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  1. Elbadruhel

    LTF Patch Notes 0.53

    Im glad you copy stuff from my map. If a so good mapper as you does it, it means my stuff is awesome ^^
  2. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    Why there are crops inside the city? Could you put some placeholder units/buildings inside the city to compare the sizes?
  3. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    Oh, you made a road trough stoney sept, is see. Afaik in the books it doesnt exist, you must go a bit more to the south or to the north into tully lands. The north has been made smaller, right? The wall is like too close. Maybe is because winterfell is huge, idk. If your game starts when robb is...
  4. Elbadruhel

    Lordaeron TF 0.07 was the best version ever released

    The funny thing is when i saw Archion profile pic in small version at the alerts. I thought it was Aragorn xD
  5. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    To talk about the number of factions we should first see which area of the map do you plan to add. You say 11 in westeros and 4 in essos is unbalanced, but unless you go too far to the east, westeros is much bigger than essos. Also, there is no much more other stuff in esso to add, maybe...
  6. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    About colours: Winter - Grey, light blue or blue. Both white walkers and zombies are "grey" and their most distinct feature is blue eyes. Free Folk - Brown. They are dirty and weird brown fur clothes. (though i wouldnt add them as faction). Night's Watch - Coal Stark - White. Their banner is...
  7. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    I wouldnt make Free Folk a faction. But make winter push south conquering rebel towns and allow the Night Watch to get free folk units and heroes trough events and spawns. You may want to add Bolton, The North is big and can allow more factions if you want. They could stay allied with Stark and...
  8. Elbadruhel

    Plans for LTF after Reforged

    I only use vanilla editor and i use only 1 wait in all my triggers to avoid their bugs, so... I am checking all my triggers, one by one, optimizing processing and removing the few leaks there were left. But idk what could be broken. If i could have an idea of what is causing the issue i could...
  9. Elbadruhel

    Game of Thrones (A Warcraft III Map project)

    You can download old w3 version and map on it.
  10. Elbadruhel

    Plans for LTF after Reforged

    I was asking Blizzard for a fix for the freezing their last patches is causing in my map and a good bunch of other ones. I had no response but silence, but i have got finally some "answer": "They are not going to release any new patch to fix what they broke because it would take too much...
  11. Elbadruhel

    Fall of Lordaeron

    We are hosting a game right now. Lots of new stuff was added since my last post here. You are welcome to join us. Game name = FoL
  12. Elbadruhel

    Patreon -- Keeping the community pay bills.

    Why pay for a ts3 server when u can have a free discord server?
  13. Elbadruhel

    Fall of Lordaeron

    Hi! To download the map u are welcome on the discord, i may release new patch soon. And about the rest questions im quite sure i already answered u in the forum, if i missed something, tell it to me :)
  14. Elbadruhel

    Northrend: The Conquest

    I might be missing something, but why lava in icecrown?
  15. Elbadruhel

    Auto Chess Maps?

    "Moba" was created in w3, it appeared then in valve, a copy from riot was launched and became the most popular, and long time later blizzard launched his, which came too late and was finally abandoned. Now the "Autochess" was created in w3, became famous in Dota2, valve got his piece of the...