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Name: Balpameth
Title: The Black Goat
Age: Ancient
Race: Eldritch

Eldritch Arsenal:
  • Servant of the Old Ones - Balpameth regenerates himself by using matter and energy surrounding it. This regeneration can recover any kind of wound, for Balpameth is merely a vessel. If defeated, Balpameth will still regenerate, but this will take some time. There is only one weakness to this, defeating Balpameth in a space stripped of matter and energy.
  • Eldritch Warlords (uncontrollable) - The 4 Eldritch Warlords can emerge in the world of Avgoth to communicate with Balpameth or another person. The Warlords are very tall (although they can change), are a very high level but do not fight, they only warn, command or deal. Characters are however able to feel their supreme power, which may prove useful in gaining followers for the great Old Ones.
  • Immortality - Balpameth has eternal life by means of Black Magic (this means immortality in the sense of never aging and being immune to natural death, not being unkillable).
  • Minion Limit - The combined Power Level of all minions under Balpameth must be a maximum of Power Level +1 of Balpameth.
  • Unknown Predator - Anyone who lays eyes on or faces an Eldritch for the first time gains the horrified effect which gives disadvantage in their actions against the Eldritch.
  • Eldritch Summoning (ritual) - Summon an Eldritch from the void to the battlefield. This eldritch is at first hostile to everyone (NPC). If a corpse is used, then the Eldritch is the same level as the corpse. Otherwise an Eldritch of the same Power Level as Balpameth can be summoned. Alternatively, Balpameth can sacrifice his soul to summon an Eldritch under his control of Balpameth's Power Level +1, but in this case Balpameth is unconscious until the summon ends and this eldritch has access to Balpameth's spells. List of Eldritch: Eldritch
  • Enslave Summons - Balpameth is able to enslave any summoned creature of the same Power Level as Balpameth. Alternatively, he can sacrifice his soul to enslave a summon of Balpameth's Power Level +1, but in this case Balpameth is unconscious until the summon ends and this summon has access to Balpameth's spells.
  • Eldritch Blast - A beam of crackling energy streaks toward a creature within range. Striking an enemy with this spell can push them away.
  • Eldritch Invocations - Balpameth can use the effects of all Eldritch Invocations, adjusted accordingly to the session.
  • Gift of Yoz'aggdoxr - TBA
  • Gift of Z'ethraxz - TBA

Black Magic:
  • Book of Black Magic (ritual) - Using the Necronomicon, Balpameth casts a spell that he doesn't know yet, but finds in his book. Discussed with DM beforehand.
  • Dark Ritual - Balpameth's complex spells require a ritual to cast, which takes some time to prepare. But in return, these spells are more powerful.
  • Shadow Doll (ritual) - Creates a shadow doll that can be used to manipulate the body of an unfortunate target. This effect can only work against lower Power Level than Balpameth. In order to create a doll, an essence (hair, blood, etc.) of the target must be used.
  • The Bottomless Page - A page in the Necronomicon that is pitch black and contains no text. Anything non-living can be placed on this page and be stored away for later use.
  • Pentagram of Blood - Uses a drip of her own blood or someone else's. When this drip of blood is dropped to the ground, a Pentagram drawn in blood is created. This Pentagram holds the same Power Level as the person whose blood was used. This pentagram can be used to perform rituals.
  • Sphere of Blood (ritual) - A Sphere is formed out of Blood that is equal to the Power Level of the Pentagram of Blood. Beings are unable to enter or leave this sphere.
  • Ritual of Doom (ritual) - A corpse or item must be sacrificed to cast this ability. After this ritual is cast, Balpameth is unable to drop below 1 HP for a duration. The duration is 3 minutes * Power Level of Corpse. Alternatively, a Pentagram of Blood can also be used as sacrifice.
  • Remove Soul (ritual) - Balpameth removes his soul and stores it in a page in the Necronomicon to render him immune to all forms of mind afflictions, but he cannot sacrifice his soul for his spells while his soul is stored in the book.
  • Astral Projection (ritual) - Enables Balpameth to leave his body and become a Spectre, allowing him to travel as an independent creature safe from harm, can move through obstacles.
  • Ancestral Evocation (ritual) - A ritual that allows Balpameth to commune with the dead or even summon them into this world as a Familiar. Something belonging to the deceased person must be used as a medium.
  • Locator Spell (ritual) - A ritual that allows Balpameth to find the location of a person by using something that belongs to that person as a medium.

Tremor Est Futurus:
  • Retrocognition & Precognition - Allows Balpameth to get a glimpse into future or past events. This can be used by either concentrating (ceasing all other actions), or by using it as a ritual to be more powerful.
  • Future Manipulation - A fragment of the nearby future can be manipulated to give advantage to Balpameth. This increases the success chance of that specific action by 50%. The action must be declared in advance for this ability to be used. Has a cooldown of 10 emotes.

Power Level 2:

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