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Forum Game Europa universalis IV Forum game 2020/02/07 17:00 cet


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Im gonna be hosting a multiplayer game of Europa Universalis with 3 mods, goverments expanded, missions expanded and subjects. Check the mod steam links for more infomation:
Missions expanded: Missions Expanded Trees - Paradox Modding Cooperation
And Subjects Expanded:

And we will be using these rules:

1: Don’t be a dick when it comes to peace deals with other players.Demand a reasonable amount of land, no truce breaking.Dont be sturborn at sueing for peace , please dont ruin your country.

2: if a player surrenders, sue for peace. If needed will be paused to complete it.

3: if you play as subject with a player overlord , you have to actually help in your overlords wars, but if you get over 50% liberty desire it’s fine not to help and be rebeliuos

4: don’t use exploits or you will be kicked

5: Have a pc being able to run at 3 speed or you will be kicked.

6: During the religious wars you can only join your religion side or only if your rival has joined the opposite side.(any other religion, like sunni or orthodox can join whatever side)
Joining mid game is allowed.

Write what nations you want to be as and I hope you join me.

Arlt - France
Diadon - Papal states
Harald - Brandenburg
Mansab - Kilwa
RedPanda - Ottomans
Arthos - Mali
Footman - Sirhind
Style - Teutonic Order
Gandaime - Muskovy
Dragon - Castile
Pona - Ajam
Rasta - Austria
Yvi - Ming
Hime - Poland
Onyx - Sweden
Spam - England
Nayf - Portugal
60ep - Savoy

Reserved(might not come)
Voodoo_chile - UNDECIDED

Current picked nations:
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