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  1. Woodenplank

    Useful Resource

    Hi First off; this is not me returning to WC3 or Brigandshaven. I'm not gonna pull 'an Ice' and leave/rejoin/leave a thousand times. But any way, before I stopped playing WC3, and left these forums... and for a while after that, I was editing a custom map of my own. It was an 8 player...
  2. Woodenplank


    Here I announce my absence. And when I say absence; I mean permanently. For a long time, as I'm sure some of you know, I haven't really been enjoying editing LTF. And to be truthful, I also didn't really enjoy my own, smaller side projects. I'm moving into a time of my life where I won't have...
  3. Woodenplank


    And when I say absence; I mean permanently. For a long time, as I'm sure some of you know, I haven't really been enjoying editing LTF. And to be truthful, I also didn't really enjoy my own, smaller side projects. I'm moving into a time of my life where I won't have the time/energy to deal with...
  4. Woodenplank

    Defense Cannons [Poll]

    So... Do we remove them or keep them?
  5. Woodenplank

    This guy didn't like my Azmodan QuickMatch build...

    And btw; he rage quit 3 minutes in-game, and came back 2 minutes before we lost.
  6. Woodenplank

    Kul Tiras (Roughly)

    I managed to pierce together a... sort of map of how Kul Tiras is going to look in World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeorth And it would appear to be a lot more rocky and mountainous than it's current iteration in LTF - not sure if people care though, but I might make some terrain adjustsments in...
  7. Woodenplank

    Tempest of Sorrows: Version 0.04 Release

    Epicwar Download Or play it on MakeMeHost Major Points: - Every player now chooses from two unique Heroes at game start (use your altar) - Fixed bugs - Reduced start up lag Because this is far superior to earlier ones, I will be trying to host another forum game :) Sign up here
  8. Woodenplank

    Tempest of Sorrows: Fourth version forum game

    Date: Tuesday 24th of April Time: 19:00 CET 20:00 CEST 14:00 EDT Game: Tempest of Sorrows Version 0.04 Alpha Game Mode: 4v4 Team/Race Setup: Randomized (I haven't made Tournament mode yet...) Players: Woodenplank B-Roy7 Szons ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Gamename: Wooden ToS...
  9. Woodenplank

    Plans for 0.28 and the road ahead

    As some of you may have read from other threads, LTF recently became somewhat "corrupted" with warcraft patch 1.29 As a result I had to wipe trigger data from the map, and will now have to copy it in bit-by-bit from an older version, and I have to reset all unit, ability, etc. variables in the...
  10. Woodenplank

    0.27 Hotfix now up

    Uploaded a hotfix for version 0.27 which should -SHOULD- allow you to play LTF with some stability on patch 1.29 This is the best I can manage right now with the current technical issues (see community update thread, "Regarding the new patch...", etc.), hope it's enough. KNOWN ISSUES...
  11. Woodenplank

    Regarding the new Warcraft Patch

    As expected, the new Patch 1.29 grossly fucked up LTF and other maps. Sadly, however it seems the Patch in itself also has issues (Jass Scripts not working, tooltips cut off, editor bugs, etc.) So I will wait a few days for Blizzard to hotfix their work, and then I'll probably get to work on a...
  12. Woodenplank

    Designing new Heroes...

    For 0.04 (or perhaps 0.05) I'll have enabled at least two Heroes to choose from for every race. On this thread I'll post some of their skillsets, so you can have a lookie. More to come!
  13. Woodenplank

    LTF 0.27 Upload and Changelog (Not April 1st)

    Download from EpicWar Or play on: MakeMeHost KNOWN ISSUES AND TEMPORARY FIXES ???
  14. Woodenplank

    Tempest of Sorrows: Alpha Feedback

    So here I'm asking for your opinions on the map! Bugs, suggestions, critisism, praise, likes and dislikes; it all goes here! Post whatever you have to say about the alpha versions of Tempest of Sorrows, I'd love to hear your opinion! I'll update this post with the latest changelog P.S...
  15. Woodenplank

    Tempest of Sorrows 1st Test Game

    Date/Time: April 9th; 20:00 CET Map Version: Tempest of Sorrows 0.01 Alpha My new map is now in a somewhat playable alpha phase; and that calls for celebration! - celebration in the form of a half-assed, imbalanced, super-early alpha forum game! Remember that player bases are randomized, so...
  16. Woodenplank

    LTF 0.27 Changelog

    Download Link: EpicWar.com/maps/281398 Soon uploaded on MMH Please leave comments and bug reports below
  17. Woodenplank

    Map Alpha Release

    The map is in its early alpha stages now, and is technically playable. I won't upload anything to MakeMeHost just yet, because I don't want to give the map a bad reputation by too many shitty early versions, but nevertheless I'd like a bit of solid feedback. So I've uploaded it to EpicWar for...
  18. Woodenplank

    So I heard about Brigandshaven Map'maker Upload...

    Are the rumours true? Does Brigandshaven have its own "map maker upload" page on MakeMeHost?` And could I have a slice of that pie? There's a chance I'll be releasing "trial versions" for some maps - in a sense - and if I could get control over them, to be able to remove them afterwards -...
  19. Woodenplank

    Swapping Shadow Council with Fallen Nerubians

    I've suggested this before, but here's a more elaborate idea, which could potentially solve some of the issues that LTF currently faces. Feel free to critisize; I know it's a big change. Shadow Council is replaced by Fallen Nerubians All former Shadow Council units/events are distributed...
  20. Woodenplank

    Tempest of Sorrows Update

    It's been a while since I announced the map, so I figured I'd pop up again to let people know it's not abandoned. I almost lost a few months of work due to a computer breakdown (and having been to dumb to make regular backups), but thankfully CRISIS AVERTED, and map is proceeding (mostly)...