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northrend: the conquest

  1. DenIS318

    Northrend TC 1.01b Patch Notes

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/304868/ GENERAL - Azjol-Nerub terrain has been changed. - Tried to fix Lich King's death crash, also it's now releases souls as it was before. - Frost Breath's movement speed reduction 50% -> 20%. - Frost Breath's attack speed reduction 25% -> 10%. This...
  2. DenIS318

    Northrend TC 1.01a Patch Notes

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/303844/ GENERAL - Map enforces SD graphics to avoid desyncs. - Changed text in loading screen. - Minor changes in descriptions. - Added some barricades in Azjol-Nerub. - Fixed issues related to -ally command. - Forgotten One is no longer revivable. - Some icons...
  3. DenIS318

    Northrend TC 1.01 Patch Notes

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295772/ GENERAL - Some minor changes. - Deleted some unused abilities and units to improve stability. - All previously disabled autocasts now properly works, some of them were reworked as well. - All controls points now produces 5 less income. - +25 and +75...
  4. DenIS318

    Northrend TC Patch Notes 1.00f

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295463/ GENERAL - Changed some icons. - Updated some tooltips. - All Archer-type units armor type changed to light, except Alliance Expedition's, Scarlet Onslaught and Stormwind Expedition's Crossbowmans. However, Garrosh's reforms still change armor of Warsong...
  5. DenIS318

    Northrend TC Patch Notes 1.00e

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295396/ GENERAL - Some grammar mistakes fixed. - Paths description updated. - Some events' text updated. - All weather effects have been removed due FPS issues. - Scroll of Speed movement speed gain reduced from 200% to 80%. - Added some creeps near Blood Elves...
  6. DenIS318

    Northrend TC Patch Notes 1.00d

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295347/ GENERAL - Scourge team is now limited to 4 members. - Scroll of Speed stock maximum increased from 1 to 2. - Reduced amount of creeps in Howling Fjord. - Added some creeps to Borean Tundra. - Updated some tooltips. BLOOD ELVES - NEW! Kael'Thas or...
  7. DenIS318

    Northrend TC Patch Notes 1.00c

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295303/ GENERAL - Updated some tooltips. BLOOD ELVES - Healing Crystal's healing radius increased from 400 to 500. - Lady Vashj' mana regeneration increased by 2. - Lady Vashj' mana pool increased by 100. - Lady Vashj' Forked Lightning damage rescaled from...
  8. DenIS318

    Northrend: TC Patch Notes 1.00b

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295281/ GENERAL - Now Icecrown Obelisks owner will be Scourge player control if captured by any of Scourge members. If Blood Elves or Illidari captures obelisk, it's owner will become Illidari. - Minor fixes. BLOOD ELVES - Healing Crystal icon changed. -...
  9. DenIS318

    Northrend: TC Patch Notes 1.00a

    Download link: epicwar.com/maps/295258/ GENERAL - Autocast on much abilities has been disabled temporarily, such as Bloodrage, Fanatism, Polymorph and etc. I hope that it could solve a FPS issues. - Added some missed credits to Info (F9). - Some typos fixed. - Some events' texts were reworked...
  10. DenIS318

    Northrend: The Conquest

    Link to the latest version: epicwar.com/maps/304868/ Created by DenIS318 and Spinel. Lore: Northrend: The Conquest is a strategy map. The game starts at Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne timeline, when Arthas arrived to Northrend, as well as Illidan came from Draenor to destroy the Frozen Throne. The...
  11. DenIS318

    Northrend: The Conquest - 22/06/2019

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game date: 22.06.2019 Time - 20:00 CEST (we could wait around 10 minutes for people if it will be needed) Game name: NorthTC (probably will be hosted like a...