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Recent content by LoboTron11

  1. LoboTron11

    Lordaeron TF 0.55a Changelog

    World current status:
  2. LoboTron11

    Xmas Game Warcraft 3 Fun & Salts: LTF/Icegliders/Uther Party [14.12 | 18:00 CET]

    The Master of the Shadow Council will destroy the enemies of the Burning Legion.
  3. LoboTron11

    LTF Patch Notes 0.53

    Once again, nothing for the Shadow Council... Gul'dan is going to be sad...
  4. LoboTron11

    W:TW 3.2a Changelog/Download

    Could you upload the 12P version to EpicWar or something?
  5. LoboTron11

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    Oh damn... I really like that terrain... And kinda like that mechanic of beign random factions, it makes the game interesting, but maybe it'll make the game unbalanced too... just maybe, anyway, nice job ^^
  6. LoboTron11

    WC3 LTA Black screen

    Sometimes the problems could be fixed just doing Alt-Tab, but right now... idk
  7. LoboTron11

    Warhaven : A new community effort!

    My dear... WE always have achieved the win... by one way... or another...
  8. LoboTron11

    Maybe not what everyone want from me.

    Thanks, for real ^^ I wanted to do this with some time because I really like playing with people here (except for @Onyx, I hate him (joke) Actually, I thought you were an editor of one of the maps...
  9. LoboTron11

    Maybe not what everyone want from me.

    As I said in that time... I never used them to cheat online games, but yes, you could call me that...
  10. LoboTron11

    Maybe not what everyone want from me.

    I wanted some time to pass so people who were more... triggered about the things I made were now some... calmed, and because I've started to play Warcraft 3 again too, I was working so my time with games was... nearly null.
  11. LoboTron11

    Maybe not what everyone want from me.

    Well, I know it'll be maybe "too late" for some people, but there's "never" a good time to apologize. I know I've done things bad, asking for that cheats to be pulled into the maps I didn't created, and I hope that the people who created them didn't forget that I love their work, and I hope all...
  12. LoboTron11

    Hacked Version on ENT

    I won't apologice until those who said I'm no more than a monster or I shouldn't be considered human do so to me, I'm not a fking animal, and I won't be a "nice" person when people like that are here talking to me like they're better, no one is better than others. I didn't got angry, I just have...
  13. LoboTron11

    Hacked Version on ENT

    So then you're calling me a murderer for requesting cheats, that's nice. Maybe you should check the other things before. And you're still thinking that I'M using cheats in online games, so you're still making the things like you want, try this cheats, and you'll see that I've never cheated a...