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  1. Vidovit

    L:TA 13th faction suggestion - pool

    Are we prepared? First thing first; L:TA is a big map with stability issues so this post is only theory-craft; However if a new faction get's added it's logical that we split the faction with most content - Blood Elves. In a regular game if Blood Elves go Illidari that means the whole...
  2. Vidovit

    Bmw or Benz?

    The eternal slav question needs an answer.
  3. Vidovit

    Werewolf Transylvania clan game - 7.7.17.

    Werewolf Transylvania There will be a clan game hosted on Friday, 7th of July. Host time: 19:00 CET; Game name: Werewolf clan game FFA mode Players: - Vidovit - Flotsie - Onyx - Tdmien - Arthos - - - - RESERVES -
  4. Vidovit

    Warcraft 3 related videos

    So today i discovered an interesting war3 video series that goes over the campaign easter eggs: The guy is really funny and the videos are edited in a professional manner; also Anyway if you know any other good videos that you'd like to share, post them here!
  5. Vidovit

    EU4 - MEIOU 2.0

    I am aware many of you are eu4 players so i wanted to share this upcoming mod version. MEIOU is a must have mod IMO and i can't play the vanilla game anymore. Basically it's a full overhaul mod that adds millions of provinces, events etc.. The upcoming 2.0 (population overhaul) version will...
  6. Vidovit

    The Third War - Forum game - Saturday 1st of October

    The Third War There will be a forum game of The Third war hosted on Saturday 1st of October. https://www.epicwar.com/maps/265284/ Map link Host time: 19:00 CEST; Game name: botr Hosted via: MMH Players: Scourge - Burning Legion - Emperor Lordaeron - Dalaran & Elves - Fel Horde - Dark Horde...
  7. Vidovit

    Greece - Greco-Persian War Forum Game - Wednesday 28th of September

    Greece - Greco-Persian War Forum Game There will be a forum game of Greece hosted on Wednesday 28th of September. Host time: 21:00 CEST; Game name: botr greece Mode: 6v6 + !sp shuffle players Hosted via: ENT Such was the number of the barbarians, that when they shot forth their arrows the sun...
  8. Vidovit

    LTF forum game - Sunday 18th of September

    There will be a forum game of LTF hosted on Sunday 18th of September. Host time: 20:00 CEST; Game name: LTF botr Hosted via: MMH Players: Highborne - @Mesis Ranger Corps - @ilusioner Dwarves - @KPwc3Edit Silverhand - @Vidovit Dalaran - Special Guest Lordaeron - @Azothan Lich King -...
  9. Vidovit

    Greece Forum Game - Saturday 17th of Sept

    Greece There will be a forum/clan game of Greece hosted on Saturday 17th of September. Host time: 20:00 CEST; Game name: Greece botr Mode: Max 1 Ally Hosted via: MMH Players: Sparta - House Martell Bannerman (Diplo) Athens - Argos - Thebes - Lasersquid112 (Hive) Epirus - Archi (Diplo)...
  10. Vidovit

    Suggestions for LTF

    I've had great fun with the map so far; so these are mostly small upgrades that i believe would make it a better map. General: Make all mechanical critters a flying unit - that way people might use them to scout and will serve a purpose as nobody uses it now. Lordaeron 1) Remove the Ranged...
  11. Vidovit

    Greece Forum Game - Wednesday 7th of September

    Greece There will be a forum/clan game of Greece hosted on Wednesday 7th of September. Host time: 21:00 CEST; Game name: Greece botr Mode: Max 1 Ally Hosted via: MMH Players: Sparta - Arius Athens - Arlt Argos - Thebes - Vidovit Epirus - Ilusioner Macedon - Uther Thessaly - Crete - Nale...
  12. Vidovit

    New Affiliate - Clan Victim of Fate

    We're delighted to announce our newly founded affiliation with Clan Victim of Fate. Clan VOF website is famous for the map Werewolf Transyvalnia and this is why we'll be hosting that map tonight and in the nights to come! Go out to their website and introduce yourselves and hopefully you'll...
  13. Vidovit


    In hopes to gain clear information on what paths needs more content i'm launching this pool. Hope it helps the developers know which paths should get some love. http://strawpoll.me/6472362 Multiple answers are allowed! Vote for factions that you think need more content, are unpicked and boring.
  14. Vidovit

    Guide for Dragonmaw players

    Since Dragonmaw is one of my favorite factions i'd like to share my starting strategy with them, after a certain point you're free to pursue any path you want, this only shows the starting play which shouldn't vary much. L:TA is different each game so be prepared to adapt to other plays but...
  15. Vidovit

    Warcraft3 sites trivia

    So i've been doing some work and found some cool websites; alexa, nibbler, similarweb.. It tells some cool info about a website so i've goon through the famous war3 sites and here are the results! These results may not be the most correct ones, but i think they go in the right direction...
  16. Vidovit


    Hey people, this isn't a new game but i've recently started playing it again so wanted to showcase it for players that never heard of it. Lord of the rings online is a MMORPG free to play game set in the Tolkinien World. You get to play as one of the Free Peoples (Man,Dwarf,Elf,Hobbit,Beorning)...
  17. Vidovit

    Quitting Warcraft3, will check forums from time to time

    Well it's been a fun year but i think i've had my fair share of Warcraft3.. You need to keep moving and not become comfortable, because being comfortable is being static, which is always bad in life. I'm announcing that i will no longer play Warcraft3, nor any other game at the time being as...
  18. Vidovit

    MakeMeHost Afiiliation

    Big update: We now have the link to MMH on our home page; and are also listed as a partner on their list. MakeMehost is a free hosting website; favored among many Warcraft3 players. It offers a vast library of maps to play and is one of the most active Warcraft3 sites. Be sure to check it out...
  19. Vidovit

    Brigands Haven twitch account launches!

    Title says it all. We are looking for people with good upload speed (2mb+) who are willing to stream their games while playing music or commentating. I'm not gonna make any tutorials on how to stream, there is enough information about it on the internet. Basically you need OBS -...
  20. Vidovit

    Banjoball forum game 2nd july

    There will be a forum game of Banjoball hosted on 2nd of july, time set is 19:00 CEST, or 17:00 GMT + 0. All clan members are welcome to join. Game mode: 3v3 or alternatively 5v5 Hosted on: MMH Team Barcelona Vidovit d d d Team Real Madrid Hexaotl d d d