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  1. Hawk

    Site Update #13 [New theme (Dark & Light), Widgets, Add-ons and more!]

    Alright as I hope all of you have noticed, we have a new theme! Yay to that! It has a dark and light variant so all of you night dwellers can enjoy the forums while not going blind by it. Looking at you @Krotos. Also big thanks to the staff for spending hours on the forums so all of you could...
  2. Hawk

    Clan Update #2 [Site, Teamspeak and Patreon Update]

    An important update for the clan and this community. I have spoke with the staff and we think its time for everyone to be briefed in on the current situation with the financial issues we are currently having as a community. The issue arised in March of 2018, when the first bill to Kelthar (our...
  3. Hawk

    Site Update #12 [Discord, New Sub-forum]

    The most important thing these past few weeks is that we moved to Discord! It has been a bit rocky transition but I think we can say 98% of the people have moved to it! If you still cant join us on Discord or are still experiencing problems, please PM @Hawk or @Ske! And if you haven't moved...
  4. Hawk

    Site Update #5 [LTA/LTF, Roleplayer]

    Hey guys doing the site update a bit earlier than I excpected. But with LTA making a new forum board here and the release of LTF, I thought I might as well make one while we still have some hype about it. Lordearon The Aftermath has made a forum here for its members to post bugs/suggestion and...
  5. Hawk

    Site Update #4 [Trophies, Site Rules, Calendar!]

    Hey guys! A quick site update for you, a short one this time but not less important as this will probably be one of the latest ones in a few weeks now. Since I have put in every plugin I personally think every forum should have. ^.^ Any new Site Update will probably be statistics and new...
  6. Hawk

    Site Update #2 [Ratings!]

    A bit late to make an introduction thread but might as well say hello to anyone that might not know me! I'm Hawk/Hawkr you've probably heard of me from brigandshaven.net as I was in the staff team there for more than a year. After some disagreements I was demoted which from my opinion that had...
  7. Hawk

    Autumn is coming! (New Theme)

    Hey guys as you can clearly see a new theme and background image 's been put in! I think the frozen Throne had its run and winter is long gone time for some lighter colors for the bright future that's in store for the site aswell as the clan! Hope you guys like it and if you have any...
  8. Hawk

    Site Update #1 [Chose what the site gets next!]

    As I cannot work on the site currently I can at least ask what you guys want me to do first! There is a lot of stuff a forum should have but is missing but the ground is well set for future improvements which is always nice. There's a poll to vote but I'll just make a quick into on all the...