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Recent content by Elbadruhel

  1. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Dont lie Onyx, i have never said our goverment is good. On the contrary, i always say that Spain is awesome but we are ruled by bad goverments, corrupts, liers, populists and thieves. If spain had a good goverment we would be much better as country. You have to differenciate between a country...
  2. Elbadruhel

    wc3 custom map issues

    That was known even before Reforged was released. We mappers have to be careful with which and how many custom models do we add to our maps, since the game cant handle too much detailed models. So if they were not changing the engine (and they said they wouldnt do it), it was sure that the game...
  3. Elbadruhel

    Elbadruhel my spanish donkey i have offer you cant refuse

    I wont go to Denmark, if i move is to Poland, because i loved Krakow. And you miss one point, im european, you are not. So while i move inside Europe i will be an inmigrant, yes, but having a shared culture, a shared past, a common view of the world, even with our differences wich makes the...
  4. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Our goverment is literally SHIT. They are a pact between commies and socialists and they only care about populism and what gives them votes even if that is bad for the country or bad for everyone in the long term. Italy was full of infected people, and there were no controls in the airports...
  5. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Maybe because you were not receiving massive trading from asia as the mediterranean did? Maybe because it is so cold there than not even virus like the climate? xD (Considering moving to Poland myself btw, well... Before this apocalipsis came, we will see now xD). Once this criss ends, China...
  6. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Russian style medicine xD. If you are so drunk that your blood is pure alcohol and nothing can live there, virus will die too xD
  7. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    In a spanish newspaper: Coronavirus de Wuhan: Preocupación por los pacientes reinfectados The title means: "Wuhan coronavirus: Concern due to reinfected patients". They explain what i told you. That in Wuhan there is people who got the virus at the start, got healed, and now they are making...
  8. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    What is even more concerning is the "reinfection". People who got it, got healed and few days later, he got infected again, because the virus mutates so fast that the antibodies he had for the virus are not longer useful. That can make people get sick forever and collapse the society and economy...
  9. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Yes, tourism and global communication and trade have helped the virus to expand. In spain we got it due to people going to Milan area to watch a football match: Valencia vs Atalanta, and also from italian doctor and his wife coming here on holidays, a spanish student going to italy for holidays...
  10. Elbadruhel

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    Whole world in danger due to chinese eating bats, pangolin and any other kind of wild animal without any kind of health control... And then they say every culture must be respected... Savages. Once all this crisis ends, China should pay every country in the world for all the economic loses...
  11. Elbadruhel

    LTF 0.54 Changelog

    You made Antonidas work like in my Fall of Lordaeron map. Nice! I hope you have a great time mapping LTF, i really appreciate you and you deserve having fun as mapper. Hope to match with you on some games ;)
  12. Elbadruhel

    Fall of Lordaeron

    Versión 0.31 was released. If you want info about current factions, events or download link, you can check It here. I posted an updated explanation today. https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/fall-of-lordaeron.315297/page-3 If you have doubts, want to join games or would like to give feedback...
  13. Elbadruhel

    Forum Game Fall of Lordaeron Forum Game 16.2.20 19:00 CET

    I recomend that CotD and legión are played by people with at least a little knowledge of the basics of the game. Maybe first legión too. The rest of the factions should be quite more easy to learn. Every faction has a short starting tip to know what to do and if you want to read more you can...
  14. Elbadruhel

    guys even tho blizzard has changed im still same guy nothing has changed about me other than i stop making 10 thread a day

    You are worse than a scorned woman. Enjoy in this day of love ;)