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clan game

  1. CazDawg

    1/12 20:00 CET | Warcraft: Total War - Hour of Twilight!

    Warcraft:Total War Hour of Twilight! It will NOT be HoT Random, 4 players will be able to pick the Ancient Evils When the mode is picked, the Ancient Evils will pick their selected factions. If there is a miss-pick, we start again. If you deliberately steal the faction from the player, you...
  2. CazDawg

    18/11 19:00 CET | Battle for Icecrown

    Battle for Icecrown 6v6 Spawn Based Map where the Alliance and the Horde are working together to defeat the vast armies of the Scourge! The Scourge The Lich King - Western Scourge Force - @CazDawg The Vrkyl - @Lizard Knight Cult of the Damned Nerubian and Scourge Forces The Four Hoursemen...
  3. CazDawg

    24/06 21:00 CEST | LTA - Races Unite

    Lordaeron: the Aftermath Time for something new, 4 different teams to dominate Lordaeron. Mode: Open Alliances (NO ALLYING ALLOWED OUTSIDE TEAMS) -NO SOLO PATHS- Team Alliance: Dalaran Dwarves Silverhand - @Hinagiku Team Undead: Forsaken - @bananashoes112 Scourge - @Johannhest Cult of the...
  4. Johannhest

    LTA 08/04 20:00 CEST (Fucked up alliances)

    So I was thinking about hosting a LTA game where the alliances are fucked up. It would of course have to be open alliances and give everyone a minute to ally/unally Arthas is allowed safe passage to Northrend at if he wants to The teams would be something like this: Team 1: Forsaken - @Onyx...
  5. Avroth

    10/09/2016 DARK AGES OF WARCRAFT!

    The Wrath of the Lich King is about to begin, prepare yourself accordingly as one of the twelve races destined to fight over dominion of the world of Azeroth or will you descend the Frozen Throne as the Lich King and destroy all mortal races only to have them serve you in death? Coming to PCs...
  6. G

    16/01/2016 The Dark Crusade! 8PM CET

    Hello folks. With my recent talk with the Draggy, I decided to be more active and that's why I will host weekly clan games every Saturday or Sunday(whichever is available). And this week's map will be The Dark Crusade. I know it's not a balanced map but the point is having fun. Also I will...
  7. Maciekkub

    RP clan game gg

    AoC? Anything? Let's just meet someday, and play soemthing gg I'd offer you a date of: 09/01.2016 About 6pm