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  1. sugerman

    Sugerman For Admin 8=====D

    Will make Botr great again
  2. Ske

    Hi guys i am back *enclop voice*

    It has been two months, and I tried to stay away. I failed... But can you really blame a man for trying? School is going great in case you wonder :) And I still have less time for Warclave than ever before... But it seems that the almighty Chieftain refused my resignation, and as such, I...
  3. Ske

    Ske's retirement thread

    Hi Warclave I bring you news from time to time, but this one will be of the sad kind. It is with sorrow that I must announce my retirement. This might be TLDR for some of you, so feel free to skip to the end. As some of you know I suffer from severe migraines. This means that I at times...
  4. Ske

    Ske has joined the game

    As many of you have already noticed, I have been taking a more active role in our community. #SkeEverywhere It is clear that I am not fooling anyone, so it might be time to come clean. I am joining the team as an administrator and my main areas of responsibility will be managing the website...