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Xmas Game Europa Universalis IV - 21/12/2019 19:00 CET


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Hello people
Tomorrow Me and Arlt are playing to host a modded Eu4 game. We will be using Missions expanded and Governments expanded to spice up the game a bit and make it less boring. The mods add new mission tree's , rework old ones, add unique governments and add new formables. To take an early look at them use this link Missions Expanded Trees - Paradox Modding Cooperation . The game will be divided into 2 days for a longer gameplay. Here are also some rules that will help define the balance:

1: Don’t be a dick when it comes to peace deals with other players.Demand a reasonable amount of land, no truce breaking

2: If a player surrenders, sue for peace. If needed will be paused to complete it.

3: If you play as subject, you have to actually help in your overlords wars, but if you get over 50% liberty desire it’s fine not to help and be rebeliuos

4: Don’t use exploits or you will be kicked

5: You can only have a maximum of 3 allies (subjects and personal union count in this if they are players).HRE emperor can have 4 to help him get votes. Top 3 great powers cant ally each other or have same allies. Trade leagues count as alliances.

6: Have a pc being able to run at 3 speed or you will be kicked.

7: During the religious wars you can only join your religion side or only if your rival has joined the opposite side.

We hope to talk with you in our teamspeak and have a good game.