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Kalimdor : The Aftermath - Changelog 0.25


GrimmHeart Darksbane
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Hello fellow brigands, here's the changelog for the KTA version made by @RedPandaLT and @Julian :

Kalimdor : The Aftermath - Changelog 0.25

Thrall's Horde

- Earth Ripple now deals 100/150/200/250 damage with 30 second cooldown
- Spirit wolves summons increased to 2/3/3/4
- Gallywix's Shockwave increased cooldown to 20
- Cairne's Taunt cooldown changed to 20
- Thrall is now tied to ogrimmar : If you don't take a path before losing Thrall, you won't be allowed to choose any paths
- Garrosh base damage increased by 10
- Wyverns cost reduced to 25
- Increased Baine base dmg by 15
- Dragonmaw air units now benefit from upgrade
- Far Seer's armor type changed from unarmored to hero armor

Barren's Horde

- Camp taurajo no longer gives +20 income
- Crossroads no longer gives +20 income
- Might of the horde cooldown changed to 30 seconds across all levels
- Increased configrate cooldown to 30 seconds and damage increased to 100/150/200/250
- Increased Storm Bolt cooldown to 20 seconds
- Rexxar's E now has a proper training hotkey
- Misha now has mana so it can cast taunt

Darkspear Trolls

- Healing wave cooldown increased to 30 and heal buffed to 150/250/300/450
- Shadow hunter base damage reduced to 20


- Meteor cooldown changed to 30 seconds
- Khadgar's pipe cooldown increased to 30
- Increased Jaina's summons to 2/3/3/4
- Increased base armor on canons by 2
- Ensnare ability on Tirasian archers should now have the proper hotkey


- Ice chains cooldown increased to 20
- Varian base damage increased by 10
- Increased base armor on Canons by 2
- Fixed training hotkeys for Workshop units
- Ensnare ability on Tirasian archers should now have the proper hotkey
- Increased base hp on Wizards by 75
- Wizard Base mana lowered
- Decreased price on wizard to 17 from 18
- Decreased price of priest to 15 from 18
- Decreased mana cost on Zeppelin to 100 from 150
- Increased amount heal by Final Stand from 200/300/400/500 to 250/375/500/625
- Increased duration on warcry to 20secs from 15secs
- Buffed Howl of terror from 30/35/40/50% to 30/40/50/60
- Increased duration on Inspire the men to 10/15/20/25 from 5
- Increase Frost armor, armor to 4/6/8/10 from 2/4/6/8
- Boralus now has the Worgen Path research
- Reduced price on Flying Machine Bombs to 75/125 from 150/100
- Reduced price on Flak Canons to 50/100 from 100/150
- Increased price on Tirasian Navy from 100/100 to 100/200
- Changed price of Veteran soldiers from 250/150 to 200/200
- Ensnare ability position fixed
- Holy Light from Priest now says the amount healed
- Archer is now affected by Veteran Sailors
- Final Stand has a proper training hotkey
- Frost Armor Icon and placement fixed
- Breath of frost now has correct lvl position


- Land corruption area reduced to 250/250/250/300
- Typhone now deals 75/150/200/250 from 75/120/170/200 and cooldown increased to 20
- Maximum damage dealt by Typhone increased per levels
- Roots now have 20 second cooldown
- Wrath of the wilds now has 600 range and has its damage nerfed to 50/75 per level from 75/125
- Increased Keepers of the grove base damage by 8
- Decreased gold cost on Dryad from 17 to 15
- Increased base hp on Faerie dragons by 75 (400=>475)
- Changed price of Balistas to 20/50 from 30 gold and 10 wood
- Reduced Price of Mountain Giants to 25/50 from 50/30
- Changed price of Ancient of War to 10/50 from 30 wood
- Changed price of Ancient Protector to 5/80 from 70 wood
- Changed price of Ancient of Wind to 25/100
- Changed price of Moonwell to 5/20 from 5/5
- Changed price of Ancient of Lore to 12/60 from 20/30
- Increased base dmg of Druids of the claw by 5
- buffed thorns aura from 12/17/25/30 to 15/25/35/45
- Decreased Hardened Skin price from 100/175 to 75/150
- Decreased Resistant Skin price from 50/100 to 25/75
- Decreased gold prince on Druid of the claw adept /master from 100/100 to 50/75 and increased wood cost from 50/150 to 100/200
- Changed Price on Corrosive breath to 100/250 instead of 125/225
- Druid of the wild now benefits from armor upgrades
- Decreased price of Nature's Blessing to 50/150 from 150/200
- Xavius damage increased by 20
- Fixed Corrupted Remulos damage gap


- Shadow strike cooldown increased to 15
- Buffed glaive thrower hp by 100 and fixed thier defense upgrades
- Hyppo training hotkey fixed
- Increased Hyppo rider base damage by 5
- Tyrande now starts in Auberdine
- Changed price of balistas to 20 gold and 50 wood
- Removed upgrades from moon towers

The Burning Legion

- Rain of fire cooldown increased to 25
- Satyr workers can build now voodoo lounge
- Ragnarok cooldown changed to 15 seconds
- Infernal Contraptions can now attack buildings
- Fixed gap of damage between Archimonde and Kil'jaeden
- switched back the legion unit models
- Removed Creeps on Dire Maul if the player chooses this base
- Reverted most of the unit models
- Increased Base damage on Void walker by 5
- Increased Base HP of Warlock by 65
- Decreased Base mana on Satyr soulstealer by 100
- Increased training time on Doomguards by 4secs
- Increased traning time on Siege by 4secs
- Buffed Dark blessing to give more armor
- Replaced Devour Magic on Soulstealer with Dispell magic
- Removed Cripple and Mana on Doomguard
- Gave Stormdrakes Light armor
- Shivara base armor increased by 2 , attack type changed to hero , gave +10 base damage, Q and W switched places, and on E they now have cripple
- Removed attack from buildings

The Old God

- Annihilate cooldown changed to 25 seconds and damaged increased to 100/150/200/250
- C'thun is now spell immuned
=> Old gods will get some love next patch

Zandalari Trolls

- Bloodbath cooldown increased to 15 area of effect buffed to 400
- Hydras cannont be summoned now
- Added 1 extra catapult in zulfarak
- Resurrection cooldown changed to 90/45
- Shock now also reduces movement speed by 15/30/45/60
- Rastakhan’s Concotion area of effect doubled
- Forked Lightning targets increased to 3/6/9/12
- Posion Breath and Storm Aura now have learn hotkeys and normal hotkeys
- Troll Warrior hp to 700
- Troll Warrior base dmg +4
- Zul Ravager lumber cost removed
- Raptor Rider cleaving attack reduced to 25%
- Raptor Rider +10 base dmg
- Raptor Rider lumber cost removed
- Dragonhawk Rider lumber cost removed
- Dragonhawk Rider armor type to light
- Dragonhawk Rider armor -2 hit points +200
- Ritualist healing wave heals for 75, bounces 3 times doesnt reduce with bounce
- Witch Dark Spirit is now E, parasite lasts forever spawned unit still 90s
- Witch now has Curse on Q
- Witch Chain Lightning moved to W, dmg to 75, targets to 3, doesnt reduce with jumps
- Blood Rituals removed from Gahz’rilla’s Pool
- Grand Empire of Zandalar gold cost to 100
- Tear apart cooldown increased to 15 damage up to 100/150/200/250


- Blessing of Azshara cooldown increased to 20
- Chaos nova cooldown increased to 15
- Illidan dmg increased by 10
- Changed the legion raveger model
- Increased net duration from myrmidons by 2 secs on non hero targets

Nightborn Crest.png

- Mass Arcane Shielding from Arcan dor increased to 600 area
- Arcane armor cooldown increased to 15 but will grant now 5/10/15/20 armor
- Celestial strike cooldown reduced by 5
- Forked lighting cooldown changed to 20 seconds damaged buffed to 100/200/250/300
- Tortheldrin starts in suramar now
- Sorceress got now Devour Magic instead of Dispell
- Buffed glaive thrower hp by 100 and fixed thier defence upgrades
- Oculeth price changed to 75
- Increased Court Magister damage by 8
- Removed Vorpal Glaives research from nightborne barracks

Stonemaul New terrain :


Miscellaneous :
- Fixed the lumber to gold turn
- Message of Satyr Prince unrevivable will now show at Vrykul
- Fixed royal battleships being able to load into zeppelins
- Reterrained Stonemaul hold
- Fixed Ogrimmar being able to be aimed from behind by catapults
- All workers cost 10 gold
- A ton of tool tips have been fixed
- Goblin Lumbermarket capturable

Changed Cps
Main Capital: 30 gold
Other Capitals 25 gold
- Increased world tree cp from 15 to 30 x
- Decreased barrow den cp from 25 to 20 x
- Increased theramore cp to 30g from 25 x
- tomb cp changed 20 and below dalaran cp to 10
- LB island near kultiras now has a 10 gold cp

Notes :
This patch is a first attempt to reduce Horde's winrate by lowering their starting gold and by buffing the NE
A lot of prices for NE have been reduced, allowing them to have quicker access to their techs and army
Horde's gold has been reduced, it's one of their biggest strenght, and it will prolly be nerfed again on the next patchs depending on how this version goes
A bunch of elites and Heroes have seen their damage buffed to increase their value

PS : Sorry for the crests, due to weird format I couldn't add them all

Download link : https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292957/
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The Eyes and Ears.
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Maybe think about re adding the old base in the Tomb of sargares island for Legion.


One Lazy Peon
Map Maker
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actual i decided to add the link today already have fun

gotta add some small Things since im either blind or not seeing them

You may now Control the entire map singleplayer with the !C command
and ogres besides the elites are now tied to stonemaul reason for the reterrain

Another Edit did Change link there was a small bug with the cp changing fixed that
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Paladin of the Alliance
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Can you put the older values next to the new ones for comparison? I can't tell if half the changes are buffs or nerfs.