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Forum & Teamspeak Rules

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The rules listed beneath aim to provide a comprehensive explanation of every detail and rule we seek to enforce, think of this as the in-depth version. And the code of conduct which you can find here to be the "tl:dr" general gist version.

Forum Rules
Double/Triple (or up) posting is not allowed. This does not mean you will get banned if do it by accident, but if done on purpose it will.
1.1 Exception being staff- or mapmaker-posted things that needs attention.
2. Insulting one another is not tolerated.
2.1 Any form of encouraging bad behavior is not tolerated.
2.2 No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia etc.
2.3 This includes usage of names which are deemed to have offensive intent behind them.
3. Post should be relevant to their Topic/Forum.
4. Do not abuse the like/dislike system, any abuse will be taken as harassment.
4.1 This means no mass disliking/liking.
5. Only English is allowed in public discussion.
5.1 Posts in other languages will be google translated to english. ( You will also be warned. )
6. No advertising without the consent of the admins (affiliated sites are the exception to the rule).
6.1 Posting a topic/Thread about a fraudulent product / Virus containing website will result in a permanent ban.
7. Do not post anything Illegal or 18+ to the website.
8. Creating an alt account after you have been banned will result in an extension of the original ban.
9. Creeping/Stalking is not allowed.
9.1 Don't stalk users and don't post their personal information publicly (emails, telephone numbers, facebook accounts, etc.)
9.2 This includes pictures used without the main subjects' consent.
10. No large signatures, pictures or text alike. Do not put images larger than 300 px in height, if you do, put them into a spoiler.

Forum Rules Ban chart
Breaking Rule 6.1 will result in a permanent ban
Breaking Rule 2, 9 will likely result in a week long ban based on admins' judgement.
Breaking Rule 1, multiple times will result in a 3 hour to 24 hour long ban.

For smaller violations of the rules a warning will be given the first time such as by per example rule 1, 3 and 10. After accumulating 3 or more warnings you will get banned for a time the admins deem enough. Apart from getting warned you might get punished by losing the ability to rate posts (in case of breaking rule 4/4.1) or the ability to post in certain forums. Breaking Rules like 6.1 and 7 the ban will be instant.

Teamspeak Rules
Abusing the Poke ability is not allowed.
2. Admins can give out warnings/bans/kicks if deemed necessary.
3. Respect others in TS, as in polite conversation do not attempt to dominate it or to interrupt other people. Indeed, this is not a Let's Play and you are not Pewdiepie, there is no need to scream hysterically and narrate everything that is happening in game.
3.1 This includes Screaming/Yelling
3.2 This includes in letting nobody else talk.
4.0 No inappropriate profile pictures.
4.1 This includes phonetic nicknames.
5.0 No spamming.

Forum Rule 1 Exception: Map makers are allowed to double post or more for example at change logs.
Forum Rule 7 Exception: The Donator Lounge has 18+ Material allowed as long as it contains the appropriate tags.

Waraven Teamspeak IP:

If you should have any complaints, issues or suggestions you wish to relay to the admins, feel free to pop onto our teamspeak or discord. You will almost always find that one of us is available on either platform!

( Updated last: 2019-06-03 )
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