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  1. CazDawg

    Azeroth Wars: Remastered Feedback Thread

    Just from the clan game we had, tell me all the suggestions and bugs that you found during the game. I for one, believe that the Warlocks for the Burning Legion require a change on their stun, either reducing its damage or reducing the stun time. @TheGreenBottle @Gokalp123 @Ske @60ep...
  2. Hawk

    [LTA] Official Suggestion Thread!

    Post any suggestions, events, changes or ideas you may have for any of the particular factions or game mechanics you have here! Keep in mind no large additions can be added to the map at its current state. So no new models or large paths for factions. Any terrain changes should be small and...
  3. Hawk

    [LTA] Official Bug Report Thread!

    Report any bugs you may encounter in the map! Try not to repeat yourself too many times, you can check all the bugs that have been reported on this post. Don't forget to post crash reports as well if you encounter any. Blood Elves - Wretched: You can train wretched sorceress and Dark fallen...