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  1. Style72

    [Mini Tournament] Age of Empires 2 HD

    Yea sure what could go wrong?
  2. Style72

    Hearts of Iron IV 27/4 5PM CEST

  3. Style72

    KTA 0.24 Changelog

    Definitely a scam.
  4. Style72

    Hearts of Iron IV 13/4 5PM CET

    Romania, will focus navy to invade usa.
  5. Style72

    EU4 MP 3rd (Sunday) March Sign ups! 7PM CET

    Had to log in.. Now How Dare You Dragon abandon the holy crusade against the definitely not OP OttoBlob. You will be remembered for this betrayal, the pope will come for you!
  6. Style72

    Ner'zhul Preview

    Inhuman but pretty nice.
  7. Style72

    Lordaeron the Aftermath University

    How did i even get over here?
  8. Style72

    Hearts of Iron IV Multiplayer 29/12 5PM CET

    Australia since i apparently have "a plan".
  9. Style72

    Hearts of Iron IV Multiplayer 1/12 5PM CET

    China since it's supposed to die
  10. Style72

    Fall of Quel'Thalas - 20:00 CET (23/11/18)

    Ranger Corps (Halduron) So i can purge both inhuman scourge then myself
  11. Style72


    Guess SF lives supreme now. We will be looking for new rivals so we will keep in check.
  12. Style72

    Hearts of Iron IV Multiplayer --Rock N Load bois, It's back! ( 2nd or 3rd of Novemeber) 6PM CEST

    I was gonna prepare for Luxembourg world domination but i guess i can play Hungary o_O
  13. Style72

    BH Singers

    The most KappaPride song i was able to find while searching the internet combined with Harald's voice and Flotsie's reactions ... truly KappaPride.
  14. Style72

    LTA 1.56 screenshots

    A SH player is supposed to purge Kael with Garithos just for the love of RP.
  15. Style72

    LTA 1.56 screenshots

    It really looks good i can't wait to see more of the improvements you will bring to the map.
  16. Style72

    Diplomacy: Warcraft

    Interesting map concept but i can't take my eyes off the misspell House GarithIos.o_O
  17. Style72


  18. Style72

    Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    And i though the viking themed one was nice :D
  19. Style72

    That one jewsf guy.

    That one jewsf guy.
  20. Style72

    That one forsen boy.

    That one forsen boy.