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  1. Skillerino

    Kalimdor TA - 20:00CEST 19/07

  2. Skillerino

    Northrend: The Conquest - 22/06/2019

    You can put me on Scourge hopefully I will be able to make it. If not I will message u at least couple of hours beforehand.
  3. Skillerino

    Custom HOTS game 5v5 8.6.19 20:00pm CEST

    I will try to come but I´m not sure I will be able to come on time
  4. Skillerino

    Custom HOTS game 5v5 8.6.19 20:00pm CEST

    One question how would we play if we get only 6-8 ppl? 3v3, 4v4?
  5. Skillerino


    Panda for chieftain Kappa.
  6. Skillerino

    Suggestions & Bugs for the new site!

    Make a poll with multiple votes which ratings people want give them option from BH and WC perhaps if its possible try to play around so that people won't just choose from the web they're used for example (Me as BH pleb would probably choose the old agree instead of like just cuz I'm used to it)
  7. Skillerino

    Welcome to Warhaven!

    I hope this union will last and that we can help newcomers thro this web once reforged hits.
  8. Skillerino

    Warhaven: a Community for all!

    I didn't realize it was posted in 2018 sry
  9. Skillerino

    Warhaven: a Community for all!

    Wait wtf people from OG? How did you manage to work out stuff lul.
  10. Skillerino

    LTF Tournament Balance Game [18.5.2019 20:00 CET]

    I might not be able to make it due to irl stuff
  11. Skillerino

    Northrend: The Conquest forum game

    Alliance expedition
  12. Skillerino

    The Future of Brigands Haven

    As you have said previosly it helps both parties and you will be able to save the most important data then why not all of the positive stuff has been already mentioned so I will just say this. Even if there will be some dissagrements, issues, mistakes it's all part of evolving and moving forward
  13. Skillerino

    Azeroth Wars Clan Game 29.3 20:00 CET

    Gimme Frostwolf so that we can lose together Kappa.
  14. Skillerino

    Its time to say good bye

    I´ve made a small wall of text into the original post if anyone is interested.