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  1. Hawk

    Site Update #14 [wc3maps Affiliaton, Roleplayers, Style]

    I am proud to announce Warhaven (and in turn warlcave and brigandshaven) affiliation with the currently most used site for info on hosted warcraft 3 custom maps, . Big shout-out to TriggerHappy for openness and friendliness in the affiliation proposal. =) And hopefully in the future we will be...
  2. AwesomeGuy

    Roleplay AwesomeGuy's Charactar - Frank Shell'a Mavet "The Raven Knight"

    Name: Frank Van Mavet The Raven Knight. (Can be reffered as "Sir Mavet" or "Raven Knight", only his friends may call him "Frank" and he doesnt have any.) Race: Human Age: 35 Proffesion: Paladin of The Raven Queen. (defense, front-line, combat support). Apperance: Heavily Armored Knight...
  3. Hawk

    D&D: 5th Edition, anyone interested?

    As the title says I have been preparing a homebrew campaign for some time and I'd like to run it with you guys. The party won't be bigger than five members and I already have one person who signed up so four more slots free. I'm trying to make the homebrew feel more realistic with the lore and...
  4. Hawk

    World of Alune Reborn! [OOC/Character Creation]

    After more than a year passed from the original WoA RP over on BH, and months after losing the original document holding ~30 pages of lore for the world I have crafted I have finally taken heed from my friends and role players to revive it back after so much time had elapsed from the original...