based map.


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