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  1. 60ep

    Contemplative Coronavirus

    So the corona virus has spread quite a lot around the world and it's expected that there won't be a cure before 2021. It seems like it's going to cause quite a lot of damage, considering how fast it spreads and how long it stays in the infected people. Are you guys worried of this? Here's a map...
  2. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict Reforged Bug thread

    So I've been working on adapting the map to reforged. Atm there are issues with certain abilities because the editor is bugged. This thread is mainly to report any further bugs that are discovered. Here is the download link to the current version...
  3. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict forum game - 25/7 20:00 CEST

    Obviously there also needs to be a forum game hosted. If you're interested, sign up and be around tomorrow at that time :) Team 1 Horde: @TeaCup Alliance: Kirin Tor: Forsaken: Argent Crusade: @Dragon Team 2 Voltarus: @Hawk Vrykul: Cult: @Julian Anub'ar: @ponasozis Scourge: @60ep Reserve:
  4. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict - Introduction

    Northrend: The Verdict Created by 60ep Main information: Northrend The Verdict is a 5v5 spawn based map following the events in Northrend during WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. The alliances are fixed and there aren't any events that would change them. The resources in the game are Gold and Item...
  5. 60ep

    A very long time absence

    So the finnish conscription is taking away another UoS member for a while again as I'm starting my military service next week, just like Garfield did in January. It will take from 6 to 12 months depending on which role I'll be assigned as. There are some holidays though, so I'll see if I can...
  6. 60ep

    Meme Compass test

    http://www.memecompass.com/source.php Post your results.
  7. 60ep

    HoI4 new expansion & forum game 9th of March

    So the new expansion is coming out with a lot of new shit and that means it's time for a new forum game. We won't be using any mods. Rules: -You must be able to run the game on speed 4 in multiplayer. -No staging coups -No non-focus justifying of war before 1939 Players: @60ep - United Kingdom...
  8. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict v0.50 patch notes

    GENERAL: -A new item system: Lumber has been replaced with Item points that are gained with the base amount of 30 everytime income is received. Item points are used to buy items at shops. Currently there are 3 different shops around the map, and their location is pinged in the minimap when...
  9. 60ep

    Another HoI4 game?

    Since a lot of new people have bought the game here, I was thinking about hosting another forum game if enough people show interest. I recently got all the DLCs. I was thinking of something more casual instead of the typical competetive historical mode we've been playing previously, like having...
  10. 60ep

    A return to Discord

    We're back to using discord now again. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/44JwmY8 Teamspeak server will still be up for now, but we encourage everyone to use discord so that we can keep the community at 1 place when gaming :) The reason for this change is that a clear majority of our active...
  11. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict (Wednesday 19:00 CEST)

    So as there is a new version again it's time to test it out Date: 16.8 Team 1 Horde - @Gokalp123 Alliance - @Meerzan2 Dalaran - @darcraft Forsaken - @60ep Argent Crusade - @KingUther55 Team 2 Voltarus - @OrlokTheEternal Vrykul - @lordofdead Cult - @Cael Anub'ar - @TheGreenBottle Scourge - @Hawk
  12. 60ep

    HoI4 continuation Saturday 2PM CEST 29th of June

    Just posting a new thread to make sure everyone is aware of this. Current players: Axis: @Fenrises - German Reich @Maciekkub - Italy @jack07tr - Neo-Ottoman Empire @60ep - Japan Allies + Comitern: @Doomy - Soviet Union @Gokalp123 - United Kingdom @OrlokDaEternal - United States @ok-ck - Free...
  13. 60ep

    Your most played games on Steam

    You can get this view by going to profile -> games Here's mine: And sorry that I couldn't find a way to change my language to english, anyway you can guess that the number under the name tells for how many hours I've played the game :)
  14. 60ep

    The most russian video ever

  15. 60ep

    HoI4 Sunday 04/06

    So I'll be hosting a game for Sunday as @Gokalp123 suggested The game would start at 17:00 CEST, if you're not available at that time, post in this thread and we can change it. Vote for what mod you want to go with, here's more info on them: Road to 56...
  16. 60ep

    Trump completely backpedals on Syria

    Today US fired 50 tomahawk cruiser misisles at a syrian airport, nice job betraying all the voters who thought he was going to change the foreign policy in ME. Now this will just give more power to ISIS, destabilize Syria, and possibly cause another huge refugee flood to Europe, and honestly...
  17. 60ep

    Total War Warhammer 2

  18. 60ep

    AWLR Tournament casts

    Our first matches are here, casted by zoom Thanks to @Frozen @Davinrarre and @Menos for playing :)
  19. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict clan game 22/01/17 20pm CET

    Not crashing anymore. Also going to update it with a few tweaks after we played it today. Team 1 Horde - 60ep Alliance - Dalaran - Zera Forsaken - Argent Crusade - Orlok Team 2 Voltarus - Laitdark Vrykul - CazDawg Cult of the Damned - TheGreenBottle Anub'Ar - Scourge - Hawk reserve: Ske...
  20. 60ep

    Northrend: The Verdict - reterrain screenshots

    EDIT: A reminder that a lot of this terrain has also been updated since the time this thread was made, and will still receive improvements in the future. Howling Fjord: Grizzly Hills: Zul'Drak: Dragonblight: Borean Tundra: Crystalsong Forest: Icecrown: