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The Shadow
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Name: Ashryn
Title: Blood Witch
Race: Half Demon / Half Elf
Age: 26
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Background: When she was young, Ashryn's family decided to plan an escape off the island that their kind have been forcefully isolated on. Unfortunately, they have been caught and all executed, except for Ashryn. The Church has seen some potential in her and decided to recruit her, since they believed she is young enough to be "educated" by them. She agreed to do so, realising that is her only chance to stay alive. With them, she has trained for quite a while, in both combat and with her abilities, and started being assigned missions. Her anger and hate towards the Church has only grown with time and is always scheming on how to get revenge for her family. Due to this fact, she has become extremely bloodthirsty and an efficient killer. On one of the missions, she has come in contact with some Malum followers. She had joined them in secret and over some time, on different missions, met with them and trained in more ways. With their help she had unlocked another set of abilities, the Curse Magic. Some time has passed, and Ashryn eventually left and went rogue on one of the missions when she felt ready, and went into hiding. Ever since, she has been on the run. For 1 year she had honed her abilities and survived, until she got in contact with Malum himself.


- 2 short swords sheated on a belt at waist level
- 2 daggers sheated, one at each leg
- A simple cape with hood
- Armor from the image.
- Her top head is painted red, not natural. She chooses to keep it that way
- She is a natural white haired.


1. Blood Magic
- Blood Tracking -
Ashryn can use the blood of anyone to track them over some distances though smell. She also senses blood around her. (For example from an open wound)

- Blood Steal - Ability to siphon the blood of her target. Must be very close range. Target has time to fight back and stop her at the beginning of the cast, unless bound or incapacitated.

- Blood Empowerment - Any blood that Ashryn gets from whatever source (diminished for animals) empowers her, making her heal faster and be stronger. More blood, more power.

- Bloodlust - Ashryn enters into a state of rampage, with desire to kill. Her senses and combat abilities all increase.

- Mimicry - If through Blood Steal ability Ashryn consumes more than 50% of the target's blood, she can choose to transform for a limited time into the target, but only physical appearance. She would not be empowered if she chooses so. The ability limitations are 1 hour transformation at 50% and 4 hour at 100% drain.

- Longevity - Due to her nature, half elf and half demon and the ability to control Blood in some ways, Ashryn has a slower aging process and would live much longer than others. (Not that it technically matters since who dies of old age in RP)

2. Curse Magic (Some curses require her blood magic, some don't and some are just empowered by it. Stated at every ability)

- Marked for Death (Blood Required) - If Ashryn gets access to the blood of someone, she can Mark the target through an incantation. Ashyryn can track the marked target over any distance. The blood evaporates when this is done. The incantation is: "Ash zil burzum-ishi. Gû kîbum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha gûm-ishi, ashi gurum." (I stole it from Lord of The Rings. I don't even know if it is correct. It means "One light alone in the darkness. There is no life in the cold, in the dark. Here in the void, only death.")

- Primal Ritual (Own Blood Required) - Ashryn uses her own blood to draw a pentagram on the ground in which she would stay for a moment to activate it. Once done, she would enter in a primal state and act on instinct and become a killing machine. In this state she can see and sense the blood of others from distance (the blood inside of people not inside). She is still a logical creature in this state and can choose who to attack (usually goes for the Marked Target if nearby), but she acts on impulses. It's not easy for her to stop this ability.

- Aura of Shadows (No Blood Required) - Ashryn creates an aura around her that affects nearby targets to lose vision of her. Much weaker targets would simply not see her while equal targets would have their vision distorted. For example someone equally as strong would see a silhouette, a person there, but they would not be able to see her face to identify her unless very close.

- Fear inducement (No Blood Required) - Ability to induce fear or desperation or be susceptible to being feared by Ashryn.

- Pain Inducement (Own Blood Required) - Ashryn will cut herself slighty with the blade/weapon she chooses to use. If she hits a target succesfully and would the target (even slightly. Just need to enter in contact with the target's blood), the target would suffer great pain. Greater than the wound itself, and make the wound slower to heal.


Power Level 2
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