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Character for CoA - Alesthia Fireleaf


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Name: Alesthia Jariyanna Fireleaf
Title: Empress of Elaaden, Ruler of the Elven Empire
Race: Avian
Age: 32 (Physical) ; 7.497 (Years She has lived through)
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 81 kg

Alesthia Fireleaf was born originally with a different surname, and was just an ordinary Elven Girl, in an Elven Civilization that was already quite blooming. She and her Generation of other equally aged Elves were said to be able to get really far both socially and politically. These Elves were aging normally, and all lived on a far away Landmass. That Landmass, was the medium-sized Continent of Elaaden. This Then-Kingdom thrived, but one Day, that would all change...
She and her Twin Sister Vallerya, and their Brother Tallaron, had just turned 28, when all of them, just as much as all of the other Inhabitants of Elaaden experienced the same Vision:
A Magical Being of pure Magic Energy of all Elements was speaking to all Inhabitants in their Dreams. It spoke of a Possibility to gain immortality, in terms of Aging, and unimaginable Powers beyond their understanding. The Price for that, would have been their beloved Family, only the last standing member of their Family would be granted this Power and the ensuing immortality. When Vallerya and Tallaron awoke earlier than Alesthia, what they did was horrible in nature: They in fact went off and killed their own Family, leaving Alesthia for the last to kill, as it was their Dear Sister afterall. However, as they were upon killing Alesthia, Tallaron was full of Doubts, not wanting to kill his Little Sister just for Power and Immortality, However Vallerya was aggressive and pushed for the Death. The 2 of them got into a hefty and loud Arguement which ultimately woke up Alesthia and warned her about it. Instinctively, She went to check it out, but grabbed a nearby Scissor just for safety measures, as there was nothing else She knew She could of used. Surely enough, Vallerya went to slit open Tallaron’s Throat, watching him suffer, and die in agony, as He bled out on the Floor. Horrified by this act, Alesthia screamed out loud and went to poke out Vallerya’s Eyes with the Scissors, though at first accidentally, and then went to slam those Scissors into Vallerya’s Forehead. This effectively left only Alesthia as the last living Member of her Family. For the First and a Half Hour, nothing happened. No Visionary Power, no Immortality, nothing. The 2 Hours after that, were spent crying over the lost Family over nothing. Then, a Strange Light formed, consisting of the Spirits of her Family, and as it formed, it then slowly hovered above the Ground, before floating off. Alesthia, noticing this and squinting her Eyes at this, followed the Light by instinct, and ended up at a Larger than Life Tree, where everyone else had gathered aswell. These People were different though, Alesthia could see the Greed in their Eyes, and the Blood on their Hands. She figured out that these waiting times She had to endure were because everyone else was having Trouble too. Afterall, Elvish Families back in her Days were stupidly large.
Either Way, Their Spirits were shook, all of them had amassed their Bubble. Alesthia noticed a small Detail, which was that hers was bigger than anyone else’s, which was most likely due to the Fact that Her Family used to be One of the Largest, if not the largest Family. Then a Voice rang out throughout their Heads again, telling them their Congratulations, and that it was pleased to see these Children’s Devotion. Truly, Alesthia thought, everyone of her own Generation of Age, was doing as the Vision required. Then, She could feel the Energy from the Spirits of her Dead Family surge into her. The Energy and the Fury of her Dead Family mixed and created a Fiery Orange Color, with which it seeped into Alesthia, changed her lightly in appearance but increased her Magic Potential by nearly 500% and not only that but also her Magic Reserves and her Ability to master One Specific Element that She could choose now, before all others. She chose the Fire, burning as vivid in her Heart as the Rage at her Sister and Brother. As a Follow-Up, She felt another Surge of Energy, now almost overwhelming and she could feel her Mind almost imploding, However that was only shortly as She then regained control. Her Eyes were now glowing in a fierce Orange, her Iris’ at least, while a Tattoo magically formed on the back of her Right Hand. Meanwhile, the Tree they had assembled at, grew even larger and larger, soon towering over all of them with a Height of a Mountain, surpassing even the Mountains. Almost simultaneously, the Construction of both, a Tower to contain Sages and other Magic Students, and a Palace and City to contain the new council that should have formed then, but Alesthia had other plans in mind...
After this Event, it wouldn’t have taken long before Alesthia would have started to change her Family Name into Fireleaf, fitting for the Tattoo that had formed on the back of her Hand. This prompted her not only to climb the Ladder socially, but also politically. Which she did, over the course of a mere Three Thousand Years, having ruled for Half of that Time as Empress of Elaaden. After those Three Thousand Years of Purely Political and Social Conflict, and widespread mating with other Families, from her Daughter and Grandchildren, (I could go into Political Detail about the Time she ruled but I will leave that for IC interaction) her Thoughts changed to a more adventurous kind as She was notified of Traders from across the Sea, and went out to the Harbor to check for herself. Once being confirmed in her Belief that there was another continent, She immediately booked a Ship and went over there. She explored the Weeping Tundra and the Sickly Thicket, being amazed by the Elven Culture that had developed over there, before disappearing from Vision completely, and about a few Hundred years later, re-appearing at the Side of Alucard. Fast Forward 4 Thousand Years, And she was Married to Alucard, had a Child with him, and then was ruling the Bloodied Hills, being the Queen of Vampires, having been turned a Nosferatu in those long Years.
Recently however, her Heart had been broken, just as was her Trust, when Alucard cheated on her. When She found out about that, Post-Mortem, she was shattered and sought to distance herself from her Former Husband.
In an Exchange of Important Goods, Alesthia’s Soul then went to Mana, the Arcane Smith of the Hunters from the Green Valley, delivered by Thawnissa Soulwind.
In a Twist of Fate, Her Soul was redeemed in the process of an Exorcism, and almost even purified. Then, it was put in a Magically Altered Body, that normally wouldn’t have existed, were it not have been for Experiments with Physical Alteration by Magic. And this, is where the New Alesthia comes in...
In this Alternative Timeline of how Things went, She has been Enlisted by Malum to help him conquer a Planet and multiple Continents. Knowing that, Before She could face down anyone of her old Foes and Former Allies, She would need to get back into her Bodily Features, and her Magic Usage, She accepted on the Condition to take any and all Treasures She would find on her Journey, with her, once She would be transported back Home by him after the Conquest would be Successful.


1. Pyromancy and Pyrokinesis (Main)

  • Using Magical Flames (And their many variations in Size and Shape) [Pyromancy]
  • Creating Objects with flaming attributes but solid shape and tangibility out of thin air [Pyrokinesis]
  • Fire Shroud (Like the Demon Hunter in Warcraft 3 but with normal Fire) [Sub-Ability of Pyromancy]
    [Ultimate] The Phoenix
    Alesthia uses a lot of Energy to enhance her very body with Pyrokinetic Energies and take on the Shape of a Phoenix, dealing High Damage, being able to fly into the Air and bombard the Area below her with Fireballs or Firebreath from above. During this, enhanced resistance against Ranged Attacks. She will be slightly weakened and exhausted after this, being unable to fight for 2 whole emotes.

2. Aeromancy and Aerokinesis

  • Using Magical Winds [Aeromancy]
  • See Pyrokinesis for Example [Aerokinesis]

3. Telekinesis

  • No further Explaination needed, strength of it will vary depending on the Opponent and her own power.

Power Level 2: