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Azeroth Wars LR 1.91


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Download Link(1.91b):

1.91 Changelog
To circumnavigate several issues regarding the workability of the map we have decided to go back to version 1.85. This is because of the stability this version of the map gives us.

A lot of triggers have had their numerous leaks removed. This includes some like the Demon Gates and the plague cauldrons which leaked significantly and would have contributed to the stability issues associated with the game running out of memory.

Removed Badlands -- Burning Steppes rock passage
Added Badlands -- Augur rock passage
Increased Rock Chunks hp from 1000 → 1500

Eastern Kingdoms
Reterrained Twilight Highlands, Dun Modr and Loch Modan. It’s placed further north, more expansive and accurate.
Added destructible rocks from Badlands towards Augur region
Added destructible rocks from Burning Steppes to Augur region
Reterrained Blasted Lands
Added Booty Bay and an eastern coastline with creeps and a connected island

Removed mountain borders in Mulgore, Ashenvale, Felwood, Darkshore and Stonetalon Peaks, added treewalls and rock chunks
Re-terrained Winterspring, now contains hostile creeps guarding the control point

Scroll of Teleportation unit limit from 100 to 48 and reduced the cost to 200
The Ultimate shield is now named Sulfuras
Added Gorehowl starts in Grom Hellscream's inventory
Added Serathil, is dropped by Kor’gall
Added new item to Goblin Merchant, Gem of True Seeing, costs 400 gold, drops upon death, can be sold to Goblin Merchant

Added Additional Creep Camps in Eastern Kingdoms as a whole

New Events
Created Bloodpact for Gray Warsong Clan. Grey can take the Bloodpact from the start of the game. This will improve Grom and his orcish units but he must reach Moonglade within 10 minutes otherwise Mannoroth will emerge from the Twisting nether and enslave Grom and all of Grey’s orcish units.
Created three Internment Camps that the Horde can destroy and gains additional orc units that would follow to Eastern Kingdoms.
Created new Darkspear Island event, sail to the island, kill the witch, both factions gain troll units and additional ships.
Created new Horde events on Kalimdor:
Tauren Village - fight centaurs and gain Cairne as an ally
Stonemaul - Slay Kor’gall and gain the allegiance of the Stonemaul ogres.
Stonetalon peak - Slay the harpies and recruit the Wyverns into the horde
Go to Gadgetzan in Tanaris and gain the support of the Goblins there.
Subjugate Zul’farrak and recruit the Trolls there.
Find Rexxar in the Barrens and gain his support
Created new Night Elf events on Kalimdor. Travel south and gain control of the bases Feathermoon and Cenarion Hold

Many abilities have had their descriptions updated and had slight number changes.
Nerfed Windwalk mana cost, duration and cooldown, cooldown is 2 seconds longer than the max duration of windwalk invisibility
Gave Lordaeron & Arathor primary buildings mana pool + their summon garrison
A lot of descriptions have been fixed across the game


Reduced the cost of the web upgrade from 150 to 80
Added lvl 4 & 5 to Great Unholy Aura
Added lvl 2 & 3 Mass Animate Dead, rebalanced & fixed desc

Added Satyrs on Kalimdor. They have Ancient of War buildings that you can train instantly for free and have a stock system.
If Blue kills the Internment camp buildings before pink or grey he can gain some fel orc units.
Adjusted the stats on Feedback for Dreadlords, burns more mana on heroes and units, but the mana burned only 40% of it is dealt as damage towards heroes, 100% on regular

No longer gains free troops after the loss of the Capital building and Stratholme.
Replaced the Paladin in the Capital City with a Knight.
Consecrated Strikes now affected by Iron Forged Swords from 20% chance to deal 45 in AoE → 20% chance to deal 30 /35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70 damage
Improved Light Bursts heal from 100 to 120.

Three new masteries
  • Arcane Mastery Improves Dalarans arcane magic. Gives Arcanists, Hydromancer, Kirin Tor, Battlemage, Jaina and Antonidas 30% bonus movement speed. Improves the Forked Lightning, Arcane Recall and Phase Blade abilities.

  • Fire Mastery Improves Dalarans fire magic. Gives Pyromancer, Jaina, Antonidas, Frigates, Battleship and Flagship 20 damage and 150 attack range. Improves the Firebolt and Chain of Fire abilities on Pyromancers.

  • Frost Mastery Improves Dalarans frost magic. Gives Hydromancer, Battlemage, Kirin Tor, Jaina and Antonidas 3 mana regeneration. Improves Frost Cell, Water Elemental and Mana Shield abilities.

  • Frost Mastery Hydromancer Water Elementals have lower hp, resistant skin, mana shield, 6 mana regeneration and 10 more damage
Increased Improved Arcane towers damage by 10
Removed The Violet Hold CP in Dalaran Dungeons, changed Dalaran Underbelly into Dalaran Dungeons 10g/min
Changed Violet Citadel into Dalaran and increased income from 20g/min to 30g/min

High Elven Magi have been removed from the game.
Increased Improved Arcane tower damage by 10

Farseers now require Orgrimmar to be trained
Can no longer train Troll Batriders

New Zeppelin unit, squishy, slow movespeed, can’t attack, but it can transport 6 units. Limited to 6.
Removed the Troll Warlord unit
Added in Warsong Commanders, can change raiders damage type to seige and boost the movement speed of allied units. Limited to 5.
Grey can now train up to 8 Batriders.
Rexxar now has Stormbolt as his Q ability rather than healing spray.
Changed Raider damage type to normal from siege
Changed the heal on Ogre Magi to the Eye of Kilrogg ability
Possessed Grom Hellscream is now significantly stronger

Light Blue
Added New Masteries
  • Added new Grace of Elune Mastery; Increases the health of all Sentinel units by 100, doubles their health regeneration, increases their armor and improves Priestess ‘Heal’ ability.
  • Added new Sentinel War Training Mastery; Improves the Sentinel Battle Training passive on Sentinels, Huntresses, Archers and Shadowleaf Elites and increases their damage by 5 and movement speed by 10%.
  • Added new Strategy Mastery; Increases the damage by 30, movement speed by 20% and attack range by 250 on Battleships, Frigates, Transport Ships and Glaive Throwers. Also levels up Board Ship ability on Auberdine, increasing the number of Battleships summoned from 3 → 6 and duration from 40 sec → 120 sec
Slightly increased Shandris’ damage
Decreased Shandris starting hp by 100
Archers have had their damage, hitpoints and cost increased
Huntresses have had their damage, hitpoints and cost increased
Archers now have poison damage on hit
Archers now have the Silencing Shot ability that interrupts spell casting.
Reworked the Priestesses abilities
Removed the Acolyte unit.
Added new Guild Assassin Elite
Guild Rangers now have the mark ability, reduces enemy armour and shadow strike.
Shandris now starts in Ashenvale
Removed Elune’s Grace, added Sentinel Battle Training gives critical strike and evasion
Reduced Hippo riders HP from 765 to 650
Hippos no longer benefit from improved bows
Nerfed trueshot aura to 10/15/20/25/30%

Added new building, Nordrassil Ancient Protector, long range siege attacks with daylight regeneration. Replaces the Ancient protectors on the mountains around Hyjal.
Added new ability Summon Oaklings to Improved Ancient Protector and Tree of Life. Can be leveled up from 1 → 2.
Added new ability Summon Entlings to Tree of Ages & Eternity, can be leveled up from 1 → 4. The Nature’s Blessing upgrade levels up the Summon Entlings ability.
Added new Forest Mastery; Increases the health of all Ancients, Tree summons and Wisps by 200, improves Wisps wood harvesting from 2 → 3 and levels up the ability Summon Oaklings & Entlings.
Decreased the collision size of all uprooted ancients from 144 → 100, 75 and 50.
Increased the base movement speed of all ancients from 80 → 140
The druid of the Talon, druid of the claw, mountain giant and dryads have had their cost and stats scaled. Brown’s units are now typically stronger but more expensive
The abilities of druids of the Talon and Claw in morphed and night elven form have been significantly revamped
Removed the Keepers of the Grove unit.
Dryads now once again have abolish magic
Removed the Furbolg units
Rebalanced the cost of Brown’s Tree of Life buildings
The horn is now invulnerable until a unit from brown touches it
Thorns aura changed from 5/10/20/30/40 → 10/20/30/40/50%

