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  1. Smyl

    Hearts of Iron 4 - ALL DLC

    Hey guys, I figured that some of you play here HOI 4 and I would like to play some smaller game of HoI 4. If you are up for it, just say here your name. If you want maybe we can try to call dibs on nations, I would prefer to do it when we meet. Date: Saturday (9. 3. 2019 - tomorrow), time...
  2. Smyl

    Closed beta: Release!

    Version 1.01 (closed beta) With great pleasure I am happy to announce that we have released the closed beta version 1.01 In the following two weeks we will test the map, fix bugs, problems, errors and add last content and get it ready for the public release in mid August (specific date will be...
  3. Smyl

    Is there anyone from Israel?

    Hey guys, me and my gf are going to Israel and we need a bit of tips of what to see. We are arrive in Tel Aviv airport and we want to stay there for a week, then maybe go for Jerusalem and later take a trip for a week at Dead sea. So my question is: What are the good means of transport...
  4. Smyl


    Hey guys, as some of you may know, me and Wrath are working on a project called The Last Crusade. We were working on the map mostly during Fall and Winter of 2017, but after the new year we kinda stopped (I had exams, Wrath was in military). Anyway as you might have noticed we are again...
  5. Smyl

    Azeroth Wars LR (15.2.2018)

    Hey guys!!! I recetly watched an AWLR cast from Azothan and it brought many amazing memories back. I told myself, hey, why not to repeat it, get the old buddies back together and host a games of AWLR which I will remember again forever. Thus I would like to invite mostly the old god-like...
  6. Smyl

    Password for TS

    What is the password for TS?
  7. Smyl

    Access to MMH account

    Hey guys, I know that few of you have access to the account on MMH whoch BH has there. I used to have it, but I lost the password and for example Harald does not remember it. Does anyone of you know it? If so, could you PM it for me? I kinda need it for uploading a new map with Wrath. Thanks
  8. Smyl

    Looking for beta testers

    Hey guys, as from the name of the thread you can see that me and @Wrath_icefire are looking for a beta testers. We are looking for around 4 beta testers for our map called The Last Crusade. I want you to PM me and Wrath where you tell us why you want to be a beta tester and if you have any...
  9. Smyl

    Warcraft - Age of Dawn (starting time and more info)

    Hey guys, I am so sorry for the delay with this thread, but I am sick and I had to rest in a bed for a while (ehm like 5 hours, and I am still tired, but I promised you guys and I want to play it as much as you want it) In this thread I want to agree with you guys when we will start and what...
  10. Smyl

    Warcraft - Age of Dawn (registration and info)

    Hey so as I promised I would like to play DaD with you guys. The world as you might have guessed is that of Warcraft. We will play before the events of the Plague so you will have time to develop your char, gain some levels and even maybe stop the plague (depends on where are you going to play...
  11. Smyl

    Warcraft - Dungeons and Dragons

    Hey guys, so I was wondering if you guys would be interrested in playing a dungeons and dragons in Warcraft World, I could create a story and would be telling you guys how it develops and basically be a game master, you would be playing a single character where I would give you some choses what...
  12. Smyl

    Progress Information

    I am gonna (or Wrath) post here sometimes some pictures of terrain development and update this first post on how the map is going on :-) Terrain - 100% Triggers - 100% Units - 100% Events - 50% Overall - 87,5% Note that terrain takes the longest time to do and after we make terrain, units...
  13. Smyl

    Basic Information

    Hello there :) So as I promised, here are some basic information on The Last Crusade, which is made by me and Wrath_Icefire System Towns and villages gives you gold lumber mills give you lumber cannot build more buildings in game - only on certain places (circle of power) limited food - small...
  14. Smyl

    Announcement trailer

  15. Smyl

    Announcement Logo

    ***More to come***
  16. Smyl


    Protect the House by Smyl Hey guys. So I have been working for a while (Like 3 months ago and then today) on a map called Protect the House. It is a fairly small and simple map where you control a single unit (hero) whose goal is to defend the house. You can build several types of towers and...
  17. Smyl

    Clan Game Azeroth Wars LR (4.12.2015)

    Hey guys. I am pretty much sick now so I have time to play :) anyway I was wondering if some of you would be interrested in playing AWLR once again, I am not sure what version yet, but we can decide that later. The game will happen this friday at 17pm CET (central european time) So to begin...
  18. Smyl

    Member of the Month [September]

    As the end of Summer is coming and school is calling us back (some of us), the time of election of the new Member of the Month is here! If you wish to know who were the past members of the month just click on this link: http://www.brigandshaven.net/threads/previous-members-of-the-month.8/ I...
  19. Smyl

    Twitch addon

    Hello. So even though I am not a BSU anymore, doesn't mean I do not want the website to get better and better. So I got an idea what could really help our website? And then it hit me. I just looked into the twitch thread and I realized that we could have an addon for twitch streaming. I have...
  20. Smyl

    Events suggestions

    Hello. So as you may get it from the name of the topic. This thread is going to be dedicated to events you would like to see in the game, it will also greatly help me with getting some help with areas that I have no idea what to put into them. Some events regarding those zones would be really...