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  1. Hawk

    [Mini Tournament] Age of Empires 2 HD

    For all you old fashioned guys and gals, a simple, quick and most importantly fun mini tourney of AoE2HD. There will be no prizes just as I said simple and quick for everyone to just have fun and see who is the BEST AGE OF EMPIRES PLAYER ON EARTH or at least in this community. =) Rules: 1v1...
  2. Hawk

    [Minor Tournament] Heroes of the Storm

    Heya everyone, as promised we are back with more Tournaments! For now as we are still sorting our finances this will be a Minor Tournament, instead of a Grand one. What does this mean?! Well it means it will mostly be in-clan tournament 2-3 teams from UoS and a team from TNO or SF might join in...
  3. HereItComes


    Free Palestine @Dragon Free Kurdistan @DoubleJester Free North Ireland @ChickenNoodles Free Atlantis @avistheking Free Eastern Finland @60ep Free Retardistan @BoTr Ggggg