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Azeroth Wars - Reborn (Version 2.09)


GrimmHeart Darksbane
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Hello everyone
Upon LTF's downfall, I've decided to come back to the old school and restarted to play Azeroth Wars quite a lot
For a while it's community had disappeared but with the recent creation of a discord dedicated to it and the activity of his editor
Azeroth Wars had seen its community enlarged, and is now actively being edited and I'd say a dozen of games are being played everyday or so
Which is quite a lot if we'd to compare it to LTF or even LTA

Link to discord : https://discord.gg/4eGZnR5

Latest video :

This video was casted by lordsebas, the current editor of the map

Since 1.88g the map saw a lot of versions balancing fights and fixing buggs
Which is one of the main reason why it wasn't so popular
People like to see new content and it's being added currently

A whole new system of path and alliances has been added, you can check those on the top right corner of the map near the mastery buildings

New and reworked paths :

You might not be aware of it, but Naga/Illidari is back in the map, through the elves of Quel'Thalas
Upon going Naga, the elven player will unally NA and have to defend Quel'Thalas during the timer on which Naga is being activated
In the meantime Dalaran and Lordaeron can choose between 2 paths
Scarlet and Silverhand for Lordaeron, and 2 paths for the Dalaran player
Each path unlock one type of Titan, unique unit summonable by casters
Once choosing one, Dalaran unlocks Kul Tiras which gives access to 3 new limited units

Those paths have been made to allow NA to play vs Evil without Elves

In addition to this, Dark Horde, or anyone alone if their ally left or went observer
Can research the Quiraj path, upon doing so he will lose everything and gain control of Cthun and the Quiraji on
Forsaken is also going to be one of those paths, with the condition of scourge leaving and maybe some more

Here's a pic about the Independance path for NA :


If you are interested in seeing what's coming after : https://docs.google.com/document/d/11fSkRQ-T5jKNydsLqEEgfXI_qXWF09xobXiR2Uyqgjs/edit

Masteries & Tiers :
A lot of masteries have been reworked
Scourge and Sentinels had their masteries revamped
Dg has new tiers, yellow has a special mechanic to get tiers
Dark Horde also has new tiers, which you'll see in game through units like Elder Eredars, Death knights and co
And most of the factions are going to see their masteries reworked

So if you remember how Azeroth used to be
You might not recognise it anymore
The map is really reborn, we got a lot of new players
And for those who already have a good lvl
We also play some close matchs to check balance or else

Hope you are interested


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Map Maker
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,,Can research the Quiraj path, upon doing so he will lose everything and gain control of Cthun and the Quiraji on" I hear this somewhere just cant tell where


Queen of Warhaven
Map Maker
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=> Purple taken for Scourge
=> Violet was awful
=> Oj for Warsong cuz fits with Red Horde
=> Gray from Campaign
Violet is not awful you monkey.
Dalaran has never adorned Gray colors except in WC3 Reign of Chaos were it was used because guess what
1. Dalarans purple was used by the Scourge (player)
2. Violet not in the game
3. Lazy Devs

OJ for Warsong OMEGALUL
Brown for Warsong you monkey.

smh my head


GrimmHeart Darksbane
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Hey Holiday bitch
Go tell this to Casual, I'm not the map Editor
And yes Dalaran was gray on the Wc3 campaign, and it looks good compared to violet
Violet was tried and people didn't like it, and by this I mean 99% of the peeps who tried it