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  1. Ske

    Ske's Scourge guide to killing Dalaran

    Ske's Guide to Killing Dalaran. First of all. You take advantage of Scourges great economy. Lots of creeps and lumber in Northrend. Your first priority is the armor upgrades to keep your wyrms alive. Your next priority is ranged damage as your wyrms and nerubian flying units scale off ranged...
  2. Ske

    Strategy Thread - Team Scourge

    As a member of Union Of Strategists it is my duty to deliver you this amazing meta for: Team Scourge I have been trying this strategy with @CazDawg and @Tehfebeb which went extremely well. It is simple. Rush outland. Cyka Blyat. Outland you say? As Scourge? This must be a joke. How would...