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[Idea] Presence of Z'ethraxz


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Name: Presence of Z'ethraxz
Titles: The Black Goat
Age: Eternal
Race: Old God

  • The Black Goat - Z'ethraxz is not present in Avgoth in his true form. Instead, merely a presence of himself is here. Because of that, he does not have a physical body in the world. Instead, he influences the world by using Eldritch Magic and controlling minions.
  • Eldritch Spawn - When a creature dies within Z'ethraxz's vision, then that corpse may be used to summon forth an Eldritch of the same level in any location known to Z'ethraxz. A list of all Eldritch is available here: Eldritch. When an Eldritch Spawn dies, Presence of Z'ethraxz looses 10% of his maximum HP.
  • Eldritch Fusion - If enough Eldritch are available to transform into a higher level Eldritch, then they can be sacrificed and merged into one stronger Eldritch.
  • Eldritch Sacrifice - Presence of Z'ethraxz can sacrifice 40% of its maximum HP to activate Eldritch Spawn, using himself as the creature at his own Power Level. This ability has a cooldown of 1 hour.
  • Eldritch Presence - Z'ethraxz's terriying presence emerges within a chosen target's mind, causing them to fall into a state of fear and despair. Z'ethraxz can make the target hallucionate and can manipulate their perceived reality.

  • Symbiosis - Presence of Z'ethraxz enters the mind of a chosen target creature by being touched by another Symbiosis target or an Eldritch. They may attempt to resist the presence. Only one Symbiosis may exist at a time. The target gains or loses 0.5 Power Level while Symbiosis is active. A target who has Mind Vision can be Symbioted without touch.
  • Regeneration - The current Symbiosis target has its wounds healed rapidly for a short time.
  • Barrier - The current Symbiosis target gains a shadow shield to help defend them from attacks.
  • Shadow Magic - Presence of Z'ethraxz may cast offensive shadow spells from the current Symbiosis host. Spells include things like firing a shadow bolt, firing an AOE shadow wave, and so forth.
  • Eldritch Might - The current Symbiosis target's abilities turn into Shadow, Dark or Eldritch magic. This can be forced upon the target or simply made available to them as a choice.
  • Mind Vision - If the Symbiosis target accepts or is unable to resist, then Presence of Z'ethraxz can gain permanent vision over that target. This can still be dispelled with the right spells.
  • Eldritch Evolution - Presence of Z'ethraxz disappeas, all Symbiosis effects end and all Eldritch summons are disabled, only able to carry out their already assigned order, unable to receive new ones. Summons forth a Eldritch Clone of the target creature for up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Presence of Z'ethraxz controls this Clone fully.

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