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forum game

  1. DenIS318

    Northrend: The Conquest - 22/06/2019

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game date: 22.06.2019 Time - 20:00 CEST (we could wait around 10 minutes for people if it will be needed) Game name: NorthTC (probably will be hosted like a...
  2. Hawk

    CK2 Warcraft [15-16 of June 1900 CEST]

    Heya everyone, me and @Julian will be organizing a Crusader Kings 2: Guardians of Azeroth forum game this Saturday and Sunday (they will continue be the same save file on Sunday so a continuation of the Saturday game). The mod is based off of the Warcraft universe and has almost all of Azeroth...
  3. dbK

    18/11 | 21:00 CET | Warcraft Darkness Rising II

    Hello everyone, welcome to another forum game. This time around we will not have a poll, but don't despair, as there will be a surprise :) Without further derailling, let's sing up: The Alliance: - Kingdom of Lordaeron (Blue): - Silvermoon (Teal): @Krotos - Gilneas & Kul'Tiras (Purple): -...
  4. dbK

    21/10 | 21:00 CEST | Dota - Week #2

    Hello morras, Second week is here along with it's second game. The mode will be chosen in lobby / teamspeak, but a minor suggestion would be Draft Mode. Team 1: - dbNaga - @phantomsnake - @Wax_Simulacra - - Team 2: - @Mr.TRUTH faggerino - @voodoo_chiIe - @Srdjan Radivojevic - - Reserve...
  5. dbK

    13/10 21:00 CEST | The Third War - Week #1

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay. Starting from next week the schedules will change to Monday - Poll and Wednesday - End of Poll and posted game. So here we are, so come sign up. First came first served. Team 1: Scourge: Burning Legion: @Mr.TRUTH (angry canadian) Team 2: Lordaeron &...