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[Grand Tournament] Company of Heroes 2


The Old Lion
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As many of you already know, our @ponasozis is organizing a CoH2 tournament for the boys of WH and Diplo. Just to give him a quick helping hand with announcing everything regarding the said event.

Last minute sign up:
Post here your team, or poke myself or @ponasozis on Discord. You got until tomorrow 23:59 CET! We only got one spot left!

Rules & Info:

  • Teams are comprised of 3 players.
  • All matches are best of 3, including the finale.
  • The format of the matches is Axis VS Allies. The first team goes Axis in the first game, second game they go Allies and if it goes to third game it's a flip. @ponasozis will be monitoring most of the games so he'll be doing the flipping, if he isn't present use this.
  • The beginning of tournament is in Groups stage of two groups of 4 teams. After everyone has had a match against everyone in their group the first two teams with most points proceed to the quarter finals, which is (as all of the matches bo3) Single elimination.
  • Needless to say, cheating, glitches and bug abuse are strictly forbidden.
  • Each match is let to the teams to organize themselves, you have one week for each match! Though that doesn't mean that you have to play one match per week!
  • You need to send all your replays to @ponasozis to look for foul play.
  • TBA, either monetary or games.
If you have any questions post here, or ask pona or myself on Discord!