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Roleplay Character Sheet Guide

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Your character sheet should be posted in either the Public Sheets or Private Sheets sub forum. Your sheet must contain at least the following elements:
  • Name.
  • Age.
  • A list of all abilities and accurate descriptions of what they do. You can go ahead and add abilities for future levels, but be sure to put something like (lvl X) before said ability.
  • A list of spent stat points into every stat.
  • A description about your character's personality, appearance and background (This is mostly just to let me know a bit about the character, so it can be short).
  • A picture that at least roughly represents what your character looks like. (Players should post their characters appearance in the discord. Although hidden appearances, such as transformations can wait untill you actually use them.)
Characters can choose between level 1, 2 and 3. (Max lvl is 10, 8 breaches into godhood so 7 is the max you'll be able to reach unless something really special happens, note that it will still be very hard to reach 7). Chars with power lvl 3 get 100 stat points, chars with lvl 2 get 120 stat points, and lvl 1 get 140 stat points. So, although a 3 is far stronger than a 1, those who start with lower levels will have the advantage later on, if they manage to survive and level up that is.

Main Stats:
  • Health: determines your endurance and vitality of your character.
  • Energy: determines the total supply of energy and their energy regeneration, which affects the amount of abilities you are able to cast.
  • Strength: determines the physical strength of your character, also affects what the character can carry. For example, someone with 1 strenght can't wear full plate armor.
  • Agility: determines the flexibility, maneuverability, reflexes, sneak and speed of your character.
  • Spell Power: determines the power, range and size of your magical abilities.
  • Physical Defense: determines your effectiveness at defending and countering physical attacks.
  • Magical Defense: determines your effectiveness at defending and countering magical attacks.
Misc Stats:
  • Charisma: determines how good you're at persuading or intimidating opponents.
  • Luck: determines your overall luck during actions you perform, such as a coin toss.
  • Intelligence: determines your wisdom, knowledge and overall intelligence. This improves your chance at discovering secrets and solving puzzles, and possible insight in how your opponent's abilities may work.
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