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  1. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    This is Dale, right next to The Lonely Mountain. I wanted to make it a big city battlefront with lots of entrances and exits, it will start with creeps (not shown) as there has been a cult uprising in there. Creeps will be there mainly so Dwarves will have something to do early game. Goblins and...
  2. B-Roy7

    WC3 Reforged Released

    Anyone know how to launch classic editor?
  3. B-Roy7

    How to defend Tyr's Hand

    This is great thread, Silverhand 101. Some things ive learned along the way: The start is absolute chaos, your forces are scattered throughout Lordaeron. I try and rush the troops at Scarlet Monastery and Hearthglen back to Tyrs, but if blue blitzes Hearthglen they wont make it. Retreat by...
  4. B-Roy7

    Contemplative Advanced technology or adaptability?

    I would choose technology over adaption. Then use said superior technology to make changes in the genetic code to enhance different traits. Im talking bio-engineered humans that are smarter, stronger, all around better, but also constrained to the limits of our genetic programming (which remain...
  5. B-Roy7

    Permission for me (or anyone else) to port this game on Reforged to showcase it

    Which version are you using as a base? Also how does one gain access to Marsh Sanctum?
  6. B-Roy7

    Macro Map Tip: Always give each player at least 2 main bases!

    I like your ideas and think your reasoning is excellent. But what is your solution? Dalaran (the name of the faction) is their only base. How could anything (event, upgrade, research) be tied to a place other than New Dalaran, it is all they have. If this base is destroyed they lose, there is...
  7. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    Here is a preliminary view of the Sea of Rhun and Dorwinion. Easterlings will have to quickly subdue Dorwinion the other Easterling Tribes and form the Easterling Confederacy. This will unlock units and improve units and heroes. Time will be of the essence due to the encroaching Dwarves to the...
  8. B-Roy7

    Ability Assistance

    boo yeah! thanks ill try it out edit: where can i find this ability at? the hydralisk doesn't have it Edit2: Found it haha thanks its the spawn hydra skill
  9. B-Roy7

    Ability Assistance

    Im looking to create an ability. The ability is as follows: once a unit dies, he comes back as a different unit. Is there a baseline unit ability i can use or must it be done through triggers? The units i am seeking to transform can be seen here: Human-->Skeleton
  10. B-Roy7

    Tutorial: Modifying Terrain Pathability (No extra programs needed)

    Did this work for you? That path did not work for me.
  11. B-Roy7

    In anticipation of the final game of thrones episode

    Hahahaha ! This is a ranting thread right? Preface: What an awful season its been.... 1. First two episodes were a waste, typical Game of Thrones "build-up episode". Battle for Winterfell should've been episode 2. 2. The Battle of Winterfell had some of the worst tactics ive ever seen. Common...
  12. B-Roy7

    War in Middle Earth

    Osgiliath looks dope!! that will be a sweet battleground. What part of the Third age do you have it starting? Also where do you get that Isengard wall?
  13. B-Roy7

    KTA Forum Game 20:00 CEST 3/5/19

    kul tiras please
  14. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    No, only to the Sea of Rhun
  15. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    Yes. Aragorn can restore the kingdom of Arnor by capturing Rhudaur, Annúminas and Cardolan. However Angmar also has an event to restore the kingdom but he needs Bree and Fornost for the event. Aragorn and the Dunedain have a choice to ride south to aid Gondor (cuz they will be 2v1) or stay...
  16. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    Its ironic that you say that. And yes youre right about Talion being way in the past, I was just thinking of some second chances for people. Zog sounds like a more viable option... Here is an view of Mordor fashioned after Shadow of War. The snowy part is Seregost and then to the south the...
  17. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    Ahhh yes that thought evaded me last night. it wont really be the Fellowship, it will just be the four hobbits as a hero squad. So if they dont fight with an ally that has an army they'll die and lose the Ring. I was thinking of doing it like a dungeon group in WoW with Sam being the tank and...
  18. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    Yeah it is. Terrian and doodads basically 100% done. Working on the Isenguard faction right now. What do you mean by FS?
  19. B-Roy7

    Tips for Blood Elves? 1.56

    Gosh man, i never really play blood elves, and whenever i do i almost always get wrecked. The only tips i have is to move fast, whether going to silvermoon or outland. and then support your allies. its always nice when you can flank scourge while they're siegeing Tyrs Hand. idk about units...