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  1. B-Roy7

    Ability Assistance

    Im looking to create an ability. The ability is as follows: once a unit dies, he comes back as a different unit. Is there a baseline unit ability i can use or must it be done through triggers? The units i am seeking to transform can be seen here: Human-->Skeleton
  2. B-Roy7

    War of the Ring

    War of the Ring is a control point/event income based map based on Lord of the Rings, fashioned after LTF. There are three different factions: Evil, Good and Hostile. 3 factions are permanently good and 3 factions are permanently Evil, the other 8 factions can choose between 2 of the three...
  3. B-Roy7

    Lord of the Rings x LTA = ?

    Hello all, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a map I am currently working on. It is a Lord of the Rings map styled after LTA, one of the greatest games on WC3, the terrain is roughly finished along with some units and heroes. This map will be based off the books rather than the...
  4. B-Roy7

    LTA × LotR =

    Ever since I began playing Lordaeron TA at version 1.42 I have been looking for a Lord of the Rings game just like it. All the ones out there seem to be spawn based and are fun but could be better. Lately I have been kinda brainstorming ideas about this new game. I was curious if you guys have...
  5. B-Roy7

    Dwarf Strategy/Tatics

    Ive been addicted to LTA about two years now and enjoy playing as often as i can. However i am having trouble with dwarves at the moment. The problem is I get beat by dragonmaw everytime. I dont if my army compostion is wrong or what but it always seems like my frontline gets shredded even when...