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forum game

  1. Arlt

    Civ 6 forum game - 07/12/2019

    Greetings gentlemen and gentlewomen! :p Its about time that we organise a Civ 6 game, and its always more fun with friends (to kill)! You can pick any civilization you want, but we'll be playing on Terra which means that both naval and mainland civs will get their time to shine. Furthermore...
  2. DenIS318

    Northrend: The Conquest - 22/06/2019

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game date: 22.06.2019 Time - 20:00 CEST (we could wait around 10 minutes for people if it will be needed) Game name: NorthTC (probably will be hosted like a...
  3. Hawk

    CK2 Warcraft [15-16 of June 1900 CEST]

    Heya everyone, me and @Julian will be organizing a Crusader Kings 2: Guardians of Azeroth forum game this Saturday and Sunday (they will continue be the same save file on Sunday so a continuation of the Saturday game). The mod is based off of the Warcraft universe and has almost all of Azeroth...
  4. dbK

    18/11 | 21:00 CET | Warcraft Darkness Rising II

    Hello everyone, welcome to another forum game. This time around we will not have a poll, but don't despair, as there will be a surprise :) Without further derailling, let's sing up: The Alliance: - Kingdom of Lordaeron (Blue): - Silvermoon (Teal): @Krotos - Gilneas & Kul'Tiras (Purple): -...
  5. dbK

    21/10 | 21:00 CEST | Dota - Week #2

    Hello morras, Second week is here along with it's second game. The mode will be chosen in lobby / teamspeak, but a minor suggestion would be Draft Mode. Team 1: - dbNaga - @phantomsnake - @Wax_Simulacra - - Team 2: - @Mr.TRUTH faggerino - @voodoo_chiIe - @Srdjan Radivojevic - - Reserve...
  6. dbK

    13/10 21:00 CEST | The Third War - Week #1

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay. Starting from next week the schedules will change to Monday - Poll and Wednesday - End of Poll and posted game. So here we are, so come sign up. First came first served. Team 1: Scourge: Burning Legion: @Mr.TRUTH (angry canadian) Team 2: Lordaeron &...