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[Hero Defense/Line War] Creators vs Defenders


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I have one idea of the map, and would like to see, if this can be any interesting to map-makers (I also would like to hear about other maps of such genre):


Amount of players: 16-20 (4 bots + 12-16 players)
The teams are:
Creators -
4 bots & 4 creators
Defenders -
8-12 heroes (I still haven't decided, should it have 2 or 3 players in line)

The Creators must buy units from their units, which will be automatically sent to line, controlled by bot-player, units will try to destroy the base in the center, which will be defended by defenders (heroes).
Creators can't control their sent units, but they have an arsenal of abilities, which will include taking control on one-few unit, empowering them and unlocking their secret power, and other things. Also they can send special elite unit (like boss), which they automatically will be controlled by them

The Defenders must select hero and defend the line, to protect the main base in the center

Also it can include for creators, something, like they must choose their unit rosters, like choose to send countless waves of weak units, or focus on powerful, but not so many units etc, or defenders like can select which base they will protect, which will grant them different bonuses
I haven't thinked about everything (like what defenders will do, just defend?, neither heroes nor units, nor how creators will receive gold and etc, even didn't think about victory condition for defenders), just shared with you the base idea of the map, maybe someone will be inspired by my idea and would create such a map :D