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Recent content by TerenasMenethil

  1. TerenasMenethil

    Lordaeron TF 0.64 Changelog

    The current player-base is killing the map, it's not even because of the map balance. No one litteraly care about balancing the teams in lobby or betray to balance ingame. I have countless games where my allies DC at start yet no one betray to balance. This last video of Blademaster about LTF...
  2. TerenasMenethil

    Lordaeron TF 0.62 Changelog

    Every patch LB is getting buffs. This is starting to be a problem for the balance right now... Julian made velen tied to Adal (so fully revivable) because back when he was editor he made Adal easier to kill by deleting the invulnerability when Adal cast teleport. => The invulnerability when...
  3. TerenasMenethil

    lordaeron tf Green

    What tools as yellow in early ? Except losing your bear warriors easily since they take 120% dmg against magic. Use Siege mode ? So vorpil use his bubble and what can yellow do then, back and lose his tank locked in siege mode ? Dispells the summon ? No way since you're a dwarf. Even if yellow...
  4. TerenasMenethil

    lordaeron tf Green

    We were talking about a 1v1 situation between green and yellow, not about the others factions coming to help them. My point stand as an advice for the author and the others, do not try to 1v1 a shadow council as yellow in early. At best it will be a loss of gold for yellow, at worst you will...
  5. TerenasMenethil

    lordaeron tf Green

    Ye try to fight ALFO when he was shadow council, or even a skilled green player, with yellow and try to make the same conclusion after. Green is simply a counter to yellow, maybe cuz ppl forget that yellow has no dispells at all, and legion team player should make advantage of that instead of...
  6. TerenasMenethil

    lordaeron tf Green

    Shadow council, low skillcap and still one of the most powerful faction of the game. Impossible to 1v1 when mastered, except against a good blue. In early as yellow you can't do anything against a green with a brain, call your allies. In late you can aim with your adventurers but be careful of...
  7. TerenasMenethil

    Lordaeron TF 0.56b Changelog

    Trust me, it could have been far worse. I suggested some nerfs to balance gryphons who were too much tanky for example, but there are some others nerfs that I just don't understand : Like the siege mode is quite useless now. Magni strength reduced for no reason (Moghor is now stronger than...
  8. TerenasMenethil

    Guide: How to start out as the Scourge in LTF

    Very nice, I have the same start as blue, even tho I let grey take the elven islands. Btw even if you cant make aqir anymore, I think the frostwyrms upgrade is still worth since you need that to use the 3x frostwyrms summon on Saph.
  9. TerenasMenethil

    Guide : Make a good start with Dark Horde.

    MAKE A DECENT EARLY GAME WITH DARK HORDE “We are the true Horde!” - Dal'rend Blackhand Considering the increasing number of new players and the common mistake that these players are doing (especially when they play evil team), I believe it's important that old players share their experience...
  10. TerenasMenethil

    Mount and Blade 2?!?

    It has the potential to become a great game and to not be a copy of warband. So far I've played some hours, the game freeze quite a lot and you really need a good config, but it's still playable. A lot of content is coming I guess because right now I have the feeling to play warband with...
  11. TerenasMenethil

    L:TF The best Alliance tactic

    So you would vote for cult of the damned if I understand ? Shame you can't AH
  12. TerenasMenethil

    L:TF The best Alliance tactic

    I just voted dworfs, hope I am not late.
  13. TerenasMenethil

    Why I love Lordaeron the Foremath

    Ah here we go, the old salty fanbois of LTA :D
  14. TerenasMenethil

    Why I love Lordaeron the Foremath

    Imagine a new vers of LTF, would be a zombie thread aswell.