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    Lordaeron TF 0.56 Changelog April Fool

    Dang u went full creative with this one.. Tho harald island brings good memories!
  2. Vidovit

    Current and future plans for the community

    Stay strong war3 community!
  3. Vidovit

    Why doesn't the brigands website lead directly here if the merge happened?

    Why doesn't the brigands website lead directly here if the merge happened?
  4. Vidovit

    arlt inbox fast

    arlt inbox fast
  5. Vidovit

    Faction Overview: Barad-dûr

    Marsh you seem to be changing the factions? from the original post there was no gondor/mordor so it will be interesting to post a new general thread! If there is Barad-dur then i see no reason for Witch King being a separate faction so hope he joins this one as it's main badass hero. Obviously...
  6. Vidovit

    Faction Overview: Isengard

    Nice Marsh is santa once more! I like the idea of the lumber economy being their thing. Make sure to put some ents in the forest! Other events seem cool as well. Will you need any hero spells suggestions or is it still far in development?
  7. Vidovit

    i like the intro groove

    i like the intro groove
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLWGlq_2qbk Best one atm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLWGlq_2qbk Best one atm
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    Just gotten 150 victories with orc; new icon added.

    Just gotten 150 victories with orc; new icon added.
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    4 years award - how long does BotR actualy exists?

    Yea i joined in late 2013; at the time i was playing on ENT and accidentally entered an L:TA game (silverhand) - i was so hyped and confused i quit the game and checked it out on single player. Saw the clan from Haralds youtube channel and shortly joined. A lot of people have stayed on the...
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    Warhaven : A new community effort!

    We have been betrayed. The enemy is among us and they aren’t even hiding it! Back in my days this was Hawks heretical school of thinking which would result in a ban.
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    I think we all have this problem I work online for example and many times i waste my morning on youtube and then i'm tired of the screen to work. But i'm not tired to play a game or something. So best tip is to put yourself out of that situation by going to some public place to work on your...
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    @SvnmS You should rather post it here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/warcraft3/
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    Lordaeron The Foremath - 20:00 CET (03/11/18)

    GG i forgot how long these games can go on. 1h 40 min of constant action!
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