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  1. LoboTron11

    Maybe not what everyone want from me.

    Well, I know it'll be maybe "too late" for some people, but there's "never" a good time to apologize. I know I've done things bad, asking for that cheats to be pulled into the maps I didn't created, and I hope that the people who created them didn't forget that I love their work, and I hope all...
  2. LoboTron11


    Well, I was there for a while (from frebuary, to be exact), and I just entered in that "Forums" tab, and saw the "Introduction and Absence" one, so just came here to say hello to everyone! I really like how you work on maps, creating, editing, testing, everything, right now, I really like all...
  3. LoboTron11

    Shadow Council idea

    I think we all know that the Shadow Council was formed into the Shadowmoon Clan, by Gul'Dan, but he betrayed the Legion, and died in the Tomb of Sargeras, well, I don't know if you all saw him, but in Outland, you can see his soul, in the Altar of Damnation, in front of the "Hand of Gul'Dan" (In...