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Community Teamspeak Connection Guide


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The TS is the core of the clan community, and the first stop to join or set up games on the fly. There's almost always people online and up for a game.
Given that we live in an age of discord and generations who view Teamspeak the same way that we ancient ones view MSN and the like,
it is only logical we hand out a little guide on the deep intricacies of making Teamspeak work for you.

In order to join, all you need to do is..

1. Download the latest stable version of TS3 client from the site - TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak
2. Install the client, and set up playback and capture via the installation wizard.
3. Open the program, click on 'Connections', 'Connect', and then input the following information.
( 3.1 Alternatively, to create a permanent bookmark so that you don't have to put the information in again. Click Control B, click add bookmark. And put in the information. )

Server Address:
Nickname: (Whatever you wish here)

4. Click 'Connect' and you're ready to go!