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Kalimdor : The Aftermath - Changelog 0.26


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Hello fellow brigands, here's the changelog for the KTA version made by @RedPandaLT and @Julian :

Kalimdor : The Aftermath - Changelog 0.26


- Added a 20g cp to stonemaul
- Control point at quillboar next to stonemaul reduced to 10g cp
- Control point below stonemaul reduced to 10g
- Control point near camp taurajo changed to 10g
- All ally paths cost now 100 gold instead of 300
- Caster Adept/Master will increase health by 100 instead of 40 now

Thrall's Horde

- Garrosh received new skillset: Q Battle Stomp (Impale without Air time) W Might of the Horde (increase on armor and life regeneration) E Warrior Strenght (increase on Strenght and Agility) R decimate deals instant damage and over time damage to enemies in aoe and reduces their movement speed
- Garrosh Combat Expert dodge increased to 15% 20% crit and 2x increase
- Gallywix got a spell rework Q cluster rockets W Turrets (work like serpent ward) E transmute R bombardment
- Shredders limited to 12
- Marin Noggenfogger health changed to 2000 armor buffed to 5 armor and armor type changed to hero
- Korkron Guards name changed to Warlord and new skillset: Q Charge W Healing Shout E spirit link R cleaving attack heavy plating
- Kromgar spells match Warlord
- Cairnes Shockwave dmg increased to 125/175/200/225 up from 100/125/175/200 and max dmg increased to 1000/1250/1500/2000 up from 300/500/800/1000
- Scroll of speed cost increased to 30 up from 10
- Demolisher damage reduced by 20
- Catapult dmg reduced by 30
- Gorehowl got now pulverize +15 strenght +10 armor and +20 damage

Barren's Horde

- Rain of Fire on Archwarlock damage doubled and increase waves to 5
- Archwarlocks got new skillset Q rain of fire W mass unholy frenzy E fel rejuvenation R summon void walker
- Blademaster limit increased to 12
- Catapults will become Demolishers once researching Burning Blade Path
- Blademaster mana removed
- Demolisher damage reduced by 20
- Catapult dmg reduced by 30
- Beastmaster mana max increased to 350 starting amount to 150 and increased mana reg to 0.75

Darkspear Trolls

- Hex(Elites) duration decreased to 1 instead of 3
- Cursed souls(Caster) use range upgrades now and dmg increased by 15
- Reduced damage on Headhunters and base dmg decreased to 19 down from 22
- Darkspear Warrior health increased to 650 up from 550


- Defend available at start
- Crushing wave max damage increased to 600 up from 300
- Khadgar can no longer fly


- Nature's Wrath (Elite shockwave) max dmg increased to 750 , cd increased to 12 and mana cost decreased to 75
- Typhone max dmg increased to 1000/1250/1500/2000
- Druid of the Claw (Bear form) health increased to 950
- Adept/Master research for druids of the claw removed
- Roar on bears available from the start
- Treant (summoned) health increased to 450 up from 300 and base dmg to 25 up from 18
- Remulos Treants health increased to 650 up from 450 and base dmg increased to 35 up from 16
- Faerie fire armor reduce increased to 6 up from 4
- Cleanse area doubled to 400 up from 200
- Remulos agility gained per level increased to 1.50 instead of 1.00


- Elusive available at start
- Sentry health increased to 750
- Hippogryph riders health increased to 650 and mana removed from them
- Hippogryph rider damage increased to 18 up from 15
- Sentinel research cost decreased to 50 gold
- Lesser clarity potion gold cost decreased to 10 from 70
- Anti magic potion gold cost increased to 30 up from 10
- Elunes blessing (Tyrande) will now also increase the mana reg by 5/10/15/20%

The Burning Legion

- Increased fel hound damage base dmg upped to 18
- Voidwalker health increased by 100
- Voidwalker dmg increased to 23 up from 18
- Doomguard gold cost decreased to 30
- Infernal contraption range increased to 800 increased from 600
- Infernal contraption gold cost decreased to 30 from 35
- Increased shivarra armor to 5
- Doomguards got now demonic skin granting a 15 dmg reduction
- Increased fel hounds health to 750 up from 600

The Old Gods

- Quiraji Chosen: Increase base hp by 100, range by 100, base damage by 8, starts with 450mana
- Blood of the Old God will now heal yourself also
- War Wasp: Armor increased by 1 and Armor Type changed to light, Unit will receive upgrades now
- Moved Unit Production: Destroyers Q Wagon of Horror W Twilight Drake E
- Animated Dead raises now 12/24 units instead of 6/12 and Duration increased to 60 up from 40
- Twilight Worshiper spells changed Q: Shadow Bolt E bloodlust
- Twilight Drakes: Q abolish Magic W devour magic E void cell (entangling root)
- Soggoth Mana burn replaced with Shockwave
- Twilight Enforcer health buffed to 850 up from 650 gold cost reduced to 15 from 20
- Increase Dark citadel price to 25/100 from 25/50
- Decrease Price of Altar to 15/50 from 20/50
- Decrease Price of Tomb of Relic to 10/30 from 20/30
- Decrease Price of Envenomed Claws to 50/100 from 50/150
- Decrease Price of Web to 75/150 from 150/150
- Change Chogall price research to 100g from 100w
- Chogall got on Q flamestrike spell W cursed touch E parasite aura R Dark Strike (orbs removed)
- Skeleton warrior health increased to 350 up from 180
- Quraji warrior damage increased to 18 up from 15


- Raptor Riders are unlimted
After being unlocked from the start, researching Empire was limited them to 10 again


- Decreased turtle gold cost to 25
- Decreased myrmidon gold cost to 20
- Slightly increase on myrmdion dmg
- Crushing wave on royal guard max dmg increased to 600
- Royal guard summon use upgrades now
- Snap dragon health increased to 600 up from 500


- Nerfed Arcane Blast target dmg to 50 and aoe to 80
- Hippogryph riders health increased to 650 and mana removed from them
- hippogryph rider damage increased to 18 up from 15
- Mana burn on sorceress increased to 75
- Spirit touch mana cost decreased to 40 down from 80

Notes :
The crests were made by @spinel , thanks him for those

Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/293315/
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Played 1 game found many bugs.
Played as druids,
-druids of the claw cant transform into bears? Or well some can some cant. Think the starting units can others newly build units cant
- Druid of the wild tooltip is completely wrong. Says theyve got heal. They got rejuvenation. Summon treants is not an autocastable spell even though tooltip says so.
- I got control of legion units when the world tree was given to me after 10 minutes. (units near the world tree?)

Big F lots of work to be done boys


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One question will you change Zandalar and Kul Tiras after WoW BFA? and maybe make Zandalar a full Zandalar faction instead of Zandalar and Farraki?