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  1. SvnmS

    LTF Patch Notes 0.51

    Nice work !
  2. SvnmS


    Congratulations! I haven't played hearthstone for a long time, but I'm sure wild couldn't have gotten any friendlier. Can't imagine myself pushing through it to legend like you did.
  3. SvnmS

    Hello i'm Chirox :)

  4. SvnmS

    Northrend: The Conquest

    What lava are you talking about ? Oh that pool thing ? That's the heating system project initiated by the brilliant engineers in the cult of the damned, if you look closely to the nearby floor, you'll see spots that glow red, that's where the underground molten rock distribution system is...
  5. SvnmS

    Auto Chess Maps?

    Aren't all games a waste of time? Perhaps you mean there is no in-game progress in these kinds of games?
  6. SvnmS


    Congratulations! Best of luck for later! The plan to hijack a class and turn it into "WC3 Editor Basics" is one step closer to reality, an army of editors will rise !
  7. SvnmS

    Auto Chess Maps?

    I played the Mod and Underlords, didn't try anything else. Underlords stopped working properly in China with a lot of disconnects, for reasons that have definitely nothing to do with a certain other competitor owned by a company here. I like it a whole lot, there is as much RNG as you would...
  8. SvnmS

    Randeck, not redneck.

    Welcome !
  9. SvnmS

    LTA 1.57+ Bugs thread

    The torch isn't really mine to give to anyone !
  10. SvnmS

    LTA 1.57+ Bugs thread

    Hi again, couldn't deliver on the map fixing unfortunately, too much IRL work. Now that I have sometime, and looked at the map again, I still couldn't find what would be causing the new dalaran to crash the game. Of course, disabling some triggers and doing multiple multi-player tests can help...
  11. SvnmS

    New Warcraft 3 PTR

    All these are wonderful additions, plenty of things I hoped for in reforged are already being implemented.
  12. SvnmS

    Lordaeron The Aftermath 1.54 changelog

    Draupne was the last to have the map, I have a copy of it, wanted to release a version that solves most of the small issues, but ended up being extremely busy, so I couldn't really deliver on that :/
  13. SvnmS

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    Didn't know you were a math teacher, that's awesome ! You have been summoned to contemplate the beauty that is the perfectly circular Dalaran.
  14. SvnmS

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    Well, if anything, it is at least better than how it originally was. Moving some doodads around showed imperfections that I immediately corrected. Each update will make the circle more circular. Until we reach perfection.
  15. SvnmS

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    It's a bit difficult to find the equivalent for some units, especially steam tanks, pikemen and enough models of elven knights to justify a Knight, a Raider and an Outrider. But yes, in theory a visual change would work.
  16. SvnmS

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    All of LTA's terrain is still there, just invisible because of camera limitations. The map was supposed to cover everything, but is unfinished. I don't have plans to add more races, I prefer everyone to have the same race, and the absence of casters means that there isn't much to change if I...
  17. SvnmS

    Battle For Lordaeron v1.00

    Thanks. It's not fully random on the factions, opposing factions always end up on opposing teams. So Silvermoon and Zul'aman are always on opposing teams. Same with : Gilneas and Lordaeron Stromgarde and Jintha'alor Tyrs hand and Stratholme
  18. SvnmS

    LTA 1.57+ Bugs thread

    I'm not going to touch gameplay, only bug fixes, I'm not really becoming editor or anything like that. Just trying to fix the map because a whole path is being blocked by a bug. I still can't find what causes it though. And thank you for the bug reports !
  19. SvnmS

    Players' Game List

    It seems that it's impossible to gift to friends that have been on the list for less than a month, they'll just have to sit and rot until they expire on March 1st. But to avoid such a tragedy happening again, add me to steam to make it work the next event if there is giftable stuff again. *goes...
  20. SvnmS

    Players' Game List

    That reminds me, I have 2 of those giftable things from the chinese new year event in Dota 2, anyone interested ?