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12 Days of Warhaven-Diplo Christmas


The Old Lion
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The Holidays are on their way, and you can bet this community will be there to spread the holiday spirits and joy! Everyone, and I mean everyone is welcome to join us every night starting tonight the 13th of December to hop on our TS/Discord and play their favorite games among friendly voices and friends! If you are new to the community now is the perfect time to join us in the fun. And as you might have noticed its a Warhaven-Diplo Xmas, which means even more people and fun to share around. They will be helping us with covering the late night-times for us EU members, and we will be covering their US times.

The basics:
Now that we got the introduction out of the way, the basic idea is to have a different multi-player game each night. The schedule will be posted below. Each of the nights will start from around 18:00~20:00 CET, depending on the staff member hosting the game. And each night (day) will be split between the two, amid one or more staff from WH and Diplo. Diplo games starting or better continuing off of where the WH stops. So if you want to pull an all nighter you're more than welcome to! ^_^

The schedule:
  • Friday 13/12/2019 - @ponasozis: CoH2, with the official start of the CoH2 tournament it's only fitting to blow up some tanks tonight.
  • Saturday 14/12/2019 - @Julian: LTF/Ice Gliders/Uther Party. @LordOfDead: Survival Chaos. All the games we used to play for hours each night when Warcraft was massively played, time to get those jolly old times happenin'.
  • Sunday 15/12/2019 - @Staff: CK2 what else is more fun than to cuck your friends character while you pillage their top holding and steal their loot?
  • Monday 16/12/2019 - @ZeroFlotsie: Warcraft 3 for the whole family!
  • Tuesday 17/12/2019 - @Brad: HotS and WC3 Reforged, a true blizzard only night time where you will get the opportunity to kill Arthas twice! ;)
  • Wednesday 18/12/2019 - Everyone needs a rest even our staff, unless you bug @Dragon enough and maybe he'll host something. =)
  • Thursday 19/12/2019 - @Arlt: Total War: Warhammer II, join the Asur in the defense against the Druchii, or prevail against the forces of chaos as the proud men of the Empire. We'll be doing numerous battle with various combinations on a multitude of maps! Start time: 19:00 CET
  • Friday 20/12/2019 - @Arlt: Civilization 5, do you want to show your might through your military conquests, or maybe you're more of the scientific leader? Maybe you just want to chill as Venice? Join us for Civilization 5 without mods! Some civs will be banned, but I'm up for discussing it. Start time: 19:00 CET
  • Saturday 21/12/2019 - @RedPandaLT and @Arlt: EU4, join RedPanda and Arlt in a battle for supremacy over the world but especially Europe! We will be using a few mods, so be prepared for some changes (probably missions and governments expanded).
  • Sunday 22/12/2019 - @Hawk: Vic2/Ck2, join Hawkr in some paradox madness that actually takes skill unlike these EU4 scrubs and most of all have fun and Christmas spirit. Start time: 19:00CET
  • Monday 23/12/2019 - @RedPandaLT and @Arlt: EU4 (continuation)
  • Tuesday 24/12/2019 - @Ironside: Heroes of the Storm so Deathwing lock and ez win?
All the schedules after on Diplo will be announced on their side!
NOTE: As you can not all the days have set starting times, so if you're on the TS/Discord from around 18:00 CET or follow the forum game threads on the site you'll won't miss anything!

Huge thanks to Diplo, and our dear @Abdel for helping us out with this collab hope it will bring our two close communities even closer!


Lord of Hate
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I mean I'll probably play warcraft on Monday, else I'll be playing alone xD


The Mighty Dragon
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flotsie i will help you in your fellowship, i will assemble the people!