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Recent content by Necromass

  1. Necromass

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

    The Games in a lot of trouble not only the development troubles but their are four other video game titles 2 VTM and 2 Werewolf focused set in the same universe which is now owned by Paradox coming out in 2021 so these delays not only increase their costs but now put them at risk of over...
  2. Necromass

    Thedas The Dragons Age

    Thedas The Dragons Age Project History - I started this back in January back when reforged was anticipated and added a variety of awesome assets to the editor, Only for Reforged to go down like a sack of bricks and my interest in WC3 being at an all time low. Eventually I began to re terrain...
  3. Necromass

    Lordaeron TF 0.57a Changelog

    Your really pushing out these updates Julian nice work.
  4. Necromass

    An interesting news for the LOTR fans out there...

    Will be enjoyable so long as they retain the war of the ring game mode and add more options to it than the base game. The fact hat Command and conquer 3 had some weird lazy one really annoyed me. So far the project looks slightly better than the HD Mods for the current BFME games Preferred the...
  5. Necromass

    Hey friends please vote the future of LTF depends on this!

    Malygos and the nexus war makes more sense as purples Independence path than Worgen besides the aspect of magic is a much better Demi-God tier hero on par with the threat of Raganros and Deathwing than some random Ulduar Titan Keepers pet wolf. And would allow purple to retain its caster focus...
  6. Necromass

    LTA - Wanted Events, Factions and Ideas

    Allow brown to gain warlord Zalla as a replacement for Mor'gor but as a requirement for that alliance. with green rather than locked behind it. your still locked out of the twilight path and could give brown something new to try rather than Twilight hammer.
  7. Necromass

    Lordaeron TF 0.55a Changelog

    Teal is able to survive the destruction of Archimonde through use of the book of mediev and revive Mal'ganis if he has researched the stratholm undead upgrade .
  8. Necromass

    Do you play with Reforged graphics?

    I play with the new graphics on occasion a lot of the new models especially doodads are quiet nice however the lack of classic versions for all of them kind of renders them worthless for larger scale maps and most of the player base considering how many regulars have refunded the game.
  9. Necromass

    WC3 Reforged Released

    Some of the reworked levels the few that received them show great level design Dalaran especially but could do with a bit more doodads to make the cities feel more vibrant it feels like they should have spent more time on reforged but it also seems so many assets were still not done leading up...
  10. Necromass

    The War of the Ancients

    War of the Ancients Patch 0.1.1 After a small test of version 0.1.0 before the game crashed for everyone the cause of which I am still investigating and so far been unable to replicate I have decided to release this update implementing changes from the feedback given post game. This will...
  11. Necromass

    The War of the Ancients

    War of the Ancients patch 0.10 Planned Future Objectives ( Being Making the required changes in the reforged editor) Add lore relevant items for each faction that can be earned throughout the game such as Broxxars axe and the sceptre of the tides. Add victory conditions involving the well...
  12. Necromass

    The War of the Ancients

    War of the Ancients Alpha 0.0.9 --- Last of the Alpha versions. Can't really say this is in Alpha anymore since I have added all the basics and and recovered what has been lost so many times due to technical and machine issues. Progress has been slow atm due to a lot of real life stuff but I...
  13. Necromass

    The War of the Ancients

    Update 12 /11 2019 Alpha Patch 0.0.8 After a long weekend away and some time playing around with the map in the reforged editor to see how things compared its time to a status update.
  14. Necromass

    LTF Reforged Alpha Test Notes

    While I am a great fan of Nerubians as a race I am worried about blue losing a lot of his roster since without undead magi he has no early game casters unless red goes blood elves since the patch notes don't mention Vrykul changes. The loss of Outland will be interesting to see as it will put a...
  15. Necromass

    The War of the Ancients

    Update 04/11/2019 Alpha Version 0.06 I attempted to host a test today however both battle net playing up and a previous engagement meant that didn't occur I will host a test of this version some point tomorrow I imagine.