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    KTA 0.24 Changelog

    Make Zandalari kill-based, so they get blood for killing units and when they get a certain amount, they can summon a blood God or research some type of upgrade, either for the God or units (lifesteal, AS, spells, etc.). Zandalari has so much potential for paths and different stuff, especially...
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    KTA 0.24 Changelog

    Thanks for the reply. Ah, I missed that and didn't realize they removed it entirely. In that case, I don't think it should have been removed, simply altered to something cooler. The idea itself had plenty of potential and posed for dynamic strategy which is GREATLY missing in the Broken Shore...
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    KTA 0.24 Changelog

    -The item you get for absorbing the Nightwell for FIVE THOUSAND wood and like a 5+ minute research time is absolutely terrible, the passive being pretty useless especially compared to the amount it costed. This item should be insanely strong, maybe a one time active use to destroy an army with a...
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    Hello, I was wondering how the progress was on KTA? I was hoping to see if you needed any help...

    Hello, I was wondering how the progress was on KTA? I was hoping to see if you needed any help or offer to edit the map. Thank you in advance!
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    War of the Ring

    Hello, very interesting project. Was this still being worked on? I was curious how you intended to balance the FS. It would be hard to do so because they need to be strong enough to be impactful, but not too strong where the ones who actually have to build units would be questioning the...