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  1. Hawk

    Community & Staff update

    Greetings to all warhaveners, the staff wants to update everyone on the current happenings and future plans which will drive the community forward! A lot of important things happened and will happen, so I urge everyone to take a moment to read everything. Staff changes: Most important are the...
  2. Hawk

    Game Admin & Super Moderator Application Thread

    Fellow members, as I have pointed out in my Clan Update thread we are in need of some new staff to help us make everything run as it should be. There are two posts you can apply on, both important and very needed as of right now, similar in some fields but very different in most. Requirements...
  3. Maciekkub

    A Question again

    How many of the staff have decided to ban Sascas, cuz Hawk isn't able to understand my question, or atleast answer it?