Added new building, Ironforge Garrison Tower, stronger version of Dwarven Keep Tower as a part of the Ironforge defences.
Rebalanced Mithril Armor. Mithril Armor now benefits from armor upgrades. Ability can level from 1-9.
Thanes Heavy Bash can now be improved by Iron Forged Swords upgrade. From 6% chance to deal 50 damage and stuns for 2 seconds → 7 /8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15% chance to deal 40 /50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds (ministuns heroes).
Improved the defences in Khaz Modan and Loch Modan
Tavern’s ability Alcohol Consumption heal increased from 10 → 15 and number of units affected from 10 → 20
Buffed Place Land Mine damage & radius, now deals 300 full & 200 partial in a combined 400 AoE, costs 120 mana and have 60 second cooldown. Does not deal damage towards allied units.
Reworked Masteries; Fortification Mastery, Siege Mastery and Warrior Mastery
  • Fortification Mastery; Increases health of all buildings by 300, armor by 2 and improves the - Dwarven Masonry armor aura. Also gives your Castle and Keep buildings a powerful long range cannon attack.

  • Siege Mastery; Increases the damage of Flying Machines, Mortar Teams, Steam Tanks and Battleships by 20 and movement speed by 20%. Gives Steam Tanks the Stun Mine ability.

  • Warrior Mastery; Gives Dwarven Warriors, Thanes and heroes 150 health, 2 bonus armor and 1.5 health regeneration. Also grants Dwarven Warriors resistant skin. Levels up Mithril Armor.
Nerfed Gryphon Riders Purge range from 700 → 400 and CD from 10 → 15 and hero duration from 5 → 3.5
Removed Tavern’s 6 limit.
Removed old mastery tech requirement on Gryphon’s Chain lightning, created new upgrade ‘Lightning Hammers’ that can give you the ability
Changed Dwarven Dominion’s movement speed bonus to attack speed
Increased Gnomeregan missile damage
Increased Magni and Muradin’s HP and regen
Buffed Magni’s Storm Bolt, 75 mana cost on all levels, 2 seconds stun on heroes on all levels, damage done 200/280/360/440/520 and stun on normal 5/6/7/8/9
Increased mana cost on Place Landmine from 75 to 120
Added new custom ability Detonate for Dwarven Engineers ability Mine. Mines can now be manually selected and detonated.
Created new ability; Kaboom Tram! Special ability given to Deeprun Tram to make it self destruct and deal 1500 damage in a 350 radius. You lose 15g/min from doing this.
Removed Flak Cannons and Barrage upgrades, Flying Machine and Steam Tank now start with it, Flying Machine bomb gold cost increased from 50 → 125

Dark Green
Captain’s Devotion Aura now improves from every second Iron Plating upgrade. From 6 → 3 /4/5/6/7
Stormwind Champions Heavy Plating now improves from every Iron Plating upgrade. From 12 → 8 /10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24
Reworked Masteries; Cavalry Mastery, Guard Mastery and Empire Mastery
  • Cavalry Mastery Grants Outriders, Stormwind Champions, Knights, Conjurers and Varian Wrynn 10% movement speed, 20% attack speed and 15 damage. Improved the ‘First Strike’ ability.

  • Guard Mastery; Grants all shield wearing units, 200 hp, bonus armor and 1 hp regen. And Improved Steel Plating passive.

  • Empire Mastery; Stronger infrastructure, navy, air units, siege units and leadership. Grants all buildings, ships, air units, siege units and heroes 10% bonus hp, bonus armor and 10 damage and 0,5 regen.
Reduced Axemen hitpoints by 60 and armor by 1 also changed armor to medium
Removed shatter armour from mercenaries.

