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[Idea] Liyanna


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Name: Liyanna
Titles: The Demon Blade
Age: Immortal
Race: Human

  • Demonite - In an instant, Liyanna can equip her full Demonite Armor or switch back to her ordinary outfit.
  • Demonite Armor - All of her Demonite Armor and Weapons cannot be destroyed and hold special abilities.
    • Hellfire Blade - This blade can at any time be enchanted by Hellfire flames, causing all attacks to burn the target and potentially set them on fire.
    • Hellfire Shield - This shield is capable of launching attacks from its core.
  • Sixth Circle - Using her hand or weapon, she draws a demonic circle in the surrounding air after successfully performing an attack. When Six Circles are created, then all of them can be sacrificed in order to launch a powerful Demon Lord attack against a chosen target. This attack is at Liyanna's Power Level + 1.
  • Anti-Demon - If Liyanna uses her Demonite Shield to block an incoming an attack containing Demonic or Fire energy, then 50% of that attack is absorbed and stored for later use.
  • Element of Hellfire - Liyanna can cast the flames of Hell, instead of just ordinary flames. These flames are more potent than regular flames and are not countered by natural elements such as water.
  • Demonical Regeneration - Liyanna regenerates more rapidly at all times. This is increased even more when out of combat.
  • Demonic Personafication - Liyanna can invoke the power of a specific Demonic Type to gain some of their powers. For example, invoking a Succubus in order to gain its Charisma.
  • Aigodor Summoning - Summons forth a Demon from Hell, hostile to all, including Liyanna at a Power Level + 0.5 of her own, or multiple weaker ones.

Phoenix / Divine:
  • Element of Sunfire - Liyanna can cast the Light of Sun, which can easily blind opponents temporarily and acts much like a laser if fired as a concentrated beam.
  • Rebirth - When Liyanna falls, she turns into a Phoenix Egg which if not destroyed within 1 minute, Liyanna will be miraculously reborn. The egg has the same amount of Health as Liyanna but cannot defend itself. In this form, Liyanna can only use her Aigodor Summoning or Icarus Calling spells.
  • Icarus Calling - Summons forth the Phoenix Icarus at the same Power Level as herself from the heavens to fly down to the battlefield and assist Liyanna in battle. Icarus has the abilities "Element of Sunfire" and "Rebirth".
  • Chains of the Phoenix - Liyanna summons forth chains from her body. Anyone bound by these chains will have their powers reduced. This effect is much more powerful against Black Magic users.

War Champion:
  • Art of Defense - Using her Demonite Shield, Liyanna gains +1 Power Level in Armor and Defense, but cannot move at all while using Art of Defense.
  • Mortal Bane - Decrease her Armor by 1 Power Level and increase her Attack by 1 Power Level.
  • Reflection - Activate when a Magical Attack is blocked by her Demonite Shield. This ability reflects the spell back at the caster.
  • Energy Slash - When performing a slash with her hands or weapons, she can send out an energy wave of Hellfire or Sunfire.
  • Shield Ray - Liyanna launches forth a devastating beam from her Shield, either using Hellfire or Sunfire as the source of power.
  • Gathering Power - Liyanna passively gathers power and stores it away for later use. Gathered power can be used on a single offensive or defensive action to make that action more powerful. Doing so depletes gathered power. Liyanna's maximum supply is at her own Power Level + 2 amount of power.
  • Drain Black Magic - Liyanna can sense anyone who wields Black Magic (or evil magic). And against such targets, Liyanna can focus to drain Power from them passively as she fights them. Alternatively she can cease all other actions in order to make this much faster.

Power Level 2:

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