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  1. Daga

    KTA 0.24 Changelog

    I'm glad that KTA will get some love after so long time of no updates. Good job keep it up!
  2. Daga

    I started to "STOP" playING tHotS

    Does that mean if someone wants to play hots with u he instantly gets in "who wants to bang me thread" ?
  3. Daga


    @Empress Azshara hey thats u in the video u gotta learn to swim feelsbadman
  4. Daga

    LTA - Wanted Events, Factions and Ideas

    Wouldn't it be easier to just remove essence from San layn or Wretched at all. they have bad armies so 3 man scourge wasn't a big deal compared to old DI + THC
  5. Daga

    LTA - Wanted Events, Factions and Ideas

    Well thats editor's fault for them being boring. They had big potential just lack of attention :)
  6. Daga

    LTA - Wanted Events, Factions and Ideas

    it was fun for me often elves went ilidari or alliance san layn was rare to see
  7. Daga

    LTA - Wanted Events, Factions and Ideas

    @ShadowBro San'Layn was the most fun path in Lta sadly editors don't think the same.. I like ur idea but the only problem is that Nerubians rarely happen because Blue leaves 90% of the time after the throne is destroyed
  8. Daga

    Undead team needs big buffs

    Actually Scourge is in pretty good position having such a large army u crush everyone. Alliance rarely stays together nowadays all red rush for illidari and i see often people going dark iron so its 2 man alliance. Not to mention that i've seen people rushing lk at 20th minute.They are in good...
  9. Daga

    Bad Host List - Players to Watch Out For.

    Roleplay rule elves dont attack elves :D
  10. Daga

    Bad Host List - Players to Watch Out For.

    Amirali_Jp For some reason he just kicked Everyone
  11. Daga

    Great Announcments

    I see Erp,Blue dragonflight nagas i vote for you
  12. Daga

    The plans for 1.54

    oh omg liadrin my dreams come true waiting from so long
  13. Daga

    Bad Host List/Bad Players List

    I still can't understand what does Clan "TNO" and clan "BOTR" have to do with the LTF Bad host list please keep it in private :rolleyes:
  14. Daga


    Welcome :p
  15. Daga

    Bad Host List/Bad Players List

    Before accusing post a replay or a proof otherwise it's pointless to do.
  16. Daga

    Bad Host List/Bad Players List

    Interesting mostly cuz i didnt play ltf in months
  17. Daga

    LIST. Those who wants to bang me

    Lets go for 30 pages ez
  18. Daga

    World of Warcraft:Battle for Azeroth

    Lordaeron was actually Alliance's territory anyways so it belongs to them.
  19. Daga

    Silver 5

    "Balance is everything" Plays garen :D P.S Spin to win:cool:
  20. Daga

    L:TA 1.51 Changelog now on Google Docs!

    I don't think faerie's sleep is a good idea it gives a big potential for aim and it can be casted so often. Making gilneas dangerous