Put Tiny Great Hall and Summon Fel Orc Peons in Kargath’s inventory
Buffed the Black Temple Demon Gate, spawns more demons
Fel Energy Heal from 200 → 250
War Plating on Horde Cavalry from 25% chance to block 15 damage → 35%. Level 2 from Fel Strength Mastery also improves ability to 70% chance to block 25 damage.
Fel Strength Mastery gives Kargath and Rend 10 strength & 10 agility
Changed Eye of Kilrogg ability. Now summons a very fast invisible eye unit with very fast movement speed. Lasts 5 minutes.
Added additional Transport ships in the Blasted Lands
Rearranged some of the Starting Units in Outland
Unholy armor no longer reduces life, it reduces the target's hp regen by 2 per second for the duration
Added old-new ability Fel Armor to Magtheridon, removed Cleaving Attack ability and added 40% cleave directly onto his damage attack
Reduced Kazzak HP from 2200 → 1600.
1.91a Changelog
Fixed this weird bug where you couldn’t train Keepers of the Grove for some reason
Brown can only train 2 Keepers at the start of the game. He can get 6 once he grabs Cenarian hold.
Fixed Drek’thar’s Q and W abilities being swapped around.
1.91b Changelog
Fixed other factions being able to train unlimited Keepers of the Grove
Increased Vol'jin and Rokhan's starting levels
Fixed numerous UI errors that displayed v1.81.
Hell it’s about time.

The first thing I am going to say is sorry, a very big sorry for taking so fucking long. It took us quite awhile to find our feet as an editing team, I would say the majority of the work was done in the last two months. The first few months being spent trying to understanding the issues with 1.9 and deciding on whether to attempt to continue to use 1.9, go back to an earlier version or use origins as a base for the future of LR. Which does bring me onto the topic I want to talk about - going back to 1.85.

After it became apparent that using 1.9 wouldn’t be possible, this is because at some point someone put in a UWMSE trigger which prevents the map from being opened in the regular Jassnewgen editor. Essentially the only way to open it was to use a bugged version of the editor which somehow was able to continue editing the map despite this fatal error. We basically went through and deleted one by one every trigger to try and find the one that was causing the issues, however we were unable to find the offending trigger. Which meant we either had to keep using 1.9, or use an alternative version of AWLR to start with. We eventually settled on 1.85 as we knew that it was a stable version of the map and also Thurr and I are intimately familiar with this version making further changes significantly easier.

This going back to 1.85 means that a significant amount of changes have be wound back including the numerous small balance changes and the more significant gameplay changes that were made. The changelog above summaries what has changed from 1.85 to 1.91 but does not describe everything that has been lost by going from 1.9 to 1.91. This is because coming up with such a list would be such a momentous task it would probably delay this version until 2018.

I know some people will be very sad that their favorite strategy, unit or event added after 1.85 isn’t in the game anymore. We do want to hear about these as I am sure there are plenty of small things that changed that people loved that I missed. Just a word on a few major things that are not in this version because we have other plans going forward. These are SA tiers, Gilneas, Browns Elite and Stromgarde which we have ideas different from 1.9 that we ran out of time to implement in the next version which fingers crossed will be out in a much smaller time frame than this one.

In the end the direction we are taking the map is the same regardless of the starting point. This means that no matter what version we took as a base we would eventually end up in the same place after a few versions.

I have uploaded the map to MMH and it should hopefully be appearing shortly.

One of the biggest delays we had in getting the map out was trying to find a way to test the map prior to launch. So I would like to give a big thank you to Enclop and the UoS crew who let us use their bot and to all the testers who participated in the testing. Your feedback was very valuable.

Also to Thurr and Dave_Rolf (or Flor_evad as I see him sometimes) a big thanks for joining my team and being part of this crazy idea I had to resurrect LR.

And as always your feedback on these forums is always appreciated. Although I do not always (very rarely) reply I read every post and take your suggestions to heart.

TLDR: Sorry its fucking late hope you guys enjoy.
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High Elven Magi have been removed from the game.
Increased Improved Arcane tower damage by 10



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I will try it tommorrow or something, nice to see a new version!!