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  1. Hawk

    Community & Staff update

    Greetings to all warhaveners, the staff wants to update everyone on the current happenings and future plans which will drive the community forward! A lot of important things happened and will happen, so I urge everyone to take a moment to read everything. Staff changes: Most important are the...
  2. Hawk

    Clan Update #4 [Diplo Affiliation, Community progress]

    With the utmost pleasure that I announce a revival of our affiliation with the people over from Diplomunion. Discord: https://discord.gg/hYhWuee Who is diplo you may ask? We at warclave and warhaven alike are very glad to have our buddies back at the affiliation list and hope we can...
  3. Hawk

    Warhaven Teamspeak!

    Exciting news to all members of the community, especially our TeamSpeak users. As our efforts progress in this joint project we have taken the next major step. The Warhaven Teamspeak server! Hosted by none other than us! The old UoS and BotR servers will both be redirected to the new server...
  4. Hawk

    Warhaven: a Community for all!

    What is Warhaven? Warhaven is as the title says, a community and everything around is built with the community in mind. It is a cooperative project of different, yet so very similar minded people, from UoS, Old Guard and BotR. These are the founding members but the whole idea is to include as...