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Its time to say good bye


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Well Long time i say anything About the map now but i want to tell here by now that i will quit editing Third War. It was for sure intresting editing this Map even when working with the Editor was a bit problematic and also the starting Drama. My Version 2.02 will for now stay the final Version from me but i wont just leave the Map by me now i will post the Map here so People who want the map Maybe can take it.

Hope you guys have besides that great day

Small wall of text for bed time stories about the history and my point of view on Third War enjoy folks.
Kay just gonna sneak my part here. I still remember when we first played the map and I have to say back then it was amazing since the map had so many events and so many unique features that I wanted to keep playing it over and over. After a year of so playing it and giving feedback to Sukramo we were told that map wouldn´t recieve any more updates so we kept playing and hosting it for a while after we both agreeded that we would try to manage the map together while we both agreed that we would EDIT it(Keep in mind that my family decided to move and renovate old house so that my newborn lil brother would have space) .I simply didn´t have time to learn how to edit anything and editing such a big map which had/has so many issues in editor didn´t give me much of a confidence that I could pick it up in a short amount of time(When I had some spare time I instead used it for different things and didn´t want to sit editing so I guess u could say I´m lazy or that I didn´t give it my all). Instead I decided to write my opinions on the balance what to change. We always tried to listen to what community had to say so that we could perhaps re-introduce it in new light. After some drama and trolling from pools we decided to add @RedPandaLT to our team which helped Jul quite nicely since he now had editting buddy. Panda started to change terrain and we tried to remove some chokes. Rework some paths, spells, second heroes and so on basically remove the most OP stuff which you basically had no counter to (pink selling your units for gold :D etc ) After having a second brother and persuing my real life I´ve realized how poorly I´ve been getting grades in school so I decided to focus more on life and stopped posting feedback regulary and hosting games and then it went downhill with blizz fcking over wc even tho first patch fixed third war second and further kept screwing with it (just like with any other map). So yeah seeing the map abondoned feels rather sad but I do understand both Jul n Panda for their own reasons wanting to let go of the map. Anyway since the map is out I hope that someone good with pick it up and make something good with it :) -Skillerino


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I am sad to hear that Julian. However, I hope you will work on other projects in the future, as our community always needs more mapmakers. ;)


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That's unfortunate news, but I still hope that a suitable person will continue to complete the map.


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I´ve made a small wall of text into the original post if anyone is interested.


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I´ve made a small wall of text into the original post if anyone is interested.
"Sneaky" LUL
Anyway, nice from you to explain, feedback is always great, and its a tough period to learn map editing anyway
As you said Blizzard is screwing everything

I should have prolly helped more, but since I disliked this map, and still do btw, i haven't replayed it since it got updated by Julianerino
When you dislike something its hard to get back in whatsoever, and I'm not the only one who had this opinion sadly
At some point I tried to help panda a bit, but with my very low knowledge from the map I couldn't suggest or report much

Sucks I didn't help friends in need while I sometime help people that don't deserve it



Anyway GL skillerino, IRL and else, as for Julian, we all know the real truth behind this post, his brother broke his mind screaming in the mic while playing fornite LUL


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Where is the Altar of Zul'farrak? There is only the Avatar of Ghaz'rilla. The mallet only summons elder hydra. I thought you would get Gahz'rilla as a hero?


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Well, im not making any promises, but I am open to the idea of reviving the map in WC3 Reforged. Technical difficulties is what made me quit mapping and wc3 in general, hopefully reforged will be better suited to this type of epic map size and scale.

See you all in reforged!