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    lordaeron tf Green

    This is the green I’m talking about. early game green is that not strong because he doesn’t have anything yet. A 6/6 upgrade green With everything or most of everything is melting your army starting with the hero’s first if he is smart.. and when you try to get to his army you are blocked by...
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    lordaeron tf Green

    green late game is definently op. imagine chasing down green and he turns around and nukes your heros and then retreats, rebuilds and does it all over again until your whole alliance is hero less. how do you defend against army of summons, high damage spell casters supported by multiple heals...
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    lordaeron tf Green

    In 1v1 scenarios without big high damage towers a good green can solo most yellows. Green can solo most races who don’t have adequate siege to counter. Siege is all that works, without siege a good enough green can 1v3. I’m sure you remember that game in quel when Vinci was annihilating...
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    lordaeron tf Green

    why is greens heal so powerful? dwarfs with full siege and cannon towers cant kill any backline units because the heal is keeping them alive through like 11 mortars and 8 siege tanks. wtf nerf terons heal or make it a one time heal. bad positioning can be remedied with his op heal keeping the...
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    Forum Game Legacy of the Damned - Test game

    add legion forces and maybe more scourge and forsaken factions since it is called legacy of damned
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    Lordaeron TA 1.59d

    Can lb hero’s get more health or armor? They are so weak
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    Lordaeron: The Aftermath 1.59C new version

    you can brainlessly play arthas as lichking and be rewarded
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    Lordaeron: The Aftermath 1.59C new version

    arthas as lichking is op and sylvanas arrow dont work on him when he lichking even though it says it should. lichking has high damage, armor and lifesteal plus 5 deathcoils to keep him alive and the extra level from the frozen throne dont work