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  1. TerenasMenethil

    Guide : Make a good start with Dark Horde.

    MAKE A DECENT EARLY GAME WITH DARK HORDE “We are the true Horde!” - Dal'rend Blackhand Considering the increasing number of new players and the common mistake that these players are doing (especially when they play evil team), I believe it's important that old players share their experience...
  2. TerenasMenethil

    Lordaeron The Foremath - 26/01/19 - 21:00 CET

    Hi there, so I thought it would be nice to have a game where every players have at least the basic knowledges of the map. DATE : Saturday 26th of January TIME : 21:00 CET Alliance : Highborne : Rhllor Dalaran : Zlade Dwarves : TerenasMenethil Ranger Corps : Mindleech Silverhand : LordUther...
  3. TerenasMenethil

    "Nefarian stirs..."

    Hi there, so today I would like to talk about the nefarian freewin temporary summon. Here is the description of the ability, notice the "Southern Azeroth". I mean you can summon him at Stromgarde, Gilneas (bye your villagers farming wood) or at the coast of Dalaran. And as the fastest unit...