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female spread virus


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I agree we should fuck women !!!
I just have seen the error of my ways!! Banana shoes was right, how insidious they are. If i fucked them i would get corona, truly I was decived, My most profound apologies for I WAS BLIND but I SEE my eye are open .


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i wanna point out i done hate females i just wish there werent so careless and so selfish

also i can only talk about danish womens, since im danish.

while immigrant clearly males are worst

my father told me today when he was out with my mom to buy groceries there was arab looking man coughing at random people

this story disgusted me deeply these kind of arab and other dark skinned muslim should all be kicked out of denmark

acting like complete idiots

see i have only been out twice since crisis and that been in the park

and i have been were good avoiding people only being 3 meter near people

other than some danish women or immigrant males who fucking go near me while coughing

and im slapping myself forehead wft happended here

sry but people who like this and cough public get out of denmark you stupid immigrant fuck stop acting like down syndrom kids

here is how arab look if your confused


and sometimes i saw idiotic south europeon person here how there look


sry for long rant i know alot of people dont like when i